36: Ikenna Again

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Chapter 36. Ikenna came.

”Bros how far” Ikenna said.
I didn’t know the first thing to do. My first impulse suggested that i went inside and get the boiling water, then throw it at his face, but that was an action i would regret. I hated regrets.
The second impulse was to start to shout at him to leave my place but after everything i had been doing for Ify in the past ten months, shouting at Ikenna to leave would be an act of cowardice. He deserved more punishment for disappearing. He deserved more punishment for having the courage to show up in my place after more than ten months of disappearing.
To achieve that, i needed to remain as calm as cold water. I needed to think and thinking required time.

”Oh you, Ikenna right? What are you doing here” i said.

”Baby, who is that” a voice said from the inside. It was Ify.
”A visitor, he has come to see you i guess” i shouted.
”Who” she asked again.
”Come and see him yourself” i said.

Ify came out.

”You, what are you doing here” she had shouted at Ikenna.
”Ify, i heard that you have a baby boy, i came to congratulate you. It is not easy” Ikenna had said.

The sudden anger which had occurred in me as a result of the sudden re-appearance of Ikenna had started to subside gradually. I had grabbed the control of my mind and had already started thinking if there was some take-away immediate punishment for him, there wasn’t. I had to be patient. His time would surely come. It was the hen that told her chicks not to be in a hurry to cross the heavy flood since it will subside when the heavy rain stopped.

”So, you never heard about me until i gave birth. Did nobody ever tell you that i was heavily pregnant? Can you swear that you never heard that i lived here? How did you even find here” Ify had said.

Great question. My anger didn’t allow me to even ask him that question.

”It is not important how i found here. I just want to see your baby and go” he said.

”What baby do you want to see” i asked with a low tone, trying to suppress my anger.

”The new baby, i want to see him and leave” He said.
”You won’t see him, go before i call police here” Ify was saying behind me.

”Ify please shut up and go inside, let me handle this” i said.
Ify went inside.

”You see, she doesn’t want to see you. I advice that you leave this place and don’t return again Ikenna. I didn’t invite you here and if i see you here again, i am going to make sure that you won’t be able to come here until i leave Holland” i said.

”You can’t threaten me like that. What is wrong in seeing a new baby boy, am i going to take him away or what” he said with a raised voice.

”I am not going to repeat myself after this; go away and don’t come back. Take my advice, this is Europe. Just leave and go in peace” i said and went back inside.

From the window, i watched him stood there for five minutes before he left.

Ify asked me how he found out. I didn’t know and i told her that but i also told her not to worry ”He won’t disturb us for long” i had told her.

Two days after the Ikenna’s visit, we met again at a popular bar in Amsterdamse Poort. He was with Ehis and one other guy; probably a thief like them.
I had walked past them and found a vacant seat at the extreme right end. Ikenna had walked up to me and sat down opposite me.

”I heard that the new baby boy looks like me” he said.
”Yes, he looks like you but he is not yours” i said as i opened a bottle of Guinness stout.
”Is that why you didn’t want me to see him” he asked.

”You can see him but atleast, you have to make calls. You cannot just go to people’s house without invitation” I said.
”So when do you want me to come” he asked.

”I have to convince and calm Ify down. You know how women behave. So give me your number. I will call you when the coast is clear” i said.
He loved the idea so much. He didn’t believe i was going to be so easy to convince. He came to me with the intention of stirring a small quarrel which would naturally have his foot soldiers swam all over my table in seconds. I bet he was disappointed by the way i handled the issue. I had just come to the bar to escape the troubles of little Samson for an hour or two only to run into those petty thieves. Since i didn’t have a ready plan for Ikenna, i had decided to draw him close first. I needed him to be my friend. I was going to be as civil as civilization itself.

Ikenna had taken my 10 whole months after abandoning Ify. I had been there for her doing all sorts of works.
The only thing that would satisfy me was that he also wasted two times, the amount of time he took from me.
Not that i would allow him to come near Samson anyway unless i left Amsterdam which i was sure going to do in time.

The Amsterdam central police station had a phone number and email address on the homepage of their website. I had gone through it one afternoon and picked up the emergency line and e mail address, then i saved them on one of my phones.

I called Ikenna and met with him again in Amsterdamse Poort. We had discussed about business. He said that he had contacts of people who traded on Heroine.
He once more, apologized for what happened almost a year ago when they broke into my apartment. He told me that it was Ify who told him that i had money in the house. He said he never did something like that prior to that day and that he never did it again after breaking into my house. Eventually i told him that i do receive small quantities of heroine from Islamabad weekly. He said he could be helping me to sell them if i gave them to him.
First of all, i told him that if i would be giving him my goods, i needed to know where he lived.

He had taken me to a new place where he lived with the new guy i had seen with him at the bar.
After spending some minutes with them, i memorized the house number and left.
Before i left, i told him that Ify was still angry with him but that i was still working on calming her down.
It was good He believed it.

” Every person has a
dark side. What
defines a person
with good
character is not a
spotless life of
constant kindness,
smiles and even
temperament. But
rather, it’s the
yearning to learn
from your
mistakes, applying
it, making amends
for them and
choosing not to
repeat them that
defines good
character. These
are the friends to
keep in your life
because they have
stared adversity in
the face and
became a better
person because of

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