32: Who are you really

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Amaka left my house 20 minutes past 4pm. I went to their house by 6pm.

Mr and Mrs James Ezeh, together with another man was sitting in their cafe when I came. They excused themselves and took me upstairs.
A bottle of guinness stout was presented to me which I declined. I gave them a reason that I had taken whiskey which didn’t mix well with Guinness.
Mr Jude had gone inside and brought out a bottle of whiskey I had given him and opened it. I had no other excuse than to drink it. They wanted me to eat something by all means.

He started by thanking me for bringing her wife back the other night. He said that they were aggressive towards me because they didn’t really know who I was.

”You just showed up in our family from nowhere and nobody seemed to have known you around here” Mr James had said.

When he finished, his wife took over. She said she was sorry for the way she treated me and gave the same reason her husband had given.
”We were all afraid of you and we even got more scared when my children all began to get so used to you. All they talked about whenever they returned here was how they played one game or the other in your house. I said all that against you because I wanted you to go away from our house and our lives since we knew little about you” she finished.

I maintained a little smile on my face all through the meeting.

”Thanks for this opportunity to introduce myself properly to you. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that every parents should be protective of their children. You did what you should do since you people knew next to nothing about me” I said.

”My name as you all know is Azubuike, I am from Ihe, In Awgu LGA of Enugu state. This place I live now was secured back in 2002 when I was a business man here in Lagos but I traveled to Germany the same year, leaving the place for my cousin, who attends the same Church down the street as you, I believe you know him very well.
I lived in Germany until I returned last month. I should be back in Europe now but there was a small problem with my documents, as a result, I decided to learn the computer here which I was doing until the Amaka issue stopped everything. Madam James, I decided to be humble and low here because I wanted to learn computer properly. I stopped going to school after finishing my secondary level and I wanted to add the computer to my small knowledge base. I think I have done enough anyway because thanks to your family, I can be able to do a lot of things now. I am not really what I represented to you people. I wanted to stay quiet around here. I remember I didn’t invite Emeka to my house before he came. I didn’t invite Amaka either like you accused me of the other time. I even tried to force her to leave but decided to bring her home on my own later. I believed your family had taken me as theirs. So what I want as of now is for everybody to push what happened behind and quit talking about it on the streets like I have heard. I am not a bad person and I believe that if I wanted a lady, I could easily get one, not Amaka. I like her a lot but the truth is that she is still too young for me” I said and decided to pause for a while.

I wanted them to swallow the ‘Like Amaka’ punch line with a hook. Its all a game of witts.

One thing they were sure of was that I was not poor and was not going to beg for my Job back. The damage had been done. Let them even think that I had saved enough money from their cafe to buy a BMW.

After the meeting, I gulped a half glass of whiskey and walked down with Mr James.
Mr James wanted to do business with me from then on. He said that I could help him to import computer CPUs since I had connections in Germany. He was excited to know that I could be going back anytime soon.

The relationship with The Jameses had been mended because the following Sunday, Emeka and Amaka came to my house on their way to the Church. They said their parents had asked them to go and bring me to the Church. After much persuasion from Amaka, who was now the commander-in-Chief of Zuby kingdom, I agreed to go to the Church with them at a place called Onireke. I prepared and drove both of them to the Church.

Chief Mrs Amaka Azubuike, nee Eze had claimed the front seat for herself and declared it a no go area for any other lady even in her absence.

The only thing on my mind then was how to disappear and get out of the whole encroaching mess.

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