30: The Angry Bird

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Chapter 30. The Angry Bird.

”I like your girls Maria, unfortunately i like you more” i said with a smile.
Maria’s face had changed as soon as she saw me with the two girls. She didn’t know what we were talking about but she knew that somehow, they told me how they come to Europe.
The two girls had stood up as soon as Maria came into the house and their sudden actions had created suspicion.
”Will two of you go back into the room now” Maria yelled.
The two girls scrambled into their room at once.
I wanted to talk but since the tension was still high and negative, i preferred to keep quiet and wait for the right time. Right there at the sitting room, my fast working mind had started thinking about the next thing to do. I hated oppression and oppressors. I recalled back in Nigeria in the year 2006 when my elder brother’s wife shouted at his apprentice for not filling the drum with water. It was a huge rubber drum that required the apprentice to go down and carried a 20-liter gallon about 10 times before the drum could fill up. They lived in an upstairs and it meant that the boy had to climb the stairs several times before filling the water drum. I had asked the newly married lady to take it easy on the boy.
”For the fact that this boy serves your husband didn’t mean that he has to die. How many times have you gone down to fetch this water? You sit here doing nothing and yet you shout at another woman’s son because he didn’t fill the drum on time. And it is you who waste this water” i had said.
The woman had started shouting at me, telling me to go and marry my own wife instead of coimg to my brother’s apartment to issue orders. I had quietly left the apartment and drove down to Enugu. It was one of the reasons why i didn’t visit them again until i left Nigeria. A lot of things were wrong with Nigeria as a nation. Back then in Awada where we lived in Onitsha, people built 5-story houses without running water or lift. Apprentices had to carry water from the ground floor up to the fifth floor many times everyday. It was an oppression.

I knew that people could be mean and wicked. I knew that humans could change quickly but i was disappointed at the way Maria shouted at the girls. First of all, the girls were tricked into coming to Europe. They were lied to, they were confused and mentally binded with diabolical voodoo. They were molested and raped mentally and physically. Then when they finally arrived at their various destinations, they were made to sell their bodies for money. Money that required many years to acquire enough to pay up their various forced debts.
I would have stood up and confronted Maria right there in the sitting room but it also meant that i would have to leave her house. Leaving her house wasn’t an issue, the problem was that leaving without Ngozi and Fatimah was not an option unless they refused to follow me. Following me on the other hand required money. Money that i didn’t have at that time and place. The first thing To do was to find a way to get money. Since Maria was rich enough to sponsor the girls to Europe, she was also going to sponsor them around Europe on a tour with me and wherever i may decide to go with them. If i had to steal the money from her, i would do that. If i had to blackmail her to give me the money, i would do that. If i had to hold her hostage and torture her to give me the money, i would do that. If i had to beat her up inside the room to get the money, i would do that. If there was a way to sell her small house in Ekpoma to get the money, i would do that. All i knew then was that i was taking Ngozi and Fatimah away from Napoli, And Maria, my own Maria was going to sponsor our running.
Maria was very unlucky because i was right there in her house. I succeeded in getting money from Madam Grace and Aunty Franca even though i was far away from them but i was in Maria’s apartment. There were many Ways to get the money from her, she didn’t just know yet. The first method was to act, yes i was going to be an actor. I was going to be a loverboy. Like i said earlier, i was going to serve, be loyal and obedient. Peharps, she would try to add some perceived love formula in my food, just to trap me down. I knew that voodoo couldn’t do anything to me, i was larger than that. I didn’t believe it worked. Even if it was voodoo who killed me, i wouldn’t believe from the ground where i was buried. Something must kill a man anyway. But however it turned out, i was going to start acting. I would make her believe that i had finally returned to be with her. I would make Maria believe that her prayers or voodoo had worked. God had brought Ozoigbondu all the way from Berlin to Amsterdam, Paris and now Napoli. It wasn’t for nothing. Nature did nothing for nothing.
If an Earthquake happened, it meant that nature wanted a valley. If Flood carried peoples properties, it meant that it needed more space. If volcano erupted in the middle of the sea, it meant that it wanted a mountain or hill. If the trains that transported me all the way from Germany down to Napoli didn’t derail and crash, it meant that it i was destined to do something wherever i was going. Whatever it was that i was required to do was left for me to chose. I had just chosen to rescue two scared teenagers who were stolen from their various people back home in Africa. If it meant returning them to Africa, fine.

I had my own set of laws, i chose my own set of operations. We humans were always given options to chose from; sometimes, better options turned out bad and bad options turned good but as soldiers, we were required to take quick decisions especially at the war fronts. We were not allowed to think because the enemies had weapons too. A dead enemy can’t operate his or her weapon but ironically, we were also enemies to the opposite side.

Maria, we had good times but i wasn’t going to ask for your forgiveness if i did what i believed was right. ”Get ready because we are going for a ride”.

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  1. Chinedu Onyewuchi

    one thing i have always loved about your story is the fact that u keep telling us that voodoo never works. i believe it and i also try to tell people ezpecially thos at the rural areas.

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