33: Dangerous Phone Calls

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“Dangerous man. That was what you did to me in Italy; stealing my two girls under my nose and taking my money at the same time. How do you come up with such devilish ideas?” I said and laughed.
I decided to pacify the question with laughter so that Zuby won’t believe or think that i was serious or that i still harboured anger and hatred for him over what he did.

“God wants me to save the girls, that’s why i always succeeded in convincing them to follow me” He said.

I laughed again. This time it wasn’t because of my joke, it was because anytime Zuby attributed anything to God, it meant that he was trying to hide something or deceive someone.
I already knew his belief system. If anybody hated belief, he was the top of the list. He once told me that he preferred to study and know something rather than believing in it. His logic and argument was genuine but on my own part, i believed that human beings needed something to believe in since the World was never stable.

Humans needed to believe that since they worship one god or the other, they would escape plane crashes unhurt.
That They would walk out of a massive car crash without a scratch. That they would walk out of earthquake without breaking a bone. That barren women would get pregnant and that as long as they believed in that god, they didn’t need to worry too much about anything, their gods were definitely in control.
As Christians, the whole belief thing started from the big Book the whites brought to us. The book was full of non-obtainable stories. Somewhere in the book, a large fish swallowed one man and after some days without air to breath, the fish vomited him hearty and healthy. We were told not to doubt it. In fact, we had no rights to doubt it as long as the book says so.
There was also the story of how one Moses divided a large Sea by casting his magic stick upon it. We were also told never to doubt it because it happened in real life about a hundred thousand years in the past.
To crown it all, the same book said somewhere that “Blessed are those who believe without seeing, for they shall be blessed.”

Alright ladies and gentleman men, that was the crown of them all. They told us stories that needed to be doubted or at least that required some questions but still went ahead to tell us that we shall not be blessed if we doubt it.
Someone or some people were truly playing and messing with our heads, thereby stopping us from critical thinking. It was the reason we remained dormant in the race for the future. We were and are still just there.

“So how are you going to make Aunty Joy pay us?” I asked again in a different way.
This time, i used ‘us’ instead of ‘you’. It was time to start inserting myself into the system once more.

“We will wait and see after we let Aunty Joy know that we also have Angel now” He said.

We had just finished our discussions and Zuby had gone into the bathroom to shower. The door had suddenly flew open and Rose walked in, followed by Angel.

Since Zuby knew that i wasn’t the person who opened the door, he walked out Of the bathroom and saw the two girls staring at me. He was just tying the towel around his waist and i didn’t like it. I never liked it when he was not fully dressed in the presence of any girl except me.

“Baby go and put on your clothes” I almost commanded.

He ignored me and looked at Angel.
“Why?” did you people return so soon?” he asked Angel.

“Brother, i want to return to France. My Madam called me and asked where i was. When i told her that i was in Sweden, she started shouting and threatening to kill me. She said i didn’t inform her before traveling and that i must return immediately. Please can you buy me ticket back to France? I don’t want to die” Angel said and started crying.

I didn’t know how to confront the matter at hand. I wasn’t prepared, it was good that Zuby was there as well but no matter what would happen, i wanted him to go and wear decent clothes before saying anything. His manhood could be seen bulging under the towel and non of the three ladies inside the sitting room could pretend not to have seen it. All three of could have even tasted it because men were never to be trusted when it involved young women.

“Sit down” He said to Angel before he went into the room to put on his Jean trouser.

I was addressing and trying to convince Angel when Zuby returned to the sitting room. I was telling Angel that Aunty Joy couldnt harm her in anyway. I told her that she was free and that she owned her life and that all of us the Edo girls went through such mental torture of believing that our Madams could take away our lives if we refused to pay them.

“Angel,” Zuby had started, “Listen carefully. I am sorry i didn’t tell you much about my operations back in France. If you noticed, i refused to go outside the hotel since we went in. The white man who produced your traveling card had to come all the way to the hotel to take your picture. The reason was because of the things i did in France and Italy, many Madams see me as their major enemy. They fear me more than the Police because when i strike, i make sure i take one or two of their girls out of the street. I know who your Madam is and she knows me too.”

Angel interrupted, “Yes, she knows you because when she asked who took Me to Sweden, i told her it was one Austin. She started crying on the phone and said she knows you. She said you use girls to do rituals and that you are going to kill me.”

“She is a liar” I chipped in before Zuby continued.

“I will call your madam now and put the phone on speakout. You will hear what she will say. Just don’t say anything so she won’t know you are here with me” Zuby said.

Angel nodded as she waited for him to make the call.

“I want you to know something before i make the call. It was me who took Sharon and Peace from Venice. I sent them to the asylum camp in the North. That is where you are going too. You will soon meet them there”

The surprise in Angels eyes meant that she didn’t know that we knew Peace and Sharon. She started to relax little by little the moment she heard the names of the two girls who i doubted she even know they were missing for quite some days.

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