31: The Emotional Goodbye

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The DHL man brought a package for me at the apartment at exactly ten minutes past 4pm.
I had been tracking and calling for the document since George said he has sent it.
As soon as it arrived, I went straight to the airport and luckily for me, I found a flight going to Napoli by 7:30pm. It was perfect since i wanted Precious to get to Napoli at night.
I didn’t know where Adesuwa, her Madam was at that time. It would be bad to allow Precious to be seen by anybody in Napoli.

After buying the ticket, i called Maria and told her Precious was going to be in Napoli airport before 10:30pm.
“I gave her your phone number. She will call you as soon as she cleared the immigration at the airport.. I will give her enough money to take a cab from the airport to Castel Volturno”I said to Maria on the phone.

After talking to Maria, i called Precious to pack up and get ready.

She was ready when i returned to the apartment and after checking to make sure everything was in order, i followed her back to Arlanda airport. I waited for her until she boarded and left the airport, then i returned to the apartment.

Rose watched as i packed my small remaining bag.

“Where are you going?”

The question jolted me to reality.
“Denmark” I said and stood erect.

“So, i am going to stay here all alone again” She said.
Her face had started to turn pale and tears were forming in her eyes.

“Listen Rose, as soon as you get your papers, you will be able to travel everywhere like me. I need you to have this document; that is why i am doing everything possible to help you. I have paid for another month for this apartment, so you still have over two months left. You don’t also have to worry because i will return here any time. Maria is pregnant for me and she needs me now more than ever. I will go to Denmark and travel to meet her in Italy from there. You have my phone number which means that you can easily tell me if anything comes up” I said.


Brandenburger Tor Berlin Germany

My explanations did very little in consoling her as tears eventually released themselves and flowed freely from her eyes. I hugged and held her for long, feeling the warmth of her body through out the period. So many things flashed through my mind as i held her and one of them was to kiss and remove her clothes. It was an emotional period for her and i knew she wouldn’t resist any attempt i made at trying to have sex with her but i had just announced to her that Maria was pregnant; it would be irresponsible to sleep with her.
It was also the reason why i decided to leave Sweden that night. Sleeping in the same apartment with Rose could result to the act and there were times our bodies couldn’t resist the temptation of sex.

After the emotional period, i released myself from her and picked up my bag, “take care of yourself Rose. Call me if anything comes up” I said as i walked to the door and opened it without looking back; i didn’t want to see any more tears.

The night train left Stockholm Central at Exactly 10pm.

I had purchased a ticket that covered a coach where there were two beds. I needed to sleep since i was tired.

As the train headed south, i thought about everything that happened in Sweden. I wondered if i forgot something or even someone. I had no idea when i will visit Sweden again or what will bring me there.

The ringing phone brought me out of my reverie; It was Maria. My heart skipped a bit since i told her never to call me unless it was extremely urgent.

“Yes baby” I said when i pressed the green button on the phone.
“I am with Precious now. She looks tattered and skinny. Is she Ok?” She said.

I told Maria that it was a long story and told her i will explain everything when i get to Napoli.

“Don’t allow her to go out in day time and don’t allow her to smoke cigarette. She started smoking in Sweden but i have tried to stop her. I am on my way to Denmark to pick up our things. I have also sent the ones in Sweden. You will get them in two or three days. We will talk in the morning” I said and kissed her goodnight.

We got to Malmo and since it was still early, i waited at the train station until 5:30. When the train to Copenhagen arrived.

I bought a ticket inside the train and traveled to Denmark.

Back in my apartment, i wondered if i should go out and check if Donald has been released by the cops. He owed me some money which i should get back but on a second thought, i decided against it. There were some wars we must stay away from because if we lose them, it would be difficult to forgive ourselves.

I called the man who rented the apartment with his papers and when he came, i told him that i was leaving Denmark.

“We still have a month’s deposit with the house agents. Go there and tell them you will be leaving the apartment at the end of the month. They will balance you for the next month, Use the money. If i come back here, i will call you to help me out again” I said to him.

He was happy that i waved the money to him. I wondered if he had been able to save up to that amount for the past five years.

I picked up our big bag in Denmark and checked the house for other things Maria might need. There were the DVD and the TV.
I packaged them inside their cartons and took them downstairs one after the other. When i finished, i locked the apartment and gave the key to Mr. Philip,  the man who rented the apartment.

I took a cab to a cargo company and forwarded the items to the apartment in Napoli.

As soon as i finished, i went to the airport and booked a ticket to Sicily. The flight was leaving in two hours and since i wasn’t going to do anything in Denmark, i waited in a restaurant with a bottle of red wine.

I got to Palermo airport and took the bus to Trapani. At Trapani, i took a boat and crossed over to the Levanzo Island where i met the agent who rented the house to us.
He said the apartment was ready since the woman who lived there packed out the day before.

Since everything was set, it was time to return to Napoli.

” How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to”

Dedicated to Nze Josh Dannyboy for his birthday today.

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  1. Aces

    And what happened to Efua(Ghana)?and your child with her,seeing as she bore your first seed?Great story so far by the way.

  2. hayk

    Goodbye seems to be the hardest word to say in some situations-but we must forge ahead in life and leave somethings behind-where they belong.

    Awesome and captivating story -good write up

    Thumbs up Zubby.

  3. Dejust

    remember me my too for my upcoming birthday

    on 25may……

    Happy weeked globalruns member

  4. SF-oluLESHIE

    It will b somehow difficult for maria to stop precious taking weed oh. . . I think she needs zubby arround anyway bros more adiagbon to ur elbow

  5. zubis05

    You have a large heart• Which is not so common in our times• I hope to meet you one day boss

  6. emmysoftyou

    Poems ; emotional goodbye
    When you look through my eyes
    you will see her there
    The sight of love in me shows that
    She lives in me and I feel her shadow
    They hallowed and wallow over me
    But with time I know it will fade away at due time
    yet sometimes you display your love just like the morning rose,
    bringing brightness into my dark heart.
    I know i don’t deserve you after all i have done,
    but my love for you is really sincere,
    i can’t stand seeing you with another guy.
    I’m selfishly in love with you”
    But my days re counting my stays with you
    Not minding the tempting free act of yours
    Coming to take away my cold at nite

    There is big disappointment where there is deep love
    It s the hardest word to say goodbye …

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