34: Zainab and I

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Zainab and I returned to my house in the evening. As soon as we got upstairs, I excused myself and went into the room. My old phone was lying on top of the small table near my bed, I picked it up and switched it on.

Numerous messages flashed as expected. I ignored them and added Linda’s number on it first, then I called her.

”Linda, this is Zuby from the beach, please if you want to call me, use this number. The other line is my business line” I said. She said she understood and asked about Zainab. I told her that I had dropped her off to the Unilag.
After that, I removed Linda’s number from the new phone entirely. I had a feeling that Zainab would somehow search for the number in the phone. She had asked if I collected it from Linda and I had denied doing that.

I opened the inbox, the first SMS was from Liz. She wanted to know how I was doing. I didn’t reply it.
The second was from Jennifer. She was asking for forgiveness. I didn’t reply it.
The third one got my attention. A certain girl called Daisy had sent the message. She said Amaka had claimed that I was her boyfriend and that she wanted to verify if the claimed was true.

These kids won’t let the snake rest.

I replied her and told her that I don’t talk to strangers. I asked her to show her face the next day if she really want to know.
I put the Samsung phone in silent mode and kept it without switching of.

I returned to the sitting room and told Zainab to switch her phone off or rather tell everybody who called her that she was in school. She wanted some explanations naturally.
”You know your sister took my number and she was suspicious of you and I right from the beach, Linda was also suspicious that we may not go to Unilag today. If any of them call and ask where you are, you just have to tell them that you have gone back to Unilag” I lied.
she bought the tales and relaxed.

”What is in your bag” I asked hoping to hear such things as Koran and some other religious relics.

She opened it up and to my surprise, I saw romantic novels from mills & boom.

Really! I had a belief that she must have been all about religion but I was wrong.

”You like romantic books” I asked.
She nodded in affirmative.

I didn’t really know how to start with Zainab. I had never done a muslim and I wasn’t sure which trick that would work without upsetting her. As a result, I decided to start with the old fashion way of handing her pictures to watch while I wait for the right moment to strike like a cobra.
I went inside the room again to get some pictures, the Samsung phone screen was flashing. There was a call from Linda. I ignored it and returned to the sitting room.

I handed the pictures to Zainab with a bottle of Malt. She said she wanted water and not malt.

While she was looking at the pictures, I returned to the room and called Linda back. She wanted to know my plans the next day. I told her that I would be free in the evening. She said that Lasu was located along the Badagry expressway and that she would like to branch on her way there tomorrow if I didn’t mind. I told her that I would check my schedule and call her back.

The week was going to be interesting and as result, I opened my bag and checked my condom. The Durex I got from Germany was running down. It remained two packs of 4 each. I picked two pieces from the bag and stuffed it into my short Jean and returned to the Parlour.

It was time to know what the Hausa girl was made of.

Zainab had finished looking at the pictures and had dropped them on the table.
The Power holding light had just been brought and she had started fiddling with the remote control. I took it from her and selected a channel showing sports. It was a Sunday and some Spanish teams were playing football. I kept the remote on the glass center table and went to sit with her on the long sofa.

”So tell me about your hobbies” I said, not really sure yet how to approach the issue of sexx.

”I like watching movies and cooking” she said.
The common general hobbies of every woman.

”Do you have a boyfriend” I asked that silly question and regretted it instantly. I silently prayed that she would deny having a boyfriend because if she said she had, it could mean a no show.

” We have separated” she said.

Great! Don’t ask anymore silly questions. It was time to move to a familiar territory.

I touched her carefully plaited hair and trailed my hand down to her back. There was no resistance.
I crossed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her slightly towards me, to my greatest surprise, she released herself and fell comfortably on my laps.

Her face was looking up towards mine with an innocent smile.
I looked into her eyes as I lowered my mouth towards her forehead and kissed it.

”You are beautiful Zain” I said.
Before she could say anything, my mouth had already covered hers as my right hand slowly found its way on top of her soft bosoms.

Slowly, I started unbuttoning her pink shirt.

As soon as I got to the third button down the line, a knock came to my door.
I excused myself and walked out to the door that led to the flat. I opened it and to my utmost astonishment, standing there alone was Chiamaka Eze, the 17 Year old terrorist.

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