36: Conscience

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Chapter 36. Conscience.

On September 18, 2008, there was a gangster war in Castel Volturno. The local gangsters known as the Casalesi Clan had invaded the Immigrant Africans. It was a war to control the local drug market. Six Africans were brutally murdered. Two Ghanaians, two Liberians and two Togolese were killed. I had walked into the local library and found a newspaper written in Italian Language. I had sat in front of a computer and translated some texts. It was how i knew what happened.
As a result, i decided to stay as quiet as i could in Castel Volturno. It was one of the reasons why i didn’t confront Mike at the bar.

When i got home, i told Maria what happened at the bar. She had called Mike and shouted at him. I didn’t care anyway, i told her because i needed more trust from her. I wanted her to believe and feel that she was in control of our affairs.

Two days after our discussion, Maria said that her own money for our proposed human trafficking to Europe was ready. According to her, she had €15000 to invest. The news came too sudden to me. I needed to think quickly and come up with a good excuse and i needed to be very careful. I haven’t yet prepared Ngozi and Fatimah for the journey ahead. I wasn’t even sure they were still on the same page with me.
”Maria, you need to keep the money for now. Although you know about this business better than i do but we need to make good arrangements before hitting the road with such money. I told you that i have some cash as well and it is far bigger than what you said you have, i don’t want to invest in a risky way” i said.
She said she understood me very well.
According to her, one of us was going to North Africa to buy girls. She had made some calls and was told that there were stocks down there in Oran, Tripoli and Tangier. The Tangier and Oran stocks would be more expensive since the Spanish authorities had erected razor-wired fence in Melilla. We were going to buy from Tripoli or Benghazi, then we will risk using the Mediterranean sea. As soon as she mentioned using Mediterranean sea, i saw a window of opportunity in it.

Twenty minutes later, i asked if she knew how to swim. She instantly declined ever having swimming knowledge.
”But i met you for the first time in Lekki beach Lagos” i joked.
”Did you see me inside the water when you met me” she countered. We had laughed over the soft joke together.
”I am very good at swimming” i said.
”Then you are the one going to North Africa to do the business since you can swim” Maria said.
”Are we going to swim across the sea or use the boat”? i asked, faking a surprise face.
”Hahaha my dear, you will use the boat, the Mediterranean sea is very big. You with the new girls will head to Sardinia. Don’t use the Lampedusa boat because the Italian Naval forces usually patrolled that route very well. Head to Sardinia but if there is no boat to Sardinia due to its proximity, head to Malta. It is easy to pick people up in Malta. However if The last and the only option is Lampedusa, use the route. If the Italian Immigration officers stop you, take an urgent asylum. Under no circumstances should you accept to go back to Africa even if the Italian immigration promised to give you money”Maria said.
I played my role as a good listener. Although i told her that it wasn’t time to start the business yet but it was very interesting listening as she named the Major Italian Islands in the Mediterranean sea.
I wasn’t sure Maria could correctly point to Lampedusa or any other Island on a map. But due to their illegal slave trade, she knew all the coastal cities and towns along the North African part of the Mediterranean sea. If not for the fact that i was making plans on how to move the girls away from Castel Volturno, i would have beaten Maria. As far back as 2002, i had known and heard how dangerous it was to travel to Europe through the deserts and Mediterranean sea and there was Maria telling me to use boat to go to Italy many years after. She was definitely going to pay for that insolence but first of all, i needed some concrete plans. It would have been so easy if i was going to move alone but traveling with two illegal and undocumented girls was going to be very tricky. I was sure that the girls knew too and therefore i needed to convince them properly over their safety. I needed to also prepare them for asylum because if they got controlled by the police on our way out of Italy, they could be in the danger of not knowing what to tell the police. On the other hand, telling them about asylum would be a two edged sword; it could instill fear in them and thereby, triggering a relapse on the whole plan. It could also lead to one of them telling Maria what i had planned to do.
After thinking properly about how to begin the operation, a silly thought flashed through my mind.

Looking at the whole thing from another angle, i could forget about my entire plans of being a hero and relax with Maria. I could Marry her for real and start creating small human beings. I could become part of a human trafficking syndicate and help build the empire. I could just simply became a rich person. Maria and her proposal were potential routes to becoming very rich.
I knew that if i joined up with Maria, it was only a matter time before we owned the biggest cartel because i knew how i did my business. I could simply come up with a plan to destroy a cartel and took over their entire girls. Nothing was impossible with my machinery at work.

But i was sent to the World to help balance some bad things up, not to fuel them. I was going to be at constant war with my conscience and that was a war i could not win.
The fate of two teenage African women had been divinely entrusted to me. I knew how easily i could disappoint the Gods by ignoring my mission on Earth but what if there was a life after death? What if my own fate would someday be decided by the same girls?

”Noooooooooooo! I am leaving Italy with them”.

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