30: The pregnancy and I

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Chapter 30: The pregnancy.

For about twenty minutes, i didn’t say anything.
Ify had left her seat and came in front of me. She was kneeling down and the tears had started to flow downwards once more.

”How long have you been sleeping around with men” i asked.

She said that she had only slept with Ikenna and me. According to her, she had discovered that her monthly period had stopped. Then she had gone to a pharmacy where they confirmed that she had taken in. She had asked them to do a test to find out the blood type and the other information about the baby which would help her determine who the father was among Ikenna and I. They had told her that it required money.
She had suspected that it was Ikenna who Impregnated her since I had decided to start Using condom over the past month. As a result, she had decided to approach Ikenna first since He had slept with her three times without condom in the past one month.
Ikenna had said that he had no money for the hospital tests. She had told Ikenna that he knew where i hid my money, then Ikenna had suggested that she stole it.
She had told Ikenna that she couldn’t do that since it was only She and I who lived in the House.
Ikenna had once again, suggested that they broke into the house and steal the money on the day of the Concert which they knew i was going to be on the show.

She said she had called Ikenna as soon as i took the Microphone that night.

Her story was very good and clearly believable. I knew lies when i heard them.

”Did you also tell them where the drugs from the Colombians where hidden” i asked, just for the sake of saying something after what she had told me.

She stood up suddenly and said:
”I didn’t tell them about drugs, i only knew about it when you said that it was missing. That was the reason why i told you that i was going to Amsterdamse poort. I went to his house to ask him why he took the drugs. I told him to return it but he said he can’t do that. I told him that it was the Colombians who own the drugs but he didn’t believe me. I swear, i only told him about the money” she said amidst tears.

”Ifeyinwa, i believe you. Now i know what happened but i still can’t live under the same roof with you again. I don’t trust people and i don’t allow one thing to happen to me twice” i said.

”What exactly do you expect me to do for you now” i asked.

”I don’t know” she said.

”Alright, clean yourself up and prepare for hospital tomorrow morning, you are going for the tests. If the baby belongs to me, we will find a new place and stay together but if it is not mine, you will leave my life” i said.

She jumped up and hugged me for long.
”I am very sorry that i did this after everything you have been doing for me. I only panicked when i found out i was pregnant. I should have told you first” she said.

”Go to the kitchen and prepare something for us, i am hungry” i said.

I had started pitying her. It was strange how people’s lives change in a twinkle of an eye
During the night, she came to sleep on my bed. I left her there and went to the sitting room where i smoked Marijuana. I later slept off on the sofa and when i woke up, it was already 7am.

Ify was already prepared when i woke up. As i brushed my teeth, Robin called and said someone wanted to buy the Colombian stuff. I told him to sell it.
Carlos also called and asked when he would come for his money.
”I will call you back later in the day and tell you” i had told him and hung up.

We got to a private hospital where we conducted the tests. The total cost stood at €1223. It was supposed to be far less than that but we had no health insurance cards which could have cut the prices by over 90%. It was one of the travails of illegal immigrants all over the World; No health Insurance, no social security and no anything, just waking up and eating every other day.

We were told to return by midday, therefore we took the opportunity to go to a man-made beach at the Gasperdam. It was empty and quiet as i had expected. We sat there and talked.

We both evaluated Ikenna, what he does, how he behaved and where he came from. Ify knew absolutely nothing about Ikenna, the charming guy had just flashed his open teeth and smiled his way into Ify’s pants.
She said she wanted to keep Ikenna as a friend whom she would run to if anything ever happened to me but somehow he had managed to convince her to sleep with him.
We discussed what would happen if the baby was Ikenna’s, which Ify herself was pretty convinced it was.
She didn’t know, she only said that she would not attempt abortion. She would keep the baby, according to her.
That was a good decision by her but i wondered if i would have any role to play in her life anymore.
Despite that Ify betrayed me, she had become more vulnerable to danger, hunger and the harsh conditions of illegal immigrants in Amsterdam. She needed me more than ever but still she made that mistake of not telling me about the pregnancy. Peharps she knew i would tell her that i had used condoms but i believed that she could have pinned it on me if she was strong-hearted enough but things had gotten complicated.

At noon, we took a Snoda and went back to the hospital. The results were ready when we came. We collected it and took another snoda back home. She had asked me to open them inside the car but i refused. I knew that emotions would be involved.
If the baby was mine, i would be emotional. If the baby wasn’t mine, i would still be emotional since i would be cleaning the tears running down from Ify’s eyes. Either way, i wanted everything to be inside our sitting room.

Chidi, who gave me the house would have gladly accepted Ify and the pregnancy since i believed that was what he wanted.

As soon as we got home, we went upstairs and sat down. Ify was leaning on my shoulder now. She didn’t ask me to open the envelopes but i did anyway.
I scrolled down fast to the blood type and gene DNA and RNA, it didn’t match.
The baby wasn’t mine.

” Everything you’ve ever
wanted is on the other side of

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