35: The Constitution Of Sodom And Gohmora

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I continued telling Zuby my life journey. Despite him being part of the ill luck that befell me, i felt that he had genuine reasons for his actions.

One thing i learnt along the way of life was that not everybody that became thieves went into it with clear mind and knowledge of what it was all about. Some of the girls who came to Europe for prostitution didn’t know what they were going to witness over there. Some who knew about it didn’t know the kind of prostitution that obtained over there. Some didn’t know the whether conditions or how the Police operated. Almost all of us had blind spots where we were surprised by the system.
It was the same with men. Some of the men who came to Europe had hoped that they would find some kind of work to do but when they realised that there was no good works for them, they joined one illegal business or the other. Almost all men who came to Europe and started drug business never set their eyes on any kind of hard drug back in Africa.

The discrimination of the girls over prostitution was totally unfair. We all knew it was illegal but so was drug business and internet and credit card fraud. But men who did the later two were seen as heroes when they return home with money while we were frowned upon as outcasts.

Yet I continued my story.

“At a wedding in Napoli, i met Basil, an Igbo man who lived in Amsterdam. He looked nice and when one of my friends introduced us to each other, he asked that i follow him to his hotel room. We slept together that night and the following morning, he offered me €100. I refused to accept the money, pretending that i liked him and that i would come to visit him in Amsterdam. That was how i went to Amsterdam and got introduced to drug business. I started flying around Europe with drugs and sometimes, i returned to Amsterdam with cash made from drugs too. I traveled to Ivory Coast to bring drugs to Europe as well. I showed you the stamp in my international passport. It was a good money spinner. It was far better than sleeping with men. In fact, sometimes, i made up to €2000 at once. That kind of money took me 6 months to save while i worked as a prostitute. I bought my dream Toyota Rav4 from drug money and sent money home as well. I rented an apartment in Lagos from the money and i am sure you know all about the car and the apartment. I saved enough money and traveled to Nigeria where i met you. My life in Nigeria was centered around you. It was true that one or two men came to our place to ask for my hand in Marriage but in truth, the only person i wanted to marry was you. My reasons were because you happened to have a lot of confidence in you. The kind of confidence i have never seen in any man. Secondly you also returned from Europe. I believed that it would be easy for me to relocate to wherever you lived in Europe instead of processing Documents for a Nigerian based man to come over to Europe and live with me. When i returned from Nigeria, i went back into drug business again. I made some money once more and on one of my trips, i was Nearly arrested with money. Then on another occasion, i was nearly captured with drugs. A lot of negative signs were popping up from all angles. So the best thing to do was to simply slow down or change my line of business. The point was that i also believed that it was a matter of one bad day before i would be arrested and locked away in one European prison for years. So i quit drug business and returned to Italy. This time, i decided to return to prostitution industry. While looking for an opportunity to start, i remembered that i once went to Tripoli to bring girls for my Madam. That was before i returned to Nigeria. Since i knew the route, i decided to try my way there. First of all, i sent message to my mother to get me two teenage girls who would work for me in Italy. My mother didn’t ask the kind of work i did or what they were going to be doing in Italy. I guessed she knew everything. She eventually found Ngozi and Fatimah” I said as i narrated parts of the life i lived in the past.

For some reasons, i omitted the part where i decided to keep some money that belonged to Basil which i had gone to bring for him in Hungary. Unfortunately for Basil, he was arrested before i returned to Amsterdam. Since there was no immediate relative of his to give the money and since i didn’t know how long he was going to spend in Prison, i simply returned to Italy with the whole large sum of money. It was the money that motivated me to start looking for teenage girls who would be working for me.

As Zuby listened attentively, i narrated the things i wanted him to know. To appear genuine, i added some of the sex i had with my customers back in Italy. I made things look like i was the prostitute that i was supposed to be. I had confidence while telling him about my sex life because he knew i was a prostitute from day one. He knew and even said it to my hearing that 90% of Edo girls in Europe were street prostitutes. What he actually didn’t know was that it wasn’t just 90%, it was much more than that. I personally put it to over 98%. What else were any of us doing in Europe if not prostitution?
Even the old Mamas who were up to 50 years still did prostitution business. Even some of the married ones among us still did prostitution business behind their husband’s back. Even some of us who got married to Edo men were encouraged to continue with prostitution. Sometimes, The husbands would escort the wives to the spots where they would stand and wait for men. Prostitution was almost like begging. It guaranteed daily bread for the husbands. Morality was thrown out of Window.
The constitution of Sodom and Gohmora was adopted by the Women’s Kingdom of Edo State. The result was that our lives changed forever because we got hold of the Prostitution business in Europe to the extent that the Italian Authorities had to visit Edo State sometimes just to find out which kind of Zoo that gave birth to one tribe that adopted prostitution in its totality. The first in world history.

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