35: The long arm of Goodness

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“Madam Grace?”

“Yes, that is what they call her in Portugal. I don’t know her other names” Ini Said.

“Is this her phone number?” I said as i brought out my French phone which has the phone numbers of all the people i knew in Europe.

Ini Checked the phone number and nodded.
“That is her phone number, how did you know her?”

“I told you that i was destined to help you. What you must concern yourself with now is how to get ready and travel to Berlin. I have someone there who will help you prepare an asylum story. Immediately you are ready, you will go to camp. You will forget every contact you have with Madam Grace and her friends, they are all devils” I said in an attempt to validate my claims that it was God who sent me to rescue her.

But taking a look at the whole scenario, it was actually God who sent me to rescue her. We just witnessed two high profile coincidence and in as much as i was never too interested in divinity, there were things that happened to us without having any idea of how and why it happened.

“Brother Solomon, I am scared now” She said.

“Pay attention Ini; I will tell you a very short story and maybe after that, you will understand what i want to do for you. I know Madam Grace; She lives in Lisbon Portugal and owned an Afro shop. She is one of the biggest Mamas there in Lisbon Portugal. I was in Portugal in 2006 to get a resident permit when i ran into a girl who was your age then. Her name was Jennifer and she was one of Madam Grace’s street girls. Jennifer told me that she didn’t like what she was doing and asked me to help her. Madam Grace found out and started chasing us all over Portugal. I eventually succeeded in sending Jennifer to Berlin. She is married to a rich footballer now with a son. She is free now and living her dream. You can become better than her if you help yourself now but if you want to go back to the street, there is the door. Give me back my 250 Euros and return to the streets, it is you who is going to regret everything at the end of the day” I said as i started dialing Jennifer’s phone number in Berlin.

I recalled that i haven’t talked to her for a long time.

Ini fumbled in her bag and brought out the money, kept it on the bed and went for the door.
She opened it and left without saying a word.
I didn’t try to stop her since i was already on the phone with Jennifer.

Sometimes it was very important to allow people to chose their own paths.

“Hello Jennifer” I said as soon as she picked the call.
She recognized my voice immediately.

“Mr. Traveler where have you been for months? I heard at the Church that you shot one man called Ralph” She said.

“I was in Sweden but i am in France now. I didn’t shoot Ralph, he shot himself when he decided to run away with my money. Jennifer that was the money i wanted to use to send some girls to schools and camps from the streets. That bastard took it and run away. I found him in Berlin and got my money back. Whatever twisted story you heard From people in Berlin was their own version of what Ralph told them. I am even explaining this to you because of the likeness i have for you” I said.

“Don’t worry, i knew he must have done something to you to make you harm him. I know who you are very well. Remember you are my first love here. By the way, I am pregnant” She announced and started laughing.

“Congrats, That is a great news Jenny. How is Mr footballer?” i  asked.

“He is here with me, do you want to talk with him?” She asked.
Women generally liked it when their genuine friends talked with their husbands. They usually preferred that to having to explain by themselves, who they were talking to on the phone.

“Yes, let me greet him” I said.

“Hello my friend, how are you” the Footballer said from the other end of the phone.

“I am ok man. I trust you are taking good care of your woman” I said.

“Sure, she is a wonderful person and she is the one actually taking care of me” He said and laughed.

He asked when i would visit Berlin again so that we can hang out together and have fun. I told him that would be very soon.
I knew i will go to Berlin sooner or later.

We talked about his Football club which had just been promoted to the German first division, The Bundesliga. There were two more games left but they already gathered enough points to be promoted.
It meant that our dear footballer would be playing in division one next season and as the German football law stated, there was a certain minimum amount of money paid to every division one player. Our inlaw was going to become rich.

He reminded me that Jennifer was missing me before he gave the phone back to her.
I admired the understanding of Europeans.
Imagine a husband telling me that his wife was missing me. Try that in Africa and see if the wife won’t be on her way back to her parents.

“My mother is coming to Berlin next week. He got her visa yesterday” That was Jennifer when she got the phone back from her husband.

“Wow, that is great” I managed to say.

That was all thanks to Ozoigbondu. Good deeds always had very stretched roots that will one day, positively touch the people and things you never imagined.
Jennifer’s mother would not have dreamt of coming to Europe if Jennifer had remained a street prostitute.

As a matter of fact, Jennifer would have still remained Madam Grace’s sex slave at the time all this were happening. It would have taken her up to 8 years to pay up the huge amount of money expected by Madam Grace and even after that, there would be no clear direction of where she was headed.

The airtime in my phone suddenly finished and the phone call to Berlin ended. It was already night and i needed to have some rest.

The first girl i picked up had just decided that the streets were better for her. I knew she would have given a good thought to what i said but the fact that she didn’t know me hindered the process.
Maybe if i tried another time, i could succeed but i was afraid she was going to blow the whistle.

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    Ftc! Where dem dey? The fanta wey una tink say you collect for my hand na piss I piss inside. Discretion is strictly advised! Oga I’m coming back to post. B-)

  2. Corpspissed

    Ftc! Where dem dey? The fanta wey una tink say you collect for my hand na piss I piss inside. Discretion is strictly advised! Oga I’m coming back to post. B-)

  3. Natty

    Each time i think this powerful Story is going to end, it opens up again from nowhere.

    I have been following silently since the beginning of the year and i believe this story does not get the recognition it requires.

    This is the most comprehensive insight into the Lives of the Africans in Europe. I live in Dortmund Germany and the way this Zuby Describes Europe amazes me. The behaviour of the European Police, the Transport system, the weather and the people are just the way he said they are.

    I hope this goes to the attention of the people who will develop it into a screenplay because this is far better than most of the American movies i have watched. i have instructed my brother in Lagos to send some card to you Zuby…. Keep the powerful story coming.

  4. Corpspissed

    You can only force people to slavery, you can’t force them to freedom. When Ini understands she’s in chains and needs to be free, I hope it’s not too late for her. Ayam happy for Jeniffer ooo! Sweet update! 😎

  5. horlabiyi

    I’m sure Ini will have second thought about what Zuby told her but not sure if she won’t blow it out to 1of her friends. Well,I just sent you a text Zuby,hope you get it.

  6. lil jboy

    He reminded me that Jennifer was
    missing me before he gave the
    phone back to her .
    I admired the understanding of
    Imagine a husband telling me that
    his wife was missing me . Try that in
    Africa and see if the wife won ’ t be
    on her way back to her parents ……. lmao

  7. eulag

    Ini might come back after ,but she might blow the whistle and expose you to danger!

  8. Tochi

    See life
    this life is just small world
    imagin ini. And oga zubby baithday mate.
    Zubby she will come back but before then i think you need to change your hotel room or change the hotel.

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    Ozoigbondu onye nje nje Weldon sir.

    Ini must surly show up..

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    Zubby my num one celeb.doing what he knows best. Big up bro

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    Ini, Ini, Ini how many times did i call u?
    Don’t miss out of a life time opportinity that came your way
    on a platter of Gold. You might live to regret it.

    Zubby, i hail

  12. Tauyib

    Zuby is such a great man. If not for him Jennifer might just be graduating from the street now since this is 2014 and that’s even if her Madam diint give her EXTRA YEAR. #HallaZuby

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    You really make it seem really easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really one thing that I think I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely wide for me. I am having a look ahead in your subsequent post, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

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