36: The process

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After a glass of cold water, I sat down in the long chair and relaxed.

Zainab was hell bent on knowing why I spent almost an hour outside without explanations.

I narrated what happened, starting from the knock on the door. However I replaced Amaka with our gateman. I told her that the gate man had come to tell me about some children who were playing around my car.

When I finished, she said I could have just knocked on the door like I did eventually. She was sorry for me.

I left her in the sitting room and went into the bathroom. I took a bath, dried myself and walked Unclad past her into my room. She was looking at my dangling JT but I didn’t care. I had enough troubles to worry me for a week that evening and someone seeing my dicck wasn’t going to make it any worse or better.

I called Zainab into my room since I figured my cousin could return anytime. It was already getting dark.
She came in and sat beside me. She had removed her pink shirt and was wearing a singlet. Some parts of her smooth bosoms were exposed through an angle near her armpit.
I looked at the bosoms and smiled. She smiled too. I stretched out my hand towards her and she entered into the open hands and hugged me.

I turned her around and laid her back on the bed. Removing the tiny hands of the singlet, I exposed the two smooth bosoms and placed my mouth on one and sucked away.

She held my back as I changed from one bosom to another, sucking and trying hard to draw milk. My body needed it after the troubles of the past hour.

When I had enough of the bosoms, I removed the entire singlet and kissed her from the lips down to the belly button. She was already moaning with pleasure.

Her short skirt was easy to slip down as it was elastic in nature. I pulled it out of her legs in one swift slow attempt and threw it behind me. Her under wear was a plain white silk pant which exposed the shape of her already swollen cunnt.
I slowly pulled it down and found a neatly shaven washed cunnt. I was tempted to lick but since I had decided not to try that in Nigeria, I just brushed a finger on its mouth and found the opening.

I laid down beside her and sucked the bosoms as my finger slowly entered into her Vagynna. I manipulated here slowly while changing my mouth from her bosoms to her lips. She was responding massively too.

Her left hand had ventured into my lose boxers and brought out my hard dicck. She was fiddling with it Romantically.

Her cunnt had started getting wet from my manipulation and I believed she climaxed once as she wiggled her waist and moaned out loud.

I got up slowly, removed my boxers and wore a condom as she looked on.

I lowered myself and in one swift drive, I inserted my joystick into the already wet cunnt and pumped away slowly. I increased the tempo gradually as she moaned with enormous pleasure.

”I love you baby, do it harder” she said softly, the pleasure was driving me crazy too. The whole length of my dicck would go in and out of her cunnt hitting the soft walls on its way.

We climaxed at the same time and remained that way for several seconds. When I got down, she put her head on my chest and rubbed my thighs.

I got up later and went to dispose the condom. When I returned, I laid beside her again and fumbled with her Unclad bosoms.

”Did you enjoy it baby” I asked. She nodded and remained quiet.

After resting, we dressed up and went to the parlour. My cousin had returned and was cooking Soup in the kitchen. He passed through the parlour and saw us, then he greeted and left. He knew how to stay away when it was required.
As we sat there in the parlour, I thought about what had happened.

I had now Fvcked Christians and a Muslim and even Pagans. I wondered which Heaven or hell I would eventually end up. But I heard one of the Heavens had promised many virgins if one could be able to make it.
Although I was indoctrinated by Christianity but I preferred the Heaven with virgins.:

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