33: I will be back Maria

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Three whole days doing nothing in Levanzo brought me back to my senses. It was almost the longest i had gone without going to look for troubles in the streets.
Maria was Pregnant but it was still in the formative stages. The stomach was still very flat and the symptoms were still very minimal.
If i had to leave Levanzo, that was the right time.

On the afternoon of day three in Levanzo, i called Maria to the room and said, “I am traveling”.

“I am surprised you didn’t do that before now” She said and started laughing; I smiled.

“So, you have been praying that i travel?” I said in an attempt to stimulate any intention she had to stop me from going.
She denied praying that i traveled but rather said she was surprised i could spent three consecutive days in one place.

Since she expected me to have traveled, there was no need to say much. She had asked where i was going and i said France. I wasn’t really sure i was going to France but i had to give her a name.

Life was becoming boring at home; the two girls only talked about shoes and hairstyle, weave-on and clothes and shoes and nothing else.
While my mind was fixed on how to raise more money for them, their minds were fixed on how to buy the best shoe in town.

We concluded that i was leaving Levanzo the next day.

Before we slept that night, I gave Maria 2000 and told her to be economical with it until i return.
I also gave Precious 500 and told her not to finish it until i return.

As early as 8am, the following day, i left the small Island of Levanzo with my partner in travel; the Small red Samsonite Bag. With me were my international passport, my French resident permit card, two pairs of Jean trousers, i Jean Shirt, two Pullover, two pairs of snickers, three mobile phones and money.

I got to Palermo airport in Sicily and took a flight to Paris.
I knew i wasn’t going to operate from Paris because many people already  knew me there. I needed to reside in another city where i would be going to Paris if the need arises.
Marseille was good but it was at the extreme south of France which made it far from Paris. Lyon was also good but for some reasons, i didn’t like the city. Lyon was in the South East near Geneva Switzerland.

Since the Germans returned my asylum, i needed to stay near the Country. Fortunately for me, Germany and France has many borders. It was very important that i went for a border city where i could easily cross to the other country if there was trouble.

As soon as the idea came to me, i brought out my folded European map and searched for a city near Germany.

Strasbourg; That was it.
Strasbourg was the largest French city near Germany. I decided to go for large city because that was where one can easily find the African Street sex workers.
Strasbourg also has a direct fast train from Paris which takes less than two an half hours.
A little more search revealed that there was also a small German town directly opposite Strasbourg; the town was known as Kehl.
The Entire setting was exactly what i wanted; therefore, i took a cab to Gare Du Nord and boarded a TGV train heading to Strasbourg.

As expected, there were numerous Africans living in the city but mostly from French colonized countries.

I had stopped at the Gare Du Strasbourg Central Station and asked an Ivorien where i could get a decent but cheap hotel. He directed me to Hotel Gutenberg at place du Gutenberg.

I left the station and took a cab to the hotel. It was as the Ivorien describe; neat and affordable.
I rented a room and settled down for two hours; then i left the place in search of food outside.

A mere look at the city was enough to tell me that there must be numerous African street girls around. Strasbourg looked like a great hunting ground but it was left for me to find out later.

I found a restaurant and ate some African dishes prepared by an Igbo Woman who said her name was Nwanyi Awka.
It was good that i located an African restaurant because that was where i was going to source for information but since i was new in town, i needed to look around first and learn the system; especially the transport system because that was always the best escape option.

When i returned to the hotel, i made calls to the Levanzo Island. I told Maria that i was in France. She adviced me to be careful since there were many Mamas in the country.

I called Berlin and told Kenneth i was in Kehl, the German town opposite Strasbourg. He said he could visit someday. I warned him not to tell anybody and also told him i could send a girl or two to Berlin for asylum.

It was past 9pm when i left Hotel Gutenberg and returned to the Nwanyi Awka’s Restaurant.
Halfway through my food, i called the girl who served at the restaurant and asked her where i could find a girl to stay with me for the night.

“Go to the square” She said.
I asked where the square was and she said it was not far from where i was. She directed me on how to get to the place on foot.

After paying for my food, i followed her direction and located the square; it was not far from my hotel.

As i expected, there were about seven girls there already; all were Africans probably from Nigeria and Ghana.

I walked up to them and looked at their faces one after the other.

“Na look you come look here” one of the girls said aloud at me.
She was probably the most ugly among them and looked more than 30.
I had no use whatsoever for people her age.

I was almost stuck with Rose because she was more than the ages i worked with.

“Sorry” I said with a smile as i found who i was looking for.
Tall and slim, yellow with young and beautiful face. She looked 17 to me.

“Excuse me sweetheart” I said as walked up to her at the same time aother guy was getting to her.

I held her hand and smiled as she turned to greet the other guy whom she obviously knew.

“Jakcy excuse me, let me talk to him” She said to the guy as i led her to a corner.

“Tell Jacky to look for another girl because you are leaving with me”

“ There are some things you
can’t learn at any university,
except for one, the University
of Life… the only college
where everyone is a
permanent student.”

This chapter goes to little master Omogbolan Lateef who came to Earth today.
Welcome to Earth Lateef.. We will guide your steps until you become old enough to guide our own steps when we get old.

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