34: Goodbye My Queen Vol 2

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Love is a strange emotion. It is ever evolving. Lust is transient. With time, one realizes that love and togetherness are two different things. Very few people are lucky enough to experience the two emotions simultaneously

“We don’t invite Police to this hotel” one of the guards said to me, “You should have asked before calling the police”.

“Mr. Man, Police are invited wherever thieves and criminals operate. I am not a member of your hotel, i am a customer. I have the right to call police wherever i sense that my life is in danger” I said.

The beautiful receptionist laughed.

“You are coming with us to the Police Station to make a statement” Musa said to me.

Of course i knew that they couldn’t just leave with the thugs. I was obligated to follow them to the station.

“I know Sir, let me get my car keys” I said as i turned around and saw Queen sitting in one corner.

“Baby get me the car Key” I said.

I followed the cops to the gate where their Toyota Hilux was packed. We waited for about four minutes before Queen arrived with my key.

As she handed me the key, i put my mouth to her ear and said, “Pack our things, we are leaving this place as soon as i return”.

I walked back inside, started my Engine and drove outside. The cops had already started moving forward slowly, therefore i followed them.

We drove back towards Ahmadu Bello Way until we entered the compound of Victoria Island Police Station.

A long white sheet of paper without letter heading was presented to me.

“Can you write or do you want me to write it for you?” Musa asked. He had naturally become the IPO of the case.

“I want to write it by myself” I said.

I was a fast writer because i usually tried to keep up with the fast deposit of ideas that came out of my mind.

Musa wrote some Police headings before pushing the paper to me.

I started.
‘My name is ………. I was at the Lekki Beach with my Girlfriend this Evening when two people approached me. I didn’t know who they were or why they came but when one of them came too close and said something to me, i suspected that they could be thieves. At that stage, i told my girl to disappear while i dealt with them alone. When my girl left, i asked them what they wanted. One of them said that if i didn’t give them money, they would shoot me with a gun. They showed me a gun and i became scared. As a result, i told them that my money was in the car. They decided to follow me to the car but before we got there, i threw sand at their eyes and while they struggled to remove them, i ran away. Since i had pointed at my car when i was with them, i feared that they knew it and would catch up with me if i attempted to drive it then. For that reason, i left the area on foot and took a cab back to my hotel room”.

I went on to write how i got back and asked the Police to escort me to get my car. And how we didn’t see them again when we returned. But that somehow they appeared in my hotel again.

After my statement, i signed it and waited for Musa until he read and approved it, then he took me to the office of the DPO where after some advice, i gave them 5000 and left.

Behind the counter, i saw Efosa and his friend naked. Their shirts and shoes had been pulled off.

They watched as i stepped outside and left the premises.

Back at the Hotel, i went up to the room and grabbed Queen’s big bag instantly. She was ready to move since i called her on my way back and told her that i would be with her in five minutes.

We left the hotel at around 11:40 pm and climbed The long 3rd Mainland Bridge. I didn’t know the next hotel where we were going but i didn’t mind going down to Ibadan or Abeokuta that night as long as i would feel safe.

We eventually ended up at the Ikeja Airport Hotel where we rented a room at an over-inflated price.

There wasn’t much talk between me and Queen since it was very late. The special sex we had planned to have was no longer on the agenda. We were both tired and we both knew it. As a result, we just changed clothes and climbed unto the bed.

We woke up around 9am and went to the hall for breakfast.
As i expected, there was their usual buffet where everyone was expected to dish out his or her own food. We took our food and sat at a corner.
After eating, we went beside the swimming pool and watched as people played inside the water; beautiful black Lagos girls in flashy bikinis.

At exactly 2pm, we went back inside and took our bath. We got at the airport and went straight to the counter where we were supposed to be checked in. At that stage, there wasn’t much for me to do except watched as Queen checked her bags in and returned to me with her boarding pass.

We stood face to face and watched each other as she cried softly. At a stage, she held me tightly and cried while i parted her on the back.

