32: The Inevitable Change

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Chapter 32: The Inevitable Change

One Monday afternoon, I went to the Western Union and sent €500 to Jennifer in Berlin. I told her that i did that for the little Azubuike. I guessed it was the reason why she gave the little boy the name.

Business was moving slowly but it was moving. Robin was moving drugs to Switzerland. After encouraging me to join him, I had reluctantly given him €3000 as a starting capital. He had been doing the business however he wanted. After the first two weeks, he returned €6000 to me. He expected me to be jubilant but i wasn’t. He also expected me to invest all the €6000 but i refused. I gave him the initial €3000 and asked him to continue with it. I also told him not to give me any account until after two months.

One afternoon, i visited a friend of mine. I overheard him quarreling on the phone with a popular drug mover who resided in Ghana.
It happened that the drug mover who was based in Ghana had shifted some bad drugs to Amsterdam. His name was Ezego. My friend who was one of his retailers in Amsterdam had taken the stuff but couldn’t sell it. Ezego had been accusing him that he had sold the goods and wanted to use the money to do some other business.

Somehow, i decided to wade into the business. When i left My friend Paul, i started asking around for Ezego’s number. After many trials, i got the number and called him.

”Good evening Chief Ezego” i had greeted.
Naturally he asked who i was. I had introduced myself as Anioke and told him were i came from. Chief Ezego happened to be from my neighbouring town in Enugu.
I narrated to him why i called him and told him that i could sell the goods that was bad. He said he would call me back.

He called back later and gave me a number to call. According to him, the person would give me the goods if i call him.
I called the man and told him that i was directed to pick up a kilo of Cocaine from him.

He gave me an address where i went and picked up the stuff.
After picking up the stuff, i started making calls. I had repackaged the stuff and  told my contacts that it was from Colombia. I also reminded them that it was a special stuff which didn’t sink fast to the bottom of water like the other normal stuffs did.
After a day and half, i sold off the goods and sent the money to  Ezego in Ghana. From then on, I became his major contact Amsterdam.
Each time his consignment showed up in Amsterdam, i would receive them first. He would then direct some other retailers to me.
Money started coming in once more.
Since i wasn’t really interested in drug business anymore, i had handed the business to Robin to Manage. He would do all the leg works and accounted for me. I would divide the profits into two and gave him one. Sometimes, i would divide it into three and took two.
Ezego trusted me despite never seeing me for the first time. He was also directing some of his friends in Ghana to me.
As a result, people were trooping into our apartment all the time. We devised a plan.
We would deal and deal until around 6pm, then we would stop. I would call my special Snoda who would take me to Bulewijk where Ifeyinwa lived. I would carry all he drugs in the house and go to Bulewijk. I had figured that it was only a matter of time before the Police or the Robbers would pick interest in our apartment. I was right.

One Cold night, we finished our deals and as usual, i took the drugs to Bulewijk. We wanted to go to GrandCafe night club that night, as  result, i had dropped the drugs in Bulewijk and returned to Krainest to prepare for the club.
It was also risky keeping the drugs with Ify but i had a feeling that she had learnt her lesson after the first incident. I believed she wouldn’t steal from me again, although i never told her what had always been in the bag.

We had left the night club around 4am and returned to the Krainest apartment. Our door had been broken and our apartment searched. They took my laptop and two phones. They found no drugs. Fortunately for me, i had always backed up my phone books and saved them in a simcard which i always hid somewhere.

The news had spread quickly that burglars had broken into our apartment. I had gotten calls from people asking whether they took money or drugs.
The news had quickly traveled to Africa. Ezego had called me to confirm the news but when i told him that i had two apartments and that the drugs were not in the apartment where they broke, he trusted me more. I knew that i could have lied to him that they took our drugs. It meant that i could have stolen the last 2 Kilograms he sent to me. It was worth over €50,000 which was a whole lot of money but i also knew that i wasn’t wired to behave that way. I wasn’t a thief. All the illegal ways i had used to take what belonged to other people were to satisfy one wrong doing or the other.

Business continued.
Life continued.
For some reasons, i stopped smoking Cigarette and Marijuana.
I had started reading a lot of books which kept me busy all day. I would go to a bookshop and buy every Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown and John Grisham i could get. I also started staying more with Ify. Her stomach had started bulging. She needed me around her all the time where she would be reminding me how wonderful i had been to her.
She would call her parents back home in Nigeria and give me phone to talk with them. The parents would thank and pray for me on the phone for taking care of their daughter. The father would joke sometimes that it seemed we made a good couple.

One afternoon, i got an e mail from Eindhoven. It was from a man named Marteen. It seemed they were about to organize some kind of African summit and wanted me to come and perform as a speaker/comedian.
It was a nice get away from Amsterdam. I replied and told the man that i would like to take up the invitation.
He explained that my pay was €350 but i didn’t care. It wasn’t about the money, it was about doing something legal and different.
I was going to Eindhoven to address people.

” Old age is like a
plane flying
through a storm.
Once you’re
aboard there’s
nothing you can

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  1. chorlay

    Is good to b trustworthy always, cus it pays n d reward will surely come one day

  2. Delis

    ” Old age is like a
    plane flying
    through a storm.
    Once you’re
    aboard there’s
    nothing you can
    Hmm, hope notn fishy happened in d nxt post.

  3. Raphael

    Waooow,can’t 4get one f the rules on drugs, never lie or outrace ur master. Oga Zubby,ride one we r listening cos its gettng more intresting as d post goes by, More ink 2 ur pen brother.

    • akpos4uall

      The rule is a general one not just drugs

  4. achi4u

    Yes! you are about to do what is legal …hahahaha Zubby u are an international comedian.

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