60: Federer vs Tsonga

The following day was the game between Roger Federer and Tsonga. It was to be played in an indoor hard court at a place called Stadhalle (city hall). The time was 4pm.

There was nothing to do the whole day. I picked up my bag and checked out of the hotel. I took a cab to the Northern Vienna area and found a cheaper hotel at the corner of a park. The price was €50 a night. Great! Exactly the kind of place I had in mind all along. I was grateful that I had seen Djokovic and Federer but I hated losing unnecessary money.

I paid for a night, took my bag upstairs and went out to the Vienna westbanhof to look around. It was the biggest train station in Vienna.
I stopped at the banhof and strolled down slowly to the U-bahn line.

I saw some African young men loitering around. They were probably Nigerians but I could be wrong. They walked up and down.
I passed one of them and greeted in Igbo, he didn’t respond. I tried in English; no way.
I walked down to the one I had hoped would talk to me. He looked 100% Igbo to me.
”Nwanne Kee Ije” I greeted in Igbo.
He looked at me and shifted.

I stood there like a Zombie wondering why my fellow black men wouldn’t respond to my greetings.

A minute later, a train came and stopped. Four of them went close to the train doors and held it. None of them entered.
The train conductor blew his whistle signifying that it was time for the train to go. The four men returned to the platform while the train left.

What was happening? I tried to figure that out on my own.
There has to be a reason why they didn’t open their mouths to talk to me and there has to be a reason why they went closer to the train yet non of them left with it.
I was determined to find out sooner or later.

A white man who looked like a junkie came. His bears were not shaven, his trousers had a hole in it.
He walked up to one of the African men and made a sign with his head. The African left towards the hidden part of the platform while the white man followed him closely.

That was all the clue I needed to figure out who they were.
Drug dealers! They were selling cocain. They had stuffed the drugs inside their mouths and it couldn’t allow them to open their mouths and talk. They would swallow the drugs if the police showed up in the platform. I had once seen where the drugs were being tied in one-gram seeds. Each seed nut was the size of a ground seed.
They would then stuff the drugs inside their mouths and go to the train stations and other distribution points to sell them to the junkies.

I was a drug dealer but I doubted if I could go to that length. I didn’t think I could stuff my mouth with such dangerous class A stuff, but ofcourse ”sometimes we didn’t know what we can do until the situation presented itself”

Since I had discovered what they were doing at the station, I figured it was dangerous to remain there. I turned and walked towards the exit. 20 meters from the spot where I was standing, two giant men blocked my way. Another two came from my back and stood there.

”Ausweis bitte” one of them said. I pretended not to have heard what they said since I was with Portuguese permit.
”What” I said.

”papers, give me your papers” he said in English.

I instantly knew they were the KriminalPolizei. They were on Mufti. They had apparently come to arrest those boys who were selling drugs. I looked back where the boys were loitering, all of them had somehow disappeared.
I brought out my papers and handed it over to one of them.
He flipped through it and asked what I was doing there.
”I just returned from a business trip in Slovakia and I am looking for Stadhalle where the tennis tournament is being held” I said.
My game tickets were inside the passport, therefore I felt that my reasons was convincing enough.

He asked when I entered Austria, I told them it was a day before. They asked where I was staying and as soon as I Mentioned Kaiserin Elizabeth hotel, they looked at each other.
He handed my passport back and said that I could follow the U-bahn to Stadhalle terminal.
They left and I left as well. The time for the match was 4hour away. I needed to go to another station and see how the business was being done there.

It was dangerous but as long as I had no drugs with me, I was safe.

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