35: The averted Disaster.

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“I don’t speak or understand your language Sir, I don’t live here” I said to the man who had spoken a language I didn’t understand to me.

“Who is the woman with you?” he repeated his question in English.

Deny deny deny!

“She is not with me Sir, I met her here” I said and kept quiet.

“We saw two of you, who is she?” he said again.

“Yes, you saw two of us Sir but she is not with me” I said.

I knew that the end point was to ask for my International Passport which was the standard procedure. I was already experienced in Standard European Police rules. I have already been in many Police troubles that i didn’t even care about fear of them anymore. I was ready to block their way if they had decided to chase after Precious. Unfortunately for them, the camp gate was just a few meters away and it took Precious just fifteen steps to go into the compound. The Asylum officials never worked with the Police; they were carefully trained on the need to respect and help immigrants; the police all over the World were trained to arrest people whether immigrants or not.
William had warned me the previous day that the Swedish Police usually hang around the camps to arrest newcomers and send them to the deportation camps. It was actually the same thing all over Europe but it seemed the Swedish authorities upped their games a little higher than others. It was the actual reason why some people usually took their asylums at nearby police stations before being sent by the cops to the asylum camps.

Yes, it was also allowed to easily walk to a nearby police station and start giving them your story; they would have no other option than to send you to the camp because if they decide to prosecute you in court as an illegal immigrant, you would have a strong case against them. The presiding judge would naturally have sympathy with the immigrant if it was established that he or she actually walked to the police station to report that he or she was an illegal immigrant.

“Your passport please” It was the tallest of the three police officers. He was a huge bulky guy who could stand John Cena one on one on a wrestling contest. It was extremely important that I obeyed them without hesitation.

“Here Sir” I said as i handed him the Passport and Resident permit at the same time.

Judging by the anger in his face, he could use smacking to ask for the resident permit if I delayed.

“Nigeriana huh! What are you doing in Sweden?” he asked.

“Sir, i am a business man from France. I am looking for places to buy Scrap Metals” I said.

“Scrap metal, what kind of scrap metals are you looking for?” He asked.

“Copper, i am looking for copper and brass. Do you know anywhere i can buy them around here?” I asked trying to play one of my old cards of asking questions while answering questions.

The huge police man kept quiet while flipping through the pages of my Green Nigerian Passport.

“What is your name?” he asked while looking at the data page of my passport.

I wanted to tell him to look into the page and see the name but seeing how huge he was, i decided to answer the question obediently. We were at an isolated area that had no CCTV camera. The cops could descend on me there and there would be nothing anybody can do about it. It was true that the European Police hardly beat people up but anything was possible.
I told him the names in my passport and remained quiet.

“How long have you been here?” He asked. It was a standard question which i anticipated. For that reason, i always carried along the ticket which i used in coming to Sweden. According to the European rule, i was expected to stay three weeks to one month before heading back to France.

“Less than two weeks Sir” I said without showing him the ticket.
He asked when i intended to go back and i told him that it will be in three days time.

The Swedish Police; after asking more questions, gave me my papers and walked back to the direction they came from.

Right at the time i saw them coming up, i knew they were the Police. They were part of the criminal Police on mufti which were all over Europe. They still looked like the regular Police because they shaved their bears properly. As an experienced drug dealer, i knew the behaviour of regular police men from very far. They were always either in a little hurry more than the civilians or slower than the civilians.

A civilian could easily be distracted by anything when approaching you but a police whether on uniform or mufti, always concentrated on the subject even when looking at another thing. I learnt that back in Germany. It required the inner mind to actually detect that but the secret was to suspect everything and everybody; i even suspected the dogs sometimes. Being on alert 24/7 was the key to avoiding surprises.

I left Uppsala and went back to Stockholm. My phone has been vibrating inside the pocket when i was with the cops; It was Maria. I had taken out the phone from my pocket while waiting at the Uppsala train station. When i called her back, she said she wanted to know if we had gotten there safely.

“No Maria, you wanted to know if i took Precious to a hotel and had sex with her. I am on my way back and you have some serious explanations to make when i get back” I had said and switched off the phone.

“I am sorry, it is just that i am afraid of losing you again” It was Maria. She was trying to explain why she sent me the message. I didn’t say a word or even asked her about the message. I had just decided to play the quiet game which i mastered long ago.

‘Stay silent, don’t ask or answer questions. She would come eventually’.

I was the person with the money. I didn’t know if Maria had some money with her or not; she said she had none and i half believed her. “He who is with the money shouldn’t beg”

“I am sorry, it won’t ever happen again. I was just scared” She was on her knees in front of me, begging me to forgive the message she sent. I had kept silent inside the apartment for over two hours; she had tried numerous times to get me talking but never succeeded. Her last card was to kneel before me and beg. I still needed her for the operations anyway therefore when i saw her on her knees, i stood up and pulled her up.

“It is Ok, i don’t want you to kneel before me again. I don’t like such things. If we have differences, we must both sit down and discuss it. I have forgiven you but please don’t think of me that way. I live with the most complete woman and don’t need another one. I am afraid to lose you too but I will never descend so low as to suspect me easily. Maybe you forgot about me Maria, I am a big boy.”

Maria smiled and hugged me.

“No, you are not a big boy; you are my big boy” She said.


“He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.”


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