55: Going to America

” I want to follow you back to America” Maria said after we had cleaned ourselves up.

Why were women always demanding for something in return for sexx? She wanted to follow me to America simply because I had just finished being intimate with her.

”What do you want to do in America Maria” I asked hoping that she must have thought of something.
”I don’t know, I just want to leave Slovakia” she said.
”why didn’t you follow your boyfriend to Germany to work? I heard there were a lot of works and money over there” I said. I was just trying to discourage her to drop the idea of going to USA.

”If I had followed him to Germany, I would not have met with you” she said.

*Miss Aristotle the Philosopher. Don’t just follow that route, I am pretty good at it myself*

I decided not to pursue the argument, I just had to find a way to leave Slovakia without her knowledge. USA was not particularly a country where you go to because you wished.

But what if I took advantage of the situation? Yes, teach this blondie some African lessons, Afterall I was a Nigerian, the land of the Yahoo boys.

” I don’t have enough money to get you a flight ticket and other necessary documents. I could talk to my Father in Texas and tell him that I had found a wife. He can send you an invitation letter but you would require a flight ticket before the US embassy could grant you an entry Visa” I said.

” I have some money, how much is the ticket” she asked.
”I don’t know how much it would cost from Slovakia here, I will need to find out from the travel agents tomorrow” I said.

She was very excited and we did the sexx stuff once more. Maria was going to America Afterall.

After the third and the longest round of sexx, we chatted for a little over an hour and slept of on the single bed inside the room.

I called Johnson first thing in the morning and told him that I was on my way back. He didn’t say anything as I had expected. When I got to our room, I took a shower and asked where we were going next.

”I don’t know, Madame Vivienne called Yesterday night. She said we were going to a town near Ukraine where they have another warehouse” he said.

Madame Vivienne came an hour later. We entered her Skoda car and drove east. Three and half hours later, we arrived in the town of Soblance.

Soblance was a town of 6000 people located a few kilometres from the Ukraine border town of Uzhorod. It was the easternmost town in Slovakia.

When we got to the city, we headed straight to the office of the mayor. An old man sat behind a large mahogany desk.
He recognized Madam Vivienne who I guess contributed to the economy of the small town, but he looked suspiciously at Johnson and I.
We greeted him by waving our hands since we didn’t know which language to use. He motioned us to sit on a long sofa adjacent to the table.
Madam Vivienne introduced us to him. He was excited to know that we had come all the way from Africa to his small town. He offered us coffee and crackers biscuit.

After a few minutes, we left for the warehouse. The warehouse in Soblance served as a gateway in receiving used clothes from Ukraine and as far as Moscow and St. Petersburg. The clothes would then be sent to her warehouse in Kosice and Bratislava.
We inspected the goods, made calls to Mr. Eze in Africa and later drove back to Bratislava.

” We are going back to Germany now” Johnson said As soon as we returned to Bratislava.

”No, You are going back to Germany now” I said in response.
” I have some American business here to finish” I said.

He didn’t say anything, he just packed up and left for Berlin.

As soon as he left, I called Maria.
She said She had gone to study music and would be back in an hour or an hour and half.
I laid down on the bed and waited up for her.
Now that I had a breathing space in our hotel room, it was time to teach Maria how we Nigerian-Americans operate.

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