31: The Marriage

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Chapter 31. The Marriage.

”I am sorry for my attitude. This girls don’t know where they should stay. Each time someone visits me, they will come and sit here as if this house belongs to me and them” Maria said.

”Maria you have a nice apartment, i like the floor tiles” i said.
”Yes it is a new place. The one i have before was an old apartment. This one is better. This girls just made me angry now and i even forgot what i bought for you” she said as she opened her bag and brought out a shirt and a pack of singlet.
”When was the last time you visited Africa” i asked ignoring the shirt and the singlet.

Maria figured out that i wasn’t happy with the turn of things because she said, ”Are you angry because of the way i talked to my girls; i told you that i am sorry for that”.
”How can i be angry with you my sweetheart, thanks for the shirt. When was the last time you went to Africa” i asked again as i took the clothes from her and dropped it on the round glass center table.
”I was in Libya but didn’t reach Nigeria. I told you once on the phone that i was going to Libya for business” she said.
”Yea, i remember. Hope the trip was good” i asked.
”Yes, it was ok. I went to pick the girls up by myself. I sponsored them from Naija but they got stuck in Tripoli. I had to go there with passports i hired for them from here” she said with a little smile.
”Nice, it was good that you went there to pick them up by yourself. The way i see those two idiots, they may not have been able to come here by themselves” i said, trying to help attack the girls.
”How old are they Maria”? I asked.
”I don’t know, they are old enough. I came to Italy when i was almost the same age” i said.
”I was asking them if they were your sisters when you came in, are they your sisters”? I said.
She said none of them was her sister. According to her , the younger sister was in School at the Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma studying business administration.
”Is your younger sister coming here when she finishes school” i asked.
”No, why do you ask” she fired back. She had suddenly became alerted and curious.
”Nothing, i am just asking.
”Well stop asking and lets go to the room, its been long since we did it” she said and laughed.
”Great, lets go and do it baby”? I Said as i stood up and picked the shirts on the table.

We went into the room and fell unto the bed. Her room was organised and decorated.

While she was removing her clothes, i said, ”Maria do you know why i came here”?
She suddenly stopped midway and looked at me.
I approached her and helped her removed the entire clothes on the upper chamber of her body.
”I am getting old and i am getting tired of illegal business in Europe. I need to find a matured woman and marry. My mates are already having kids” i said.
”Are you asking me to Marry you Austin”? She asked quietly.
”Please don’t say no, you are the only woman i believe could make a good wife for me since we have both seen it all” i said Looking into her eyes.
Maria hugged and Started kissing me.
”This is too sudden and i wasn’t expecting this. This better no be a joke” she said.
I kissed her squarely on the mouth and said, ”This is not a joke. I have come all this way because of this”
she jumped on me and pushed me down to the bed.

Maria was as happy as a teenage girl who just found a boyfriend. She totally believed that i had come to marry her. I had devised numerous plans on how to lure her into my trap and the first attempt had captured her. That was the beginning of her problems, only that she didn’t know it yet.

After a hot round of sex, i told her to take me to the shopping mall. We got there and bought an engagement ring from a Chinese shop. Right inside the mall, i had knelt down and placed the ring on her finger. She was overwhelmed by my little act. People were staring at us as we held hands and smiled out of the mall.
We got back home and relaxed with a bottle of champagne in the sitting room. All through our stay in the room, my mind was wondering about the two slaves inside our spare room; yes, it was OUR spare room because we had just gotten engaged.

”What kind of work does men do in this town” i asked.
Maria said that the only meaningful thing was drug business. The heroine was being sold very well in Italy. It was the major business of the town. The dealers only lived in Castel Volturno but did their businesses inside the Napoli city.

”I think we will live here then instead of going back to Amsterdam or Germany. I know people in Amsterdam who can be sending us drugs from there” i said.
Maria agreed. She said that the whole thing was going at a fast pace but since she knew me long ago, it wasn’t a problem.
”Remember that before we do our marriage, anything street work from you will be stopped” i said.
She nodded in agreement.
”I have three girls now. They can be making money for us” she said.
I nearly got upset at the idea of teenage girls making money for me. Our last born back in Nigeria was just there age, i had imagined her in those girl’s shoes.

Through the remainder of the day, i didn’t see the two girls again. I didn’t talk about them either. I didn’t want to raise any suspicion. It was obvious to me that i was still going to approach them. I didn’t get Fatimah’s version of how she came to Europe. I needed to hear her own story because it would make me understood if she was willing to run or not. If she was willing to run, good but if she was going to drag Ngozi and I down, i would gladly leave her behind.

We played for the rest of the night and had one round of sex before retiring to our bed. Ozoigbondu and Maria had just gotten engaged. It was a matter of the next day before the news leaked out to the general public. Right there on the bed, i wondered who she was going to tell first; probably her mother. But whoever it was, both of them were heading for a surprise shock.
I just needed to wait for the right time to strike.

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  1. Beautiful Onyinye

    I see a loophole.

    First, she called you Azubuike, don’t try anything funny as she was leaving you with those girls behind.

    Secondly, are you asking me to marry you, Austin?

    Great story btw

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