“Its Ok, we will be together again before you know it”. I kept saying.

It took some time before she stopped crying, then she kissed me before heading towards the Immigration checkpoint.
I watched as she walked towards the Immigration, looking back occasionally to see me looking and nodding at her. Then she handed her passport to a woman at the gate and after looking at it, she gave it back to Queen who looked back one more time before disappearing into the Departure hall.

At that stage, i knew that it would be a miracle to see my Queen again.
Tears dropped from my eyes as she disappeared. I never really appreciated her presence that much until she disappeared. She had been my handbag since we returned to Nigeria, going almost everywhere with me and turning heads.
I had watched as people admired her since we returned, saying out Loud how beautiful she looked. I never really cared much about what they said until that moment she disappeared into the departure hall.

Queen was important to my happiness but through out our stay in Nigeria, i never lost focus on what happened to my brother. It was the more important thing to do and that deprived Queen of all the attention she deserved. I had only hoped that she would forgive me but as i walked out of the Murtala Muhammad International Airport Ikeja Lagos, I knew that it was time to fight and get dirty.

Goodbye My Queen.

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63 Responses

    • Iomoge

      Queen our queen.
      Thanks for making our husband happy.

  1. Eulag

    Efosa had to learn the hard way . I feel no pity for him.

    As for queen,she would definitely miss you.

  2. Konmight

    Goodbye Queen.

    It’s time to unravel the mystery behind your Brother’s disapperance.

    I suspect his wife and close friends.

    Bad belle full everywhere.

    May God save us from ENEMY WITHIN.

  3. jonnyanichi

    Yes the stage is set for the big fight, now that queen is out of the way. Kudos Ozoigbondu!!!! You are a great writer

  4. prugged

    Boss I just love how you mix both love, sexuality, adventure and many more happenings in all your story-line I have come across….God bless globalruns

  5. Bonavi

    Goodbye queen. Now the thriller has begun. Well done Ozoigbondu or better put; Ozohandu.

  6. chidi

    so emotional, when u stay with someone for weeks or months, their ought to be a feeln of togetherness. Wish queen well, wish she wont go bck to her former street life.

  7. Ella

    Awww! I could feel the emotions while reading this. Its so hard to leave the people we love so much especially when you don’t know if you will ever see them again

  8. Emmanuel

    Nice update…..soldier go,soldier come.Waiting to see the next girl that will occupy Queen’s position.Knowing Oga Zuby,it won’t be long before another one enters.

  9. Anonymous

    Goodbye queen ,its hard 2 say it but we hav 2 face wat is at stake ad d most important one under d scale f preference
    Ride on Master Zuby

  10. dejust

    bros its time u left lagos to enugu, wahala dey for lagos too much Becoz lagos is the meetin point of all the enemy u made in europe…
    or Better get a personal escort…ADC

  11. Tunapa

    In life anything can happen….i see queen returning back to nigeria soon…….
    This is now time for OPERATION BRING BACK MY BRODA……..

  12. neotrinity18

    This is so touching. You are truly in love with Queen but the situation for now doesn’t warrant that. Wish you meet her later in life.

  13. dolapom

    Well you only need the light when its burning low, you only miss the sun when its start to snow, you only know you love her, when you let her go,…. When you let her go. ( Passenger – Let her go lyrics). Dedicated to Queen.

  14. money talks a.k.a obumsway

    mehn, no be small thing @ all… Zuby the boss indeed …… !!!! E no easy @ all……

  15. quinine

    letting go of loved ones is hard but most time it’s the best thing to do. I hope u meet queen again.

  16. ach4u

    Queen finally go…now time to return to Enugu state.
    I’m really sure Queen must come calling some day.

  17. Ekaete

    Zuby – I want to employ and develop some analytical reasoning skills like u.

    U have mentioned consistently Queen had a British passport. U have not mentioned a Nigerian passport at all. British citizens require a visa before they are allowed in…….

    In other news, the way you are able to handle critical life threatening situations is really commendable. Thinking on your feet to bad…..

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