32: The Functions of Fear.

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“When was the last time you spoke to Serena in Nigeria?” I asked.

“We talk on the phone all the time. I even called and told her that i was going to Sweden. She told me that i was damaging my body and my future but i told her that i am serving a living God. My God will never allow anything to happen to me” She said.

“It means that Serena is not dead; the oath didn’t kill her” I said.

“Yes, she is still alive. I think she joined the Church and God in the Heaven saved her but can still die” She said.

“Are you not going to die?” I asked.

“I will die when my God wants me to die” Precious replied.


It was funny how the naive teenage girl mentioned God at every given opportunity. A prostitute who risked her life in the cold street of Europe called God’s name at every given opportunity. Wasn’t one of the commandments not to Use God’s name in Vain?; I was sure it was. Back then during our Catechism exams for First Holy Communion, i knew almost every Catholic doctrine offhand. I also knew Bible Knowledge pretty well during my school days, therefore i still recalled that we were warned not to use God’s name in vain but the truth was that anything you were scared to mention its name already defeated you.

“Do you believe that God in the Heaven is stronger than the oath of death you people took in Nigeria?” I asked.

“Of course nothing is greater than the almighty God” She said.

“Where is Mercy your friend now, the one who traveled to Libya with you?” I asked again.

“She is still in Italy. Another woman bought her from my Madam when we came newly to Italy” She said.

“Bought her? You mean they sell you people down there in Italy?” I asked.

She kept quiet. I guessed she knew where the question was going.


“I will take you to a Reverend Father who prayed for Fatimah and Your aunty here when they came to Sweden. He will pray for you too and protect you from the oath. I want you to Know that God is Powerful and never allow anything to happen to his Children. After that, you will go to the asylum camp and go through the process otherwise they will deportment you to Africa if they catch you without legal documents” I said.

“Thank you Brother but i don’t know your name” she said.

“My name is Solomon and i want you to start addressing me as Solomon from today. I don’t like that ‘brother’ you are calling me” i said.

“Solomon? Are you not, are you the same Solomon that took Ngozi away in Castel?”

“No, I don’t know what you are talking about.


She thanked us and said she was going to sleep.

Precious left us and went back to her room.


“I am tired and need to sleep now. I am going inside” I said to Maria who has been busy watching movies while i talked with Precious.

She shut down the Television and followed me to the room.

“What do you plan to do with her?” She asked as soon as she finished wearing her night gown.

“I will take her to the Reverend Father and send her to the asylum camp after that. She won’t be going to the camp with a phone because they don’t use phones there. We will make sure that she left her phone and every other thing here before going to the camp so that she won’t be able to contact Adesuwa in Italy. We will tell Adesuwa to forget about her as soon as she goes to camp” I said as i slipped under the thick winter blanket on our bed.

Maria slipped under the blanket beside me and the first thing she did was to grab my manhood.

“Not tonight, i need to meditate for the well being of our new girl” I lied.

She has been riding me almost on daily basis since her arrival. I needed lies to stop her sometimes and it was one of those nights at the moment.

“Meditation? What for?” She asked.

“I did it when Fatimah came and that was why God took her to that beautiful holy place. Meditation is that quiet moment when i close every part of my body and concentrated on my relationship with my God. We will destroy that moment if we do what you want us to do now” I lied again.

She removed her hand from my manhood and turned her face towards the wall. Ten minutes later, i heard her breathing heavily; she has slept.


I didn’t sleep instantly like Maria did. For real, i needed to meditate on the issues at hand. I needed to find a way to make Aunty Adesuwa pay us for the well being of Precious. Precious was going to come out of camp soon. She would be required to go to school and that would cost some small money. There were free education system in Sweden but that was for Sweden. An illegal immigrant and a foreign student were all required to come up with some money. Government wasn’t interested in paying everything for immigrants. There have been debating it in the senate. The leftists say that Sweden paid much more to the asylum seekers; more than all the other European countries. It was true but the Right wing, the ruling party argued that Sweden was far smaller than the  rest of Europe when it comes to the area of lands occupied by human beings.

While Sweden was larger than the entire France in the area of land, Paris alone was larger than the entire Sweden in Population. The Swedish people needed Immigrants more than the rest of Europe. To encourage immigrants, they paid over €350 to immigrants monthly while Germany, the richest European Country paid €200. France and some other populated countries even pay less than that. There were some Countries that didn’t pay anything.


As i lay quietly on the bed, i thought about who to approach for the asylum issue. William must have known a thing or two about the system in Sweden but i wasn’t sure. I decided to approach him about the issue but i needed to be careful because he had already seen me with different girls in the space of just over a week. His elder sister’s daughter was being prepared for me to marry back home, therefore i figured that he won’t be happy seeing me with different girls all the time even when he didn’t know my business with them. I wasn’t going to explain anything to him. His sister’s daughter could marry another man for all i care. I wasn’t all that into the plan anyway, just that i wanted my mother to feel that my mind was still at home.

William had hoped that I would have been on the streets looking for one job or the other but when I gave him money to keep for me, he knew that I had something up my sleeves.


I eventually slept and had a dream in the early hours of the following day. The girl they were preparing for me back home was chasing me with a machette.


An Igbo proverb said that “When we want to kill a cat, first we give it a bad name”


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  1. Delis

    Seems Precious will be a bit easy to convert.

    I think I noticed a spelling error where you wrote deportment instead of deport.

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    Hahahaha OGA Zubby ur last quote got me laughing, that ur dream get K.leg oooo

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    I can’t wait to see how madam adesua struggles to pay for the girl she brought to Europ

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    Honestly Zubby, its good get souls to God and He will always protect you.

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    Zuby I noticed from like 2 or 3 previous update u posted even wit dis present one are not much(like short update)on like wat we are use to..pls do something about it. About dis ur dream,it was funny ooo.but just pray about it. U shouldn’t use d dream to condemn d innocent chick

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    Zuby, SOLOMON has become a name to be feared among the prostitution circle.

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    Solomon with his solo runz… As Maria don join you now, i hp d load will not be too much to carry?

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    Ah ” d girl u wanted to marry back home was chasing you with machete ” ? Terrible

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    With Maria in the team, it will reduce the chances of the girls falling for Zuby.

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