35: You stay here

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”what are you doing here” was all I could say.

”I came to know if you have returned” she said trying to go inside the house. I blocked her off, stepped outside and jammed the door.

”I have told you to stop coming here unless I invited you. I have settled the issues with your parents and I don’t want that to repeat itself. Please go home” I said while dragging her downstairs.
She begged me to take it slowly on her but I didn’t want to hear that.
I dragged her down until we got to the ground floor, then I asked her to leave.
She said she would come tomorrow evening during her lesson period.
”You can come that time but just leave now before your parents finds you here” I said.
I felt that telling her not to came tomorrow would start a different topic there and I wanted her to just leave the premises.

As soon As she left, I walked back upstairs.
Damn! I had locked my keys inside the flat. I fumbled inside my pocket to get my phone out and call Zainab to open the door, the phone was inside the house too.

I walked down the street to a call center, picked up the phone and alas, I didn’t know her number off head.

There were only two options left. It was either I went back upstairs and started knocking on the door and hoping that Zainab would open it up or Call my cousin to get me his own keys.
The first option was far fetched as I believed Zainab wouldn’t attempt to open the door without my permission.
The second option sounded better since I had my cousin’s number off head.

I dialed his number.

”The MTN number you are calling is currently switched off” a female voice hummed from the pre-recorded voicemail.

I stood there like a Zombie not knowing what next to do. The young girl who owned the call center was saying something.
”Oga, the credit has entered one minute and the money is N20.

I fumbled inside my pocket and there was no money whatsoever.

‘What kind of Sunday is this’ I murmured.

I sat down on the only chair there at the call center and thought of how to fix the whole mess. First I had to start with the call girl. The way I had seen her, nothing was going to make her allow me to go without her N20.

”What is your name” I asked the call girl. She looked at me with suspicious eyes and kept quiet.

”You see, I have locked myself out of the house and I came here to call my brother to get me his own keys but his number is not going through” I said.
”How is that my business, abeg give me my money joor” she countered even before I finished.

All sorts of thoughts flooded my mind as I sat there. One of them was to jump up and start running.
What if this ugly girl started shouting ”Ole ole ole or Hollam Hollam”?

That would definitely attract neighbours and sometimes, Nigerians don’t ask what you did before descending on you.

There! I saw him coming down. Emeka, the brother of Chiamaka was coming down to my house to play games. It was a Sunday. Amaka had probably told him that I was at home.

”Uncle Azubuike, I am coming to your house to play game” he said as soon as he approached me.

”I made a call here and don’t have money with me. I need N20, I will give you back” I managed to say.

He fumbled in his pocket and brought out a N20 Naira bill. I grabbed it like a fox and paid the call girl.

”You need to go back and come tomorrow. I locked my keys inside the flat and I am waiting for my cousin here to come home” I said to him.

He offered to wait with me but I told him to go, he left.

I walked back upstairs like a drunk sailor and knocked on the door twice. I waited and knocked twice again.
I listened and heard some soft footsteps marching on the rug.

”Zainab, open the door. Its me” I said.

The door latch clicked and the door opened up.

”Where have you been” she asked as soon as I stepped inside the house.

”Baby its a long story, I need water now” I said and walked to the kitchen.

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