31: Transit in Lyon – Who killed my Dad

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“What do you mean by property?” UC asked.

“Did your father bought any house or land or anything that is worth big money?” I asked again.

“I don’t know. What i heard from my mom was that my father was planning to marry another wife since he said my mother had boyfriends she slept with all over the town. So people told him not to marry another wife but he insisted. Then he died suddenly. My mother told me that it must be the woman he wanted to marry that poisoned him” she said.

“Did you mother have boyfriends for real or was your father just giving her bad names?” I asked.

“My mother goes to the city to meet some people. She said they were her friends before she was deported from Italy in 1991. She married my father in 1992” She said.

“Wait a moment, you mean your mother lived in Italy before?” I asked.

“Yes, she said she lived in Italy for two years before they deported her to Nigeria”

“UC, i am going to tell you this thing just once. Pay attention if you want to help yourself. Your mother is not a good woman. She was a prostitute in Italy before she was deported. She knew what you were coming to do in Europe and she works as an agent for the Madams. The claims by your father were all true, your mother was sleeping with other men and that was why your father wanted a second wife; then he was poisoned to death. As a human being with good brains, you are supposed to know who killed your father. The woman she wanted to marry as second wife did not kill your father, she is innocent; therefore don’t ever try to hate her for nothing. I don’t know who poisoned your father but it must be someone very close to him” I said, making sure i didn’t point any finger at her mother directly, even when i already knew she must have killed the man.

Deporting a woman from Europe was usually very difficult for them to take unless they quickly found a rich man to marry in divine compensation to their loss. Women hated their egos or pride to be tampered with by anybody or anything; even by nature itself.
Men generally found deportation difficult to handle as well but not as much as women. Every single woman dreamt at particular stage in her life, that she would one day marry a very rich man who would be handsome, tall, good biceps etc. At that particular age and stage when they have the fantasy dreams, they believed they were more special than anything and anyone else.
Ask them to chose one quality among handsome, rich, tall etc, and they would want to chose all of them. They won’t like a rich ugly man between 14 and 18. Then between 18 and 24, they would begin to strike out handsome and muscles; just give me a rich and caring husband God, that would be the prayer points.
Then as soon as they clocked 30 and above, the average guy would be welcomed as long as he breathes.
Some women were naturally ambitions right from time but the ugly reality of not being married followed them from 18 to whenever the husband would show up. It would get worse When her age mates began to get married and have kids.

UC’s devilish mother was a victim of the system. She went to Europe and worked as a prostitute for sometime. She tasted life and saw the serene and the beautiful environments of Europe. She followed rich men to their homes and got money too. She saw constant electricity, good road networks, good food, quiet neighbourhood, quality drinking water, standard cosmetics and clothing.
Life was beginning to look good for her when all of a sudden, the ugly reality of illegal immigrants syndrome hit her. She was then whisked away to Africa where nothing worked; no electricity, no good drinking water, no social security, no good roads, no good clothes and cosmetics.
Her only option was to find a man who would be rich enough to provide those things she saw in Europe. The bad part of it was that she would be in a haste to find this rich man who has everything.
Then a few months later, she would lower her standards because the realities of having no money and no job would begin to show its ugly head.
The last option was to then marry any man who showed interest; UC and her likes would follow and at that stage, the woman involved would begin to know that the question of returning to Europe was no longer viable. She would become frustrated and to maintain status Quo with her remaining European friends, she would get into a deal to be scouting teenage girls for them.

UC’s mother went too far by sending her own daughter out. Apparently she believed that it was still another version of her that went to Europe and she must have consoled herself that her daughter was out there.

Half of the Edo women were the ones calling the shots in the families. They were the ones in the streets and the only thing they have between their legs was enough for them to trick, seduce and sleep with men.

“I think my mother knew what happened to my father. They used to quarrel everytime when i was with them. She would pick up something and chase my dad out of the compound. Maybe she must have sent someone to poison and kill my father” She has started to cry again.

“It is OK. Like i told you, your mother came to Italy and worked as a prostitute. When she had immigration problems, they sent her back to Nigeria. She got frustrated and started doing drugs” I said.

UC asked how i knew her mother did drugs and i told her that her behaviour gave her out.
“She did that out of frustration and the same thing will happen to you if you don’t help yourself now that you are young. You will follow me to Amsterdam where we will find a way to send you to take asylum in Germany. After that, you find a way to enter school and learn something. Don’t worry about Olokun, I will use prayers to make sure nothing happen to you. Do you understand me?” I asked.

She nodded in affirmative and put her curly little head on my shoulders.
Another burden has surfaced and i hopped Madam Model would pay for what she did to the teenage girl; she would pay soon.

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  1. Welder

    Synopsis of the Edo woman and women in general. The saying goes that “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”. Shame, UC’s dad fell on the way. RIP to the dead and the dying.

  2. achi4u

    what a life? a woman sending her own daughter to go do prostitution?
    Edo women should soft pedal biko,they’ve ruined our image out there.

  3. Crave4Stan

    This update oozes immense quality.
    Quite informative and insightful!

  4. Konmight

    Weldone Boss.

    Someone should bring attention of the Edo State Government and NAPTIP to this website. I believe they have one or two things to learn in the war against prostitution. They seriously need to intensify their efforts in the war against prostitution campaign through awareness and ads/jingles on radio and tv stations.

    The madness has to stop, why would someone send a teenager to europe to go and work as a prostitute when her mates are in school? Why do people do that for Christ sake? It’s quite disheartening.

    UC’s mother went too far. Sending her own daughter to europe to work as a prostitute? Too bad. Some people are damn wicked, every act is alright so far it fetches money. It is all about money, what people do for money is terrible.

    I dey vex for those Edo Mamas, they need to stop the madness. It’s not cool at all.

    Once again, weldone Boss. Only God can reward you for the lives you’ve saved. God be with you Sir.

  5. observer

    i think somewhere along the line, there’s double standard zuby. There was a madam whose daughter you raped. you made the daughter pay for the sins of the mother. Here is another girl whose mother is obviously an agent for the madams. why did you feel the need to help her? why couldnt you just leave her in the street. Your justification is that those madams keep their own children and send other girls to the streets but in this case, the agent sent her own daughter. why didnt you let the daughter also experience the same thing the madams sent other girls to do. What (is) was your justification for helping this particular girl?

  6. Zuby

    What happened to Adesuwa and her daughter was directly related to What happened to Maria

  7. BeeSwax

    commenting after a loooong while. zubby you got a heart of God n devil cooked up in one. I luv ur life n ur convictions. but I can’t live it eventhough I wish to.
    I ain’t got d balls. I’ll just b me as I am. be well all runners!

  8. phapi

    All I can insinuate from this episode is that EDO women are the breadwinners of most Africa -Edo Family

    Zubby let d run starts,we are @ ur back

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