31: Escape From Old Troubles

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Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

“That’s too much. By the way, what are you doing in Nigeria? Did they deport you?” I asked.

“Na your Papa they deported. Are you giving me the money or should we deal with you here?” he shouted.

“I don’t have Euros here” I said.

“Pay me in Naira” He shouted.

“The money in my car is only 250,000 Naira” I said out loud.

He looked at his friend who nodded at him.

“When am i getting the rest?” he asked.

“You are not getting anything again” I shouted at him.

The moment i offered them the money, i knew they would go for it. If he was as smart as i credited him, he must have known that the 250K was a lose cash which he should grab as fast as possible. He knew i was dangerous. He knew things could change quickly as long as i was involved and the best decision for him was to go for the money.

“We Are going to my car now” I said as i looked far ahead to make sure Queen was nowhere to be found.
She had disappeared along the highway but where i stood, i couldn’t see if she had walked to the car or not.

“Alright. I am coming to you now so we can go together to the car. If you or your friend touch me, i won’t give you any money. You can beat me all you want but i won’t give you a dime” I said.

As he assured me that they won’t touch me, i walked closer to them and stretched my hand.
We shook hands before i extend the same right hand to his friend.

“Listen, you know it was survival of the fittest out there in Europe. Everybody wanted to survive” I said as we shook hands.

His friend was obviously based in Nigeria. Not just anywhere in Nigeria but a remote place where he did hard jobs that made his palms very strong. He almost hurt me while shaking my hand.

“So how much are you giving me for my petrol, the 250K is the only money with me here in Lagos” I lied.

“Lets see the money first, then i decided how much i can give you but if we meet in Europe again, we will finish our fight” He said.

“I don’t fight anymore Efosa. I am a born again Christian now. That’s why i want to settle with yo so that if you see me another place, you won’t come near me” I said as we all turned and walked towards the road parallel to the Beach.

They didn’t say much, they listened while i talked.

I was walking ahead of them but his friend was very close. From the look of things, he was Efosa’s foot Soldier who probably came from Edo State to Lagos to enjoy European money with Efosa. Or maybe they were brothers.
I didn’t care who he was. He was just too close for my comfort and i believed Efosa had told him to catch me if i attempted to run. What he didn’t know was the next thing that was coming.

I had no such money in my car and even if i did, there was no way i would give all of them to him.
Inside my head, i felt that Efosa himself knew that it would be a miracle if i actually gave him that kind of money. What happened between us in Europe was as a result of war between me and the Madams. It was in the past and it was
Supposed to remain in the past.
As we walked, i watched every small distance between us. I watched the gap between me and Efosa, then that between me and the village boy whose palms were as hard as coconut shells.

Then all of a sudden, it happened in a flash. I bent down quickly as if i was falling down, grabbed sands with both hands and threw it on their faces at the same time.
Efosa and his friend were caught unaware in a bid to find out what i was up to, they had opened their eyes wide enough to receive some grains of sand.

Amidst the confusion i created, they staggered back and struggled as i grabbed more sands and targeted their faces one after the other. At that moment, i knew that i had created enough chance to escape. However i had given my car key to Queen and that meant that i wasn’t going anywhere fast enough.

People watched as they staggered front and back. I was already leaving them towards the highway which stretched down from Eko Hotels towards Lekki Peninsula.
It was getting dark now but people’s faces could still be seen clearly.

As they struggled to remove sands from their eyes with their palms, i dashed across the road and started running up towards the Lekki Direction.
I knew that it would be impossible for them to cross that road in their conditions.

As i ran, i looked to see if i could see Queen but surprisingly, she had disappeared to nowhere. My Black Mitsubishi Lancer Sport was still where i left it. There was no need going near it since i wasn’t going to open it.

About 30 Seconds passed before i saw them ran out to the road through the concrete constructed slabs arranged near the road by the Lagos State Government to stop the Sands from covering the road. By then, i was far ahead of them and it would be a mistake if i wasn’t able to disappear.

Victoria Island wasn’t like mainland Lagos where it was possible to just disappear and hide anywhere. That part of Lagos was designed for rich folks who always wanted enough space to breathe. Yet i managed to keep running up like a Kenyan Olympic Athlete.

It took over two hundred meters before i found the kind of road i needed to change direction. They were no longer after me, i figured they knew it was impossible to get to me. The tiny beach sands from the Ocean were not something one could remove from his eyes in a haste. Sometimes, it required the help of another person to be able to remove them off Totally.

If i had my car Keys, i would have had enough chance to get to the car, start it and drive away.

It was when i cornered towards another major road that i was able to bring out my phone to call Queen.

She said she was inside a cab going back to the Hotel.

“What happened, where are you?” She had shouted.

“Dont worry, i will be with you in the Hotel in a few minutes” I said while breathing fast from the Olympic style race i had done a few seconds ago.

I had stopped running and was waving down every private car until an old taxi driver stopped for me.

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  1. Eunisam

    zuby what happen to your Nigerian foot solder Alaye? I thought he will be of great inportant to this mission.

  2. Onyebuchi nwankwo

    Nwaokem idikwa too much,mkpakana mara giwan ozo,ma na giwan ozo mechara .ozondi agwu ike .

  3. mike

    Wow! your quick thinking, make you to be ahead of situations most of the time.

  4. seun

    I have never seen a more talented Nigerian writer.

    I am sure you will write for long..

  5. suraaj

    Despite the fact that i have Bsc Political Science and Masters in criminology,i still learn alot from all this (Oga Zuby )

  6. Eulag

    Wise move. But if they had caught up with you, the case would have been different 🙂

  7. MeKing

    Efosa’s brother would’ve use Aka Village and slap stars out of you two eyes if not that ur sand sand fight help you @_@

  8. Bobbybube

    Lwkmd…some guyz no dey learn..Zubby thinks like a computer.the nigerian jack sparrow

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