34: My Life According To Me

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“Joy, I am sure by now you know Angel is here” Zuby started.

The phone was on speak out. Everyone including Rose was sitting quietly while allowing the master to do the talking.

Aunty Joy had started wailing and asking why Zuby picked her of all people.

“Joy, i am the last person who cares about your tears. I came all the way to Venice but instead of respecting me, you decided to capture me with the Police. I already have evidence that you are a human trafficker. I recorded our past conversations, Sharon and Peace are also willing to testify against you in European court. I am sure Angel would love to tell the court what you sent them out to do in the Streets of Paris. I advice you to simply meet my demands because if this matter doesn’t follow the direction i want, you will be locked up in Prison for your entire life” Zuby had said.

From what Aunty Joy said, she believed that Zuby used diabolical means to detect which girls belonged to who.
Aunty Joy was also going to discuss money when Zuby cut off the call.

“She will call you now” He turned to Angel and said, “But don’t answer the call. If you wish to return to France and start standing under that tree where i found you, you are free to go. Just be aware that this opportunity may never come your way again” He concluded before he asked me to follow him to the room.

“Keep an eye on her, she is scared and that means she could do something stupid. I am not afraid of her returning, I am only concerned that she knows too much now and could be forced to reveal a lot about us, especially you” he concluded.

We had little talks on how to move on with the plans. From what i heard him say, he never intended to cheat me out of my own share of whatever money we made. He said the first money we received from Adesuwa was left behind in Sweden and that he would give me my share the next day.

At around 6 in the evening, Zuby called Aunty Joy once more.

“Joy, tomorrow is Sunday. First thing on Monday morning, i will send you details of where you will send my money. If you like contact the FBI or CIA to start tracking me down. One thing i am sure will happen is that you and them will fail to catch me and the next thing i will do is still hidden from me. I know about Blessing, one of your girls. I know where she stays and works. I have even made contact with her indirectly. My money now stands at €35, 000. 10, 000 is for Angel while 5000 is for the girl you set up in Paris”

He paused to listen to Joy for a few seconds before he continued.

“This phone number that i am using to talk to you now will be decommissioned immediately this conversation ends. In fact the phone itself will be dropped and taken out of service. By Monday, the details will come from a new phone and line. I have instructed Angel not to talk to you again until further notice, her phone has been confiscated. We are in Sweden as i speak. If you chose, start coming here with your thugs. You know how it happened in Venice which is your territory. You can imagine what will happen in Stockholm where i know much Better compared to you. Goodluck Miss Joy” He said and cut off the call.

“Why did you tell me you would ask her to send the money to Nigeria? Is it not better that she sends it to another country here in Europe. I know people who can make the withdrawals for us” I chipped in.

“Baby you are becoming too conscious about money. Everything you said since i returned here centered around money. Remember what i told you in the beginning. We are not doing this for money. We are doing this because i believe it the right thing to do. Everything we do here on earth was destined to happen whether we liked it or not. Relax, the money will come like i promised, you just have to allow it to come when it will come instead of when you want it to come. The fastest route to jail or death is always when we want to influence the natural course with our demands”

Zuby was right. The moment i asked the last question, i felt that it was way out of line. He had just told me that he would give me my share of the first money, yet i didn’t have enough patience to wait before talking about money again.

The discussions that followed were about the teenage prostitutes and how their madams treated them all over Europe. Not that he didn’t know but Zuby knew that i had the first hand knowledge of the prostitution world, so he decided to ask me questions. He just happened to come into the game by chance but as for me, we were the game itself. It was us who stood under the rain, waiting for men who would come and take us away for sex. It was us who got drugged and beaten sometimes. It was us who exposed our naked legs to the harsh European winter just to look sexy in the eyes of drunk men who smelled all kinds of alcohol and drugs.

“So how did you even end up being what you became. I mean when i met you in Nigeria, there was no way i could have known that your line of business was human beings. How did you go into this line of business in the first place” Zuby asked.

“I knew you would ask me this question someday. You see, i didn’t chose the business, it chose me. All along, i knew it was dangerous and wrong. I was a street girl, so i knew it was illegal but what else could i have done? After buying out my freedom in, i spent two years working for myself as a prostitute. Because i didn’t want to violate my body too much, i didn’t make much money. Sometimes, i would just sleep with one customer and return home. Right inside of me, i knew that i wasn’t going to be successful if i continued that way. As a result, i started thinking of other ways to make money. One of the ideas was to have my own girls who would be working for me in the streets but that itself required a lot of money too. Money that i didn’t have. One night, i went out with two guys and after sleeping with me, they refused to pay and started beating me instead. I had to save my life by running out of their apartment without my phone and shoes. That was the last straw on the hat. There and then, i decided that it was over” to be continued….

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