35: Highway to hell 2

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Chapter 35. Highway to hell vol 2.

”Does it mean that i have to bring out over €20,000 if i have to bring in two good girls”? I said to Maria after dropping a couple of tears for my sisters.
She said that it depends on where i wanted to bring the girls from.
”It could be less than that if you chose to get the girls from Nigeria. You can process visas for them in Nigerian which will cost about N600,000 each. Then you pay for the flight. It is far cheaper but the disadvantage is that they could be deported back from the airport if they cannot defend their purposes of visit to Europe. But if you buy from North Africa, they have a better guarantee of making it to Europe” Maria said.
Business Woman! She obviously knew her business. She knew how much humans were being sold and bought. She knew that it was cheaper to source for your own goods from the main source rather than buying from someone else. It was apparently the reason why she had involved her mother down in Benin City Nigeria. She had her own network apparently.

I wanted to be another black man with black mindset by ignoring Maria’s business empire and destroying others since Maria was already my fiance. It wouldn’t matter to many since people don’t destroy their source of income. But what i was fighting was a moral war. I was almost fighting against myself. It would be so difficult to forgive myself if i allowed Maria to continue. I knew she would continue her business long after i was gone but i had to do something. The world was the way it was because people who were capable of making positive impacts didn’t do much or anything at all. I was going to be the hypocrite of the century if i allowed Maria to continue. I imagined myself eating foods bought with money made by such teenage girls. They would be feeding me, paying my bills while i became lazy like most of the Benin boys; only sleeping and having sex while teenage girls walked around the cold streets of Europe sleeping with men and dogs just to put food on my table.

My anger didn’t let me sleep all through the night. I tumbled the whole issues through my mind, trying to figure out how to stop the slavery of my people. It was possible to stop of course but many governments of many countries were needed. That was something i couldn’t achieve without first of all involving the Nigerian Government. The useless Nigerian government wouldn’t pay attention to the proposals of a peasant like me. I needed to be the son of a governor or senator or one of the other thieves who made us leave the country in the first place, before anybody would pay attention to my proposal. It was the Nigerian government that could call Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria to order. It was Nigerian government that could ask those countries to repatriate any Nigerian without a meaningful job in their various countries but the Nigerian leaders were all busy stealing the public fund, believing that their interests were the interest of the general public. The Nigerian leaders were the cause of the problems of their citizens all over the world. All through my stay in Germany and Holland,  I never met a Libyan or Tunisian. The few Moroccans in Germany were there as a result of rebuilding after the WW2. They had good jobs and were integrated into the society. I never saw an Egyptian anywhere as well. It was all about the west Africans whose leaders were thieves.
Down there in Africa, the North African leaders were also Maltreating Nigerians and the other West African citizens. Half of the people in Casablanca and Tripoli prisons were all Nigerians. The Nigerian embassies in Libya and Morocco were just there for formalities. They saw and knew what their citizens were doing over there but closed their eyes and ears to the plight of the people.

In the morning of the following day, i told Maria that i had some money in Amsterdam. I made her believe that i would get the money down to Italy so that she would add some money for us to be able to bring in four girls. It was a business proposal she liked so much. According to her, with four more girls, we will have six. If they were going to be able to return €1000 each every week, that would be €6000 a week for us. She obviously knew her mathematics better than i did since i wasn’t thinking towards the profit angle yet.
”With €6000 a week, we can be saving good money for our Marriage in Nigeria. In one year, we will have enough to build a house in Benin city” Maria had said excitedly. She was definitely thinking along building a house in Benin City. Why not Enugu or at least Lagos? Did anybody tell Maria that Igbo men built houses in their in law’s place?
But there was no need for me to argue with her. I knew that a small derail in the entire project would crash everything.

I left the house and ventured into the local bars. There were some Nigerians drinking whisky and making noise as usual.
”You are the new guy who came here to take my girl. Do you know how much money i spent on that girl? If you don’t leave this town, something will happen to you”. The voice had said behind me.

His name was Mike. He had crept behind me to warn me off Maria.
I looked around the bar and found more Nigerians. They probably knew Mike better than they knew me. He was there long before i came. It was probably better that i maintained being quiet. I didn’t even move my hands, i just left them motionless on the table until one of his gangster members called him.
”Mike leave the idiot, lets go” his friend had said. That was how i got to know his name. Right inside me, i knew that it was hopeless to start a fight with them. They could cause problems for my plans about running away with Ngozi and Fatimah. I didn’t need that distraction coupled with the fact that i chose the fights that i involved my self by myself. That was the major secret behind my winning all the time. I usually knew the ones i could lose and stay away from them.

Don’t worry Mike, we may meet again.

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  1. Emeka

    Oga Zuby. May your days be long.
    We Nigerians in particular and Africans in genral. Only think of short term benefits.
    We really have a long way to go

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    Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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