33: Meaning of my Dreams

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Human beings were known to translate things the way it suited their ego and personality.

Dreams were dreams but there was this general notion that dreams meant the opposite. Therefore when we dreamt about a bad thing, we translated it to be a good thing in reality. But when we dreamt about good things, we also translated it to be a good thing. Nobody wanted a bad thing but the truth was that good and bad were equal and opposite.


The little girl i was being given her hand in marriage back home was chasing me with a machette in my dream. Right inside me, i knew that the girl knew next to nothing about me; therefore there was no reason to believe the dreams. I had thought about her briefly when i wanted to sleep. I wanted a way to tell her that our virtual relationship was childish. I needed to tell her to get married if a good suitor came for her. There was this notion back home that anybody who lived in abroad/oversea or outside Nigeria has made it in life; they never knew that 80% of us suffered back there in Europe. Even people who lived in Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and Kenya were regarded as living oversea/abroad. I didn’t blame them because they knew next to nothing about maps. Most of they could not identify any country in an unlabelled map. How them were they expected to know that Benin Republic was worse than Onitsha in terms of business. How were they supposed to know that Nigeria was even better than Gabon and Togo when it comes to business and quality of life.


My family back home didn’t know what i did in Europe. They knew that there was a time i sent them money every now and then but eventually stopped doing that. I stopped sending bulk money or vehicles since i stopped doing drug business. The last bulk money i sent to Africa was the money Aunty Franca’s sent to Nigeria which my younger brother cleared. The reason why i didn’t even pick the money up in Europe was because i never believed Franca would pay the money. Parts of the money was used to visit a motherelsss babies home. Some parts were given to a Catholic Hospital which i had promised to them for drugs. Some were taken by my younger brother while some were deposited to my bank account.

After that deal, i didn’t send any other money to Africa. I didn’t send money to Dublin. I didn’t send money to Marseille and i didn’t send money to Berlin. Berlin has been taken off my list by a well to do football player who married Jennifer. According to Ify in Dublin, she has secured a job which she claimed wasn’t paying enough money but i already knew that no amount of money was ever enough for a woman.

The only place i felt obligated to send money was to Marseille because my girls down there were all students. They have gone through the asylum processes and were going to join Naomi in her school. They could have even combined going to school with some street work every now and then but there was nothing i could do about that. I couldn’t be in France and Sweden at the same time. One thing i managed to achieve fully was removing fear out of them; especially fear of being attacked by one useless deity in a rain forest somewhere in Southern Nigeria. I wondered why those deities didn’t chose the deserts in the Northern part of the country and see if sandstorm won’t cover their static heads in a few minutes.


When i woke up the following day, i called Fr. Onuigbo and told him that a new girl arrived in Sweden. He told us to come in the evening since He was going out that morning.

I called William who said he was at home. I told him to meet me at a bar near the train station since i didn’t want his mother in-law poking her nose on things that didn’t concern her.

William came to the bar after an hour. I ordered for drinks but he said it was too early for him to drink, so i drank alone.

“I want to send someone to the asylum camp. How does it work here?” I asked.

He said it was the same way it worked everywhere in Europe.

“There is a camp in Uppsala, a city very close to Stockhol here. It will be better for whoever you are sending there because the one in central Stockholm here is already full of people and more people come everyday” he said.

“How far from here is this Uppsala?” I asked.

“It is not far. It is actually a satellite district of Stockholm but just a few miles away from city center. You must be fast when entering there because there is a police station not far from there and they always arrest new comers” he said.

I told him that i will look it up in a map and check it out later. He wanted to know who i was sending to asylum camp but i told him that it was a Nigerian man i met the day before.


When i returned, Precious and Maria were already up and watching a movie. Maria wanted to know where i went that early morning when she was still sleeping.

“Morning mass, i went for a morning mass at the Church” I joked. Maria laughed, knowing that i never did something like that.

Maria sent Precious to the Kitchen to get my tea for me. When she left for the kitchen, i said to Maria,

“You are responsible for my food here. Let today be the last day you will send anybody to get my food for me while you are present. Anytime you can’t go, just let me know so that i will go by myself” I had said.


I didn’t really think i cared for who gets my food; i only wanted to insert that African Man Mentality into our relationship. In a way, i wanted Maria to know that she was the only person I trusted in Sweden. I had been to some women gathering were wives boasted that their husbands never ate any food cooked by another woman except them. I felt that it was their way of massaging their egos and i was determined to make Maria feel the same way.

When Precious returned with the tea, i pretended that i wasn’t hungry; i didn’t touch the tea and the bread. I allowed the tea to get cold before i walked into the room. Maria followed me up immediately and needed me to forgive her. She said that it won’t ever happen again.

“I will be bringing your food from today. I am sorry for what happened today” She pleaded as i lay on the bed without the slightest atom of laughter or smile on my face. I didn’t even say a word, i just pretended that i was the most angry man on earth.

She eventually left the room and returned to the kitchen where she proceeded to cook fish pepper soup for me. I had once told her that it was my favourite soup, therefore she wanted to please me by cooking it. It was a pity because the whole scenario put Precious in an awkward situation but i didn’t care. (I was the Oga on Top- Shem way)

Maria finished cooking an hour and half later and told me that the rice and soup were ready.

I got up slowly like a king and went to eat in the sitting room.



“If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”

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    “If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”
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