33: The Party

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Chapter 33. The Party.

”Where are we going to do our wedding, here or Nigeria”? Maria asked me.
She had returned that evening and as usual, blamed her slaves for not doing this or that or not doing them right. I had joined her to blame the girls, knowing that the girls knew what i was doing. I even nearly slapped Fatimah who seemed to be naturally stubborn.

Five days after my arrival, there was a Nigerian party in Napoli. I knew some people in Napoli but since hustlers changed their phone numbers often in Europe, i didn’t have their phone numbers.
Maria had told me about the party and said that we were going together.
”I hope you are going to introduce me to your friends” i had said.
”Why not? I plan to introduce you to my friends today” she said.
For that reason, i wore the singlet and new shirt she bought for me, then i put on my leather jacket and followed her to Napoli. We took a cab since we wore nice clothes.

Alice, One Italian Mama was throwing a party. I didn’t remember the reason for the party but i knew that it was as a result of business going fine. According to Maria, the woman who hosted the party was the biggest Mama in Napoli and the entire Campania Region. She had over 20 young girls working for her. I wanted to be angry over how they celebrated such immoral crime but there was no need since it was a war i couldn’t fight.
At the party, i met Sunday. He was from my town and had left since 1999. He was about five years older than me. He was my enemy back in the village because back in 1997, he had slept with my girlfriend in the village. The enmity between us had lingered until he left Nigeria. We never met again until that party in Napoli. He was very happy to see me. I told him that i had just arrived in Napoli. Maria had taken me to Sunday to introduce us. She had claimed that Sunday was a business partner, one of the people she had given me their phone number back in Lagos in 2006.  When Maria left Sunday and I, we had discussed about things. Ironically, it turned out that Sunday was dating Maria. He claimed they were dating since 2005.
”Well, i met her in Nigeria some years back and we started dating as well. I came here from Holland because of her”. I had eventually called Maria to set the record straight. She claimed Sunday and Her were no longer dating. I was the new guy in her life and that was it. She even showed off her engagement ring to Sunday, who was suspicious of my motives but i told him that i loved Maria. Before the party was over, i had seen Maria with Sunday shouting at each other in a corner of the hall. They were apparently drunk and angry at each other. I had left them to yell at each other over there, it wasn’t my business.
I saw many other Napoli boys and girls at the party too. Nigerians and Ghanaians were all over the place. A Ghanaian girl had approached and asked me for a dance. She said she liked my shirt and wanted us to dance. We were still arguing whether we should dance or not when Maria Came and dragged me out from the girl. I was the Zombie Fiancee afteral. Her voodoo shirt was already at work, only that i attributed her behaviour to alcohol. She had been drinking Campari since we came to the Party.
Maria had held my hand and introduced me to numerous girls and boys at the party.
She told them that i was her Fiancee and that i just arrived from Amsterdam. People greeted and hugged me. I was all smiles. According to one of them, Maria was such a lucky girl for landing a young Igbo Man. Igbo men in Napoli hardly looked their ways. The reason was simple. Igbo People frowned greatly at prostitution due to their Culture back home. No Igbo man would whole heartedly agree to marry a known prostitute and since the Napoli Igbo boys knew what the Benin girls did, they never wanted to marry them. But Maria, a lucky Benin girl had just landed Ozoigbondu the first. It was only a matter of time before she finds out how silly she had been.
At the party, i exchanged phone numbers with a few people. I had purchased an Italian simcard card a few days back and had refused to give it to Naomi or Ify or any woman for that matter. I didn’t want complications. I would go to a business center owned by a Ghanaian and call Naomi and other ladies from there. I told Naomi what was happening in Napoli and my plans to shift Ngozi and Fatimah to Marseille. She had welcomed the idea but warned that her landlady wouldn’t allow the two girls to live with her. I told her that i knew that and asked her to start looking for an apartment of her own where three of them could stay.

After the party, a man whom i didn’t know offered to drive Maria and I back to Castel Volturno with his car. He was a Yoruba man whom i didn’t know what her business with Maria was. I didn’t care anyway since i knew that my second journey with Maria would end as quickly as possible. I was going to strike, i could fail in what i intended to do with Ngozi and Fatimah but the fact was that i was going to try.
When we got home, we took our baths and went into the room.
The apartment had only one bathroom and one toilet. It meant that all four of the occupants shared the same bathroom and toilet.
After taking my bath, i had tied a short towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom at the same time Ngozi was coming out of her room to take her own bathe. She had tied a towel around her chest as well. The upper part of her Breasts were exposed and smooth. I had fixed my eyes on them longer than i should have and she had smiled. I was drunk anyway and wasn’t in total control of my mental actions. But even if i was sober, there were some things one couldn’t just overlook. I liked good things and hated pretence.
”Why are you smiling” I had asked Ngozi.
She continued smiling her way to the bathroom. I heard our door room opened and Maria came out.

”Anytime you know that someone is at the bathroom, just stay inside your room until the person finishes” i yelled at Ngozi.
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