56: Where do we stop

Maria came to my hotel alone at a few minutes past 7pm.
She came on a sexy outfit which underlined the fact that she enjoyed the intimacy with me.
Some things were just supposed to be known without asking questions.

” Hello sweet, how was your day” she asked as soon as she packed her car and came out of it.

Damn! I had become sweet so fast.

”My day was great, how was yours Maria” I asked for the sake of asking.

Someone who just returned from a music lesson could not have had a bad day, especially not in an African’s view.

” Good, my day was good” she said while smiling.
Maria was so fluent in English, she really liked America. I had asked her how much English she knew and she had replied ”a little”. Her little was apparently ” very good”.

”Have you found how much money it would cost to go to America” she asked.

Damn! She had come here to talk about America again.

”Yes, I also called my Father and he was excited when I told him that I had found a wife in Slovakia” I said.
Maria laughed out loud.
We were already at the hotel reception paying for another two nights.

As soon as we got to the room, my German phone started ringing. It was an unknown number. I figured it would be Jennifer. She was the only person that called with such number.
I didn’t answer the call. The problem was that Jennifer didn’t speak Igbo. I didn’t speak Edo language either. We only communicated in English or Pidgin English, Either of them could cause problem for me if I had answered the call. I ignored it.

”Your cell phone is ringing” Maria said.
” I know, it is my Friend. The one you saw at the Chinese restaurant. He had left for Germany without me. I had to stay back to help you get invitation letter and ticket to America” I lied.

”Oh my God” she said while hugging me.
” you are such a nice person” she said.

How could Maria not have heard about 419, Nigeria, Yahoo Yahoo etc.?
She had just gotten involved with a citizen of the wisest country in Africa and she had to pay the price for what his ancestors did to we Africans during slavery and colonization.

Yea, justification. One of the reasons why I committed some crimes was that I always had a justification clause perched somewhere in all my thoughts.

Scamming, that was going to be my next line of actions. After Scamming, I was going to also look for fake currency racket. Since I had become a drug dealer, which made me a criminal, there was no need to spare other crimes. The only one I was never going to do was robbery.

”Tickets to Texas costs €1,659 with Lufthansa, €1,809 with KLM and €1,789 with Air France” I quoted off head.
The western world had a way of adding ‘9’ at the prices of everything, therefore I added ‘9’ too to make it convincing enough.
If I had to be convincing, I had to show some high level of intelligence and brilliance.

*Sometimes, I see some letters sent to my facebook inbox and wondered how those people hoped to convince people to part with their money. Some of them even misspell short words such as ‘who’ or ‘what’*

”Lufthansa stops at New York, Atlanta Georgia before going to Houston Texas. KLM stops at New Jessey, South Carolina before going to Houston Texas while Air France Stops at Boston, North Carolina and Texas” I continued.
I had no idea whether those airlines stopped in those states before going to Texas but one thing I was sure was that almost every flight from Europe passed through New York, New Jessey and Boston before going anywhere. Secondly flights going to Texas from East side of the USA had to head towards the direction of North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and other states in the South East USA

Reading maps all the time helped me to know almost every corner of the planet.
I could easily point on any city and country in a non-labelled map. Aside Reading Novels, my second greatest hobby was reading maps.

”But those airlines you mentioned never come to Bratislava airport, I have been to Portugal and Turkey before but I didn’t find any Air France or KLM here” Maria said.

”I don’t know but you can travel to France or Germany and take off from there” I said. I knew that those major European flag carriers such as KLM didn’t go to Slovakia, they even hardly go to Eastern Europe not to talk of a small city like Bratislava.
Those small European countries were served by small airlines such as Austrian air, Air Scandinavia, air Berlin, easy jet and ryan air.

”Tomorrow, we will ask my dad to send the letter to the American Embassy, then you will get a ticket and take it there for approval and Visa” I said as I hold her waist line and pushed her towards me. It was time to cheat on Jennifer once more.

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