36: The Unceremonious Workplace.

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“Baby, Your phone is ringing” I shouted at the bathroom door.

She said she would call the person back when she returned.

Ten minutes later, Maria called Aunty Joy in Venice. She had called to tell Maria that her two girls would be coming to Sweden the following day. The bad news was that she offered to come with them. The phone was on speak out. Maria had changed her facial expression as soon as she heard that Joy was coming with the two girls to Sweden.

I quickly made a hand sign for Maria to tell her to come with them. Trying to convince her not to come could cause suspicion.

“Wow! That would be very good Aunty; I am going to see you again after long time. Buy something for me” Maria said on the phone.


When they finished on the phone, Maria asked what we were going to do.

“We are going out to the street this night. We need to go and locate the areas where girls stand here in the night. If Aunty Joy comes here tomorrow and demands that you show her the joints, it would be very important that you are prepared” I said.


I wanted us to call Aunty Adesuwa and and initiate our extortion plans but since Aunty Joy was coming the next day, it would be good to wait for the two girls to come as well. It would be good to initiate a simultaneous operations for both Madams. It felt like it was going to be exciting because as soon as the idea came, I felt excited inside of me.

Around 6pm that evening, it was already dark. Darkness usually descend early during winters.

We took the train to the Stockholm Central and crossed the road to a cybercafe. A quick Google search on ‘Prostitution areas in Stockholm’ revealed the major street where the sex workers worked. It was called Malmskillnadsgatan.

(We will be calling it Malm Street to avoid someone biting his or her tongue).

Maria and I took a cab to the Malm street and to our greatest surprise, it was relatively empty. There were just five or six girls sitting comfortably in their sex shops; they were all whites.

“I think we are at the wrong place” Maria said.

“No, we are at the right place baby. The situation is that the Swedish Parliament recently voted out buying sex in Sweden. The prostitutes here moved south to Oslo and Copenhagen. I saw that in news sometime back in Amsterdam but i didn’t know it was as big as this. I am sure that the black girls around here must be hanging out somewhere different; they never really worked together with the whites, it is the same even in Amsterdam and Berlin” I answered.

“Where do you think they are staying now?” She asked.

“I don’t know but i guess we have to ask” i said as i motioned Maria to follow me.

We approached a half naked lonely woman sitting inside a small shop; She has been looking at us since we arrived.

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” I asked.

“Ya, I speak English. What can I for you do?” she asked.


“My wife and I are looking for a missing girl. She left Italy for Sweden to work in the streets. We heard she is a sex worker in a street here  in Stockholm and we have come here to see if we could find her but she is not here. Do you know any African girl here?” I said. She said that she never saw any African girl there but directed us to a street where African women worked.

“There is a street called Dobelnsgatan in the middle of the city. There are night clubs all over the place, that is where the African girls work” She said.


We thanked her and walked to the road where we picked up a cab and drove to Dobelnsgatan street. As we hoped, we found about seven Africa girls loitering around the street. Each one who saw us usually started walking up or down the street as if we didn’t know what they were doing there.


I called one of them who looked very young to me and when she came, i said, “How are you?”.

She said fine and i detected a Nigerian accent.

“My name is Austin and i am new in this town. I came from Italy last week with my wife and we want to live here because the Police are disturbing us in Italy. We are from Nigeria like you. We want to bring our three girls up here to start work but we decided to come and see how the work goes on here. How is it going?”

“How do you know that i am from Nigeria?” She asked.

“You intonation is the same with our own, so we don’t need to second guess where you come from. I am from Enugu but my wife is from Edo” I said knowing that she must have detected that i was Igbo.

“I am from Edo too” She said.

She and Maria started speaking Edo which i didn’t understand. I needed them to speak the language so that she would reduce her suspicion and fear about us but at the same time, i needed to comprehend what they were saying. Maria could say something that could derail the plans unintentionally and we didn’t need that.

After two minutes of speaking Edo language, i interrupted them.

Our new friend said her name was Rosemary. I wondered why they all chose Christian names for prostitution work. I wondered if they had no fear of the same God they go to visit in the Church.

“Work is good here sometimes, especially in the Summer because that is when we wear sexy clothes. I came here last Summer from Spain where I worked for two weeks when i came to Europe. It was my Madam who sent me here.


We told Rose that we could visit again anytime soon and also told her to visit our house whenever she wanted.

She exchanged numbers with Maria before we took a cab back to our apartment.


“How do you always come up with the criminal ideas each time we have something to do?” Maria asked as soon as we finished eating.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I said reluctantly.

“You seem to have answers and the right questions for every situation we encounter. How do you do that?” She asked again.

“I said i don’t  know what you are talking about” I said again.

Maria instantly jumped on me and spread her legs across my legs. She held the back of my head with her two hands and initiated a sensual Kiss.

“Do you still want to meditate for Rose this night or do we become husband and wife once more?” she asked.

“You Spoilt girl, don’t corrupt me please” I joked.

“Shut up and hold my arse, it belongs to you alone” She said and shut me up with a kiss.


“The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.”

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