33: The Victoria Island Arrests

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In a way, we are magicians. We are alchemists, sorcerers and wizards. We are a very strange bunch. But there is great fun in being a wizard

My first instinct was to pretend that i didn’t hear the voice. But then, they could come from behind and hit me with something. There were security guards in the hotel but i didn’t know how equipped they were to stop a violent fight.

Queen was looking in the direction of the dimly lighted corner where the voice originated.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me who it was. I thought i lost them at the beach but somehow, they had found their way to the hotel where i was going to sleep that night.

Immediately i heard the voice, i turned and faced that direction.

The second guy with Efosa had advanced forward and luckily for me, there was an empty bottle of Star Beer left on the table by the last person who just left before we arrived.

As soon as i saw him approaching us, I stood up and grabbed the bottle on its neck.

“One more step and i will break your head” I shouted.

There were a few other people at the large bar and as soon as they heard my shout, they became alerted.

The huge thug stopped and stood in the middle of the bar.

“Go back upstairs and stay there” I said to Queen without removing my eyes on the thug.

In less than 30 Seconds, three security men rushed inside the bar and stood around me. One was stretching his hand for me to give him the bottle.

“Brother i thought you are a gentle man” He said as soon as i gave him the bottle.

“Will you Shut up there!” I shouted at him.

Efosa had walked closer to his partner, murmuring something into his ear.

“What is the matter?” One of the security guards asked.

“The matter is that you allowed this two criminals into the hotel without checking them out. They are not here to lodge. They came here to steal from me” I shouted.

All eyes in the large bar turned to them as the guards walked towards them.

“Gentlemen, do you have a room in this hotel?” One of the guards asked.

The moment he asked that question, i knew that i was safe. They were going to have to explain what they were doing there.

From my understanding, the bar wasn’t a public bar, it was reserved for the hotel customers only. Drinks were much more expensive there and no sane person would just walk in there to drink when he or she could get the same drink at a very cheaper rate just across the road from the hotel.

Queen had walked away from where i was but was still standing at the entrance of the bar. There was no need asking her to disappear, she wasn’t in any immediate danger. But the whole thing seemed like a temptation to her too. She just had a few more hours to leave Nigeria and there was some kind of evil trouble hovering over her head from beach to hotel.

As the guards asked questions to Efosa and his friend, who were already shouting, i called the Police man who escorted me to pick up my car.

“Hello Musa” I had said, “There is a small trouble in my hotel and they need a police man. Can you and your men come there now?”.
He was somewhere from Kaduna according to what he told me earlier.

He said They already closed and that some other men had replaced them. He also asked that i go there and tell them what the problem was since the place wasn’t far.

“I can’t go out, some thieves are here, the same thieves i told you about in the car” I said.

After a few seconds, he told me that he would be there in about 10 minutes.

“Make it five minutes” I said and cut the call.

The heated arguments between the Thugs and the silly guards raged on. I had expected the guards to somehow, seize the thugs and stop them from leaving the hotel until they say what they came there to do.. But the moment Efosa said they came to have a drink, the guards had started arguing with them.

As they argued, i prayed that Musa did fast and come to the Hotel. I didn’t know where he was but i knew that a Nigerian man’s ten minutes meant twenty minutes or more.

But Musa surprised me. I had heard blaring siren from afar and thought it wasn’t him but when the Siren stopped at the hotel gate, i knew it was them.

Efosa and his friend had heard the sound too and were in a haste to rush outside when i intercepted Efosa.

“Where do you think you are going?” I asked.

His friend who had drifted three meters away from us suddenly stopped and looked back. The security guards were still there and i knew they wouldn’t dare stand there and watch us fight.
I would have easily allowed them to leave but they already knew the hotel where i was going to sleep. I also believed they knew my car. They must have seen it at the beach. Efosa wasn’t such an idiot, he would have figured that someone as clear as i was back in Paris could hardly visit a beach in Nigeria without a car. It must have been the reason why they waited somewhere until i came to pick up my car. I felt they could have even attacked me if i had returned alone but i wasn’t stupid to return for the car alone.

Things were heating up and the thugs already knew that there was no way out of the hotel except through the front gate.

Efosa had pushed me violently down to the floor in a bid to escape but as i stood up slowly from where i was, i saw the cops coming into the reception from the window.

My plan was to rush towards Efosa and start a fight but the moment the Police was about to come into the bar, i decided there was no more need for that.

As i walked out of the bar to the reception, i saw four cops, Efosa and his friend, the guards, all standing in one place.

Handcuffs were being produced from nowhere by the cops as the guards explained to them what was happening.

Musa spotted and turned his attention to me.

“Is this the thieves?” He beamed with a smile.
Somehow he knew some money was going to exchange hands. He had seen the bundle of 1000 notes i brought out earlier when i gave him 1000 in the car.

“Yes Officer, they followed us from the beach to this place” I said.

I didn’t know how they followed us but i was determined to make life difficult for Efosa.
Nigeria was different from Europe and he must know that.

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