30: The Planet of Evil

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It was 6:30am when we arrived in Stockholm. I didn’t call Rose as we drove straight away to her apartment.

She opened the door for us and went back to sleep. I sent Precious to sleep in the second room while i lay on the sofa in the sitting room.
It didn’t take Rose up to thirty minutes to declare her own sleep over and came to the sitting room.

She had gone to the Nigerian embassy in Tyrgatan and got the international passport the same day.
After having a look at the passport, i googled ‘Immigration Lawyers in Stockholm’ with my phone and found a quite number of them.

At around 9am, i called one of them and booked an appointment in two hours.

Rose and I got to his office around 11am and told him why we were there.
As a lawyer that he was, he said that we did the right thing by not going there on our own. He gave us some reasons why Rose could have even been deported if she had gone alone.

“If they see your passport, they will confirm that you are a Nigerian. They can easily decide not to give you resident permit since they are going to be taking care of you. I will submit the passport by myself and followed it up until they give you the permit and an apartment. This process will cost you 9000” The lawyer said to us.

I wasn’t really interested in everything he had been saying. I was waiting for the cost because that was where i was directly involved.
I had Embarked on that Journey with about 6000 Euros and it was going down.

9000 Krone was approximately 1000 Euro which wasn’t much compared to what we were looking for.

“Sir, i don’t want us to start haggling front and back about the price, tell us the last amount you will take from us for the job. This is the first place we came” I said.

After describing what he was going to do, he said SEK8000 was the last.

“Fine, here is half of the money. You get the remaining one as soon as the job is done” I said as i counted half of the money and handed it over to him.

I also counted another SEK4000 and handed it to Rose in front of the lawyer.

“This is the balance of his money” I had said to the hearing of the attorney.
I wanted him to know that his money was available since i wasn’t going to wait for the permit process to end.

When we returned, Precious took our bags to the cargo office while i called George in Paris.
I told George i needed a permit card that can transport someone to Italy.
He asked that i send a picture of the person to his email address immediately.

I took Precious’ picture with my Symbian Nokia phone and forwarded it to George’s e mail.
When he called and confirmed that he got the mail, he said it will take just a day to process and another one day to get to Stockholm.

I went out to the western Union and sent him €400 he requested for the permit and the courier service.

I left the western union and went to the lawyer who was handling the case of Peace and Sharon.
They haven’t called me since they were relocated to a juvenile center after testifying against Aunty Joy.

The lawyer wasn’t in when i came but i got his cell phone number from his secretary and called him.
He gave me the address of the Juvenile center.

I took a cab to the place and after filling the necessary forms, i was allowed to see them.

Both of them were called out to where i was and after hugging me in turn, we sat down and talked.

According to them, there were other Africans in the camp and rumour had it that all the people who went through the camp got resident permits and permanent apartments.

I encouraged them to hang in there and see what the end would become. I also warned them to call me if there was any other development.

Before i left, i announced to them that Maria was pregnant and that she had returned to Italy.
They were happy and promised to visit her when and if they got papers.
I didn’t give them any money before i left. The federal government of Sweden was taking care of them and no matter how bad things could be, they were sure to be feeding well.

I took the train to William’s apartment. He was surprised to see me since he didn’t know i was in Sweden. The last time i called him was from Marseille.
After offering me a drink, we talked about the apartment where Rose lived.

“Government has promised to give resident permit to the girl who lives there. I believe that if they do that, they will also provide an apartment for her. I gave her your number to let you know the developments. Here is the rent for another one month. If her process go past this month, pay for another one month” I said as i handed the money to him.
I was lucky that her mother in-law was sleeping through out our conversation. If not, i would have had to answer some serious questions.

When i left Williams, i took the train to the Reverend Father’s Apartment. He was in when i came and so was Sister Eve.
I told them i was leaving Sweden and traveling down to France. I gave them my ever active French phone number and asked them to call me if there was any issue with Sister Fatimah/Marea at the Vadstena Abbey.
Before i left, i thanked them for everything they did including the convincing prayers they made for the girls which played major roles in converting them from scared street girls to wonderful and prospective important and free human beings.

Rose and Precious were talking when i came back. They brought out food for the master which i ate while watching a programme on the TV.

When i finished eating, i reflected on the things i had been doing for the past few days. It dawned on me that they were all for other people and none for myself. It amazed even me how much i could sacrifice for other human beings without hoping to get a reward in return. I wondered how wonderful our planet would have been if half of its human population would do the things i was doing for other human beings.

But the truth was that our world was full of evil and it would be asking for too much if we asked a devil to do something good for anybody.

“To see evil and call it good,
mocks God. Worse, it makes
goodness meaningless. A
word without meaning is an
abomination, for when the
word passes beyond
understanding the very thing
the word stands for passes
out of the world and cannot
be recalled”

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