32: The Master Of Surprises

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“I had to sneak out of France, so i switched off my phone” He said as he gave me a slight peck on the right cheek.

“Welcome back baby,” I said and turned to the new girl who stood near the door.
“Come and sit down,” I said as i pointed to the long sofa.”

“Welcome back Brother” Rose said.

Zuby responded to Rose before he walked into the bedroom, i followed him immediately.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“Who?” he asked as if he didn’t know who i meant.

“The new girl”

“Maria i think i deserve some food and rest before hanging me with questions. You already know the kind of girls i bring here” He said with a stern face.

“I am sorry baby, just that everything is happening fast” I said as i walked out to the kitchen to get him some food.

Before i returned to the sitting room with the food, he was already out and sitting on the long sofa beside the new girl. He was asking Rose some questions.

He turned to me as i set the food on the glass table in front of him.

“Baby tell me everything that happened behind my back” He said.

“Let me get food for the girl first” I said as i started to walk back to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, this one is enough for both of us. Just get her a spoon” He said as he pointed to the food on the table.

I was alerted.

Zuby was one person who never liked eating with someone else. He loved it when he ate his own food alone at his own pace. According to one story he told me about when he was in secondary school in Nigeria, he and his friends used to cook together in the boarding school. But sometimes, they would be required to eat from the same hot pot since there might be no clean available plates. He said that some of his friends adapted to eating hot foods fast but he never mastered that act and as a result, they would eat bigger portions than him. As a result, he eventually started to make sure that there would be clean plates before the foods were done. That way, everyone would have his share in a separate plate. It was for that reason he asked me to always give him his own food in a separate plate since both of us would never eat at the same pace.
It wasn’t such a big or good excuse since we were no longer in a boarding school were foods were scarce. We were living comfortably in Europe where there were every kind of food everywhere, yet he insisted that he ate alone.
It was for that reason that i got alerted. How could he suddenly decide to eat from the same plate with a strange girl he just met from Paris.

But before i could get a spoon, Zuby came into the kitchen and held my waist.

“Baby i know you must be wondering why i want to eat from the same plate with Angel”

I kept quiet.

He continued.
“The girl still doesn’t think she is safe with me. I am just trying to make her feel at home before anything else. You should understand that i..”

“Its Ok, I understand” I interrupted him as we walked back into the sitting room.

“Welcome to Sweden again Angel” I said with a fake smile.

She thanked me before taking the spoon from me.

Rose had retired Into her room. My guess was that she felt awkward sitting with us without contributing anything.

“Baby, how do you intend to get the money again?” I managed to ask while they were still eating.

“Angel here will help us get the money” I said.

“How?” i fired, knowing that Mr. Einstein must have come up with another plan which gave him confidence.

“Relax, i will tell you later. Call Rose for me” he said.

I called Rose out and watched as Zuby talked to her.

“Go inside and get ready. You and Angel are going to the Mall to buy clothes for her. She came here with just one cloth” He said.

It was usually understandable when he return home with a girl who has no clothes. He always picked them up from their workplaces in the street. He also never allowed them to go and get their belongings because he believed that they could ask their friends for their opinions about running away. That way, they would give people chance to convince them that it was a bad idea to leave town with a stranger. However, the biggest reason was his security. He knew that if the girls left, they could somehow alert some of the people who knew him and if that happens, his cover would be blown wide open and he would be on the run.

“Okay Sir” Rose said and returned to her room.
By the time she came out again and announced her readiness, Zuby and Angel has finished eating.

He put his hand in his pocket and brought out 150 Euros.
“Change it to the local currency before using them. It would be more expensive if you pay in Euros” He said before handing the money to Rose.

Angel got up and followed Rose outside and to the mall.

“I think now is the time to explain the mystery behind this girl. You seem to be excited about her” I fired at Zuby.

“Guess who the owner of Angel is?” He said.

“I have no idea” I said.

“Aunty Joy. She set me up in Paris and this is her payback. She will add more money to us for that insult and she will never see Angel again” He said.

It took me almost one minute to process his words. There were a lot of questions that required clear answers.
First of all, how did he meet with Angel?
How did he know Angel belonged to Aunty Joy?
How could Aunty Joy allow Angel to be vulnerable knowing that she just lost two of her girls?
Finally, how could one not believe that Zuby was a super human with criminal tendencies or diabolical powers?

“I stumbled on the girl in a street near Marcadet and took her to the hotel with the intention of convincing her to follow me. But while interviewing her, she revealed that Aunty Joy was her owner. I didn’t believe her myself until she said she knew Peace and Sharon, the first two girls we picked from Aunty Joy. From then on, i decided that she must follow me to Sweden by all means. I haven’t even prepared her on how to deal with Aunty Joy when she calls, i will do that as soon as they return from the Mall” Zuby said.

What a coincidence. Aunty Joy would collapse on hearing the news about Angel in Sweden. I was sure.

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