34: The Divine Coincidence

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“Leaving with you? We haven’t discussed anything yet” She said.

“Let us start with your name then” I said while still holding her.

“Call me Ini” She said.

“Ini, where are you from?” I asked.
“Is it important?” She countered.

“Alright sorry baby. I came here for the first time today and i want a sweetheart to play with me in my hotel room for the night” I said.

“That will cost you 300” She said.
“That is expensive but since your are a beautiful girl, here is 250” I said as i opened my wallet and counted out the money.
I wanted her to know there wasn’t going to be money issues and even if she insisted that i pay 300, i was going to do that.
She didn’t yet have any idea what she was getting into but i knew that as soon as i was able to lure her to my room, it was going to be goodbye to the streets.

“Let me tell my friend i am going” She said as she walked to one of the girls and said something to her. She also waved to Jacky as she returned to me.

We walked along the road towards my hotel.

“Where are you staying?” She asked.
“Hotel Gutenberg, do you know the place?”

“everyone knows Hotel Gutenberg” she said.


Strasbourg France

It took us about five minutes to get to the hotel. We took the lift to the third floor and entered my room.

Ini Sat down and watched as i removed my jacket and pullover. She started removing hers too and when she was about to remove her Bra, i halted her.

“No, i told you i just wanted a girl to play with me and not to have sex. Lets get to know each other first and if sex comes up later, we can have a go at it” I said and smiled.

She put on back her pullover and started at me.
“You mean you paid 250 without the intention of sleeping with me” She said.

“I can give you more if you listen to what i am going to tell you. I have money” I said as i sat on the chair opposite her.

“What is it you want to tell me?” She asked.

“I am a Nigerian and i know you are also from the country. Let us start with where you come from”

She brightened her face and said she was from Cross River State.

“How old are you?” I suddenly asked.

“I will be 18 years in August 12” She said.

August 12 was my own birthday but rather than pretending to be surprised or trying to get sentimental over the coincidence, i decided to take advantage of what they all believed in; divinity.

I brought out my international passport and opened the data page.

“what is my date of birth there?” I asked.

She looked at it and looked at me.

“We have the same date of birth, wow” She said.

“Do you believe in destiny?” I asked.

“Yes i believe in Destiny” Ini said.

“I was told by God to come here and that i will find a girl in the streets. God told me to help her out because she was not destined for what she does. Do you like going out to the street every night looking for men to sleep with?” I asked.

She shook her head and said nothing.

“Ini, you are a very beautiful young girl. You have a bright future if you start to help yourself now. If you don’t, you Will work in the streets until you get old and frustrated; that is if you are luck because if not, you may die of violence or disease.
I am not going to ask you for money, i am going to help you for free but you must do what i say at all times” I said.

“Brother i don’t understand. You just came out of nowhere and said you came to help me. We don’t know each other and i have never seen you” Ini said.

“That is true, we don’t know each other before but we know each other now because if you see me tomorrow, you will tell your friends that you know me. I am from Enugu State and lives in Italy and Paris. I have removed more than ten girls from the streets and some of them are in schools all over Europe now. They are going to be doctors and nurses and teachers someday and you will remain a prostitute forever. The direction you are heading now is the same direction your madam took. I don’t know who your madam is but what you are doing now is exactly what she did. She came to Europe and started selling her body for money. Then she got old and started bringing young girls to do the same thing. If you don’t stop now, you will end up like her” I said.

“But what do you want me to do?” She asked.

“I want to send you to Berlin Germany, you will take asylum as a 15 year old girl; then after that, the German authorities will have no option than to send you to school. If you are brilliant enough, your life will start from there. If you are not brilliant, they will channel you to a vocational department where you will learn something important to help you develop in life. Like i said earlier, i won’t ask you for money; the madam who brought you to Europe will pay. I know they took you to swear an oath in Nigeria before you came here but you don’t have to worry about that, those things have no powers here” I said.

“How did you know i swore an oath?” she asked.

“All the girls i rescued said they did, you won’t be different. Those things were done to scare you and stop you from living your own life. You are a child of God and God will never allow anything to happen to his children” I said in an attempt to use what they believed in to convince her.

“What about my bags and other things?” she said.

“You don’t need them, i will get you the things you need. We will spend two days here in Strassbourg before going to Berlin” I said.

“But what is your name because you haven’t told me?” she said.

“Call me Austin or Solomon, they are both my names” i answered.

“Tell me about you Madam and when you came to Europe”

Ini said she came to Europe just a month ago. She stopped over in Portugal where her madam lived before she was sent to Strasbourg to work with one of her Madam’s girls.

“Did you say your Madam lives in Portugal?”

“Yes, she lives there and operates a shop that sells African food items” She said.

“Do you know her name?” I asked.

“Her name is Madam Grace. She is from Benin in Edo State” she said.

Really! Madam Grace? What a catch once more.

” Beware of little expenses: a small leak will sink a
great ship”

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  1. meexteeriox

    Madam Grace again? World war 3 about to start, bliv me.

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    Zubby guess wht? Am reading dis from Freiburg. Near Strasbourg

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    Rare confidence, like me, I ve been unlucky, I ve only met one person with exactly the same birthday as mine. August 21 st is my birthday..

    I ve met a family where the husband n d wife n their only son ve d same birthday. A wonderful coincidence. A one in a generation, I think.

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    “ everyone knows Hotel Gutenberg ”
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