31: Time to Move

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Chapter 31: The new apartment.

I had performed tests as well. The results showed that there was no trace of my hereditary genes on the forming blood/sperm.

As expected, it was such a bad news for Ify. She knew that i wouldn’t abandon her if the pregnancy was mine. She also knew that it wasn’t mine. She knew what she did.

Irrespective of the fact, that our lives in Bijlmer was boring and without a clear direction, i decided to do something i didn’t know i was capable of doing.
I was going to stand with Ify all through the pregnancy.

”Its Ok, I know its not my child but i won’t leave you to suffer the pregnancy alone. I will see what i can do about it” i assured her.

Finding a house in Bijlmer wasn’t difficult. Houses were readily available since people were being deported to other countries on daily basis. People were also being locked up, some were relocating back to Nigeria while some were upgrading to a more secured environments.

Robin had found a two bedroom apartment at €800 a month. It was at a good area in Krainest area. I told him to pay for the usual one month from the money in his hand.
He had sold the drugs from the Colombians.
I had also called Carlos to come for the money. He had asked if he should get me more but i asked him to wait until i found a new place.

I had called Ada, who was the official illegal house agent in Bijlmer. She said she had a one room apartment somewhere in Bulewjik. The price was €450 since it was an old building.

Ada took me to the house. It was a nice one room and Parlour. Very much the type of thing i wanted.
Since we were already past the middle of the month, i paid for the initial two months and told them that i could move in anytime i wanted.

From the house, i went to Amsterdamse poort and bought a new rug, then i took it to the new house.
There was already a gas cooker, fridge, bed and curtains in the house. I only needed Chairs and electronics.

When i got home, i told Ify that she would be moving to a new place soon. She was extremely excited. She cried tears of joy.

Robin was responsible for the decoration of the new apartment in Krainest. There wasn’t much to do in it anyway. The Ghanaian man who owned it had left back to Ghana without taking anything. He said he would come for the properties someday. Therefore, we only took Robin’s TV and bags along. I also took my bag and laptop to the place.

Carlos had taken his money. I had no more business with him for sometime. He had been calling but i told him to calm down. He thought i was out.

Things went on as normal as it could be until the 25th day of the month, i hired a bus and took Ify and some of the properties down to Bulewijk.
She was so happy at the choice of the house. It wasn’t as big as our previous one but very good and compacted.

The driver had helped me to get the chairs to the apartment and organised things the way we wanted them.

Ify had asked why i didn’t keep my bags and laptop with other things there.

”You are going to live alone here. I will be visiting whenever i want and not when you want. Your punishment is that you can’t invite a man here. The moment i see a man in this place, you will start paying for it. This place is going to be costing me atleast €600 every month, including the electricity and other bills. That is equivalent to N120,000 in Nigeria. Don’t insult me with your frivolous lifestyle again or i will abandon you” i said.

I also think you should call Ikenna and ask him what to do about the pregnancy.
She said she won’t call him since he couldn’t call her since the day i recovered my money from him.
I had persuaded her to call him but when she tried, we learnt that the coward had changed his number. I wondered if he had left Amsterdam as well.

The next day after moving Ify to the new apartment, i went to the Shops and bought her a 25kg bag of Basmati Rice, some canned beans, 5kg of Chicken meat, Some fish and many more things.

I hid everything about Ify from everyone else including Robin. I was sure Robin would kick against my association with her. He would definitely blame me for trying to help her but whenever i wanted to do something good, i didn’t need advisers.
I knew some girls in Amsterdam and Germany who found themselves in Ify’s condition. They had nobody to call this and just roamed the streets looking for where to get the next meal. It was that bad.
Jennifer was one good example. Our women needed protection and it seemed that our men were only interested in one thing; Money.
Our men also ran away from women because they knew that the women wanted money too. It was all about money, nobody cared about life itself. Few of us who understood the system were the only ones who could make a difference and if we allowed our minds to be corrupted, then there would be no hope for our women in foreign lands.

For the next one week, i slept in Bijlmer and Bulewijk. I gave Robin excuses upon excuses. Eventually i told him that i found a girlfriend who always wanted me to sleep over in her house; he bought into the lie.
Who cared, as far as i knew, i was married to Ify. I was the unofficial husband. I did everything a husband does. I would pet her, buy her everything and played with her. She would remember our story and started to cry in the middle of a play or conversation. It wasn’t easy for her but there were things we couldn’t change.

At a stage, i called Carlos to tell him that i was ready to start again. His phone number didn’t connect. I called Hugo, He said that Carlos was arrested by Interpol and had been taken to Norway to face charges over his drug deals in Oslo.
It was time for me to change my phone number too.

That and others had become the lives of my fellow black men in Amsterdam. It wasn’t easy for us.
Life itself was a challenge for every human being but when the society you lived and breath treated you as a second class human and as an outcast, life became more challenging.
That was what i witnessed.

” We can easily forgive a child
who is afraid of the dark; the
real tragedy of life is when men
are afraid of the light”

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  1. Jimmy Warlat

    wow Zuby you really amaze me with the way you take decisions at critical times. Still following you bumper to bumper #in WC’s voice#

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    Zubby O nna gi muru gi.That last quote is another bomb from our igbo heritage.
    Carry go ozoigbondu …it is well with you.

  3. Babajide 'Femi Ajayi

    Honestly i admire your courage though i don't really like your lifestyle but i love the caring and forgiving part of you. i have done that alot and get hurt but i won't stop

  4. Bob Ugee

    Zuby I admire your courage and steadfastness in all you endeavours. Sometimes, We human being are aligned to situation we couldn’t change but it worthwhile I swear. Keep it up my comrade! I admire your pace(s).

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