30: Sister Marie.

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We were already in the train heading to Vadstena via Linkoping when Sister Eve called and asked if I was still going to Pax Marie Convent. I told her that i was already in the train heading South to the town. She said she wanted to give me something to give to one Nun down there but said she will send it through post.

We didn’t talk much in the train; Maria was in an emotional state. I knew that through the short answers she gave me during our departure period in Stockholm Central Station. Somehow i suspected that she could start trouble at the Convent but i was also strongly convinced that she would never drag Fatimah away by force. Humans were animals of conviction and wills; If she dragged Fatimah away, it meant that Fatimah wasn’t really convinced that i wanted a better life for her. I resolved inside myself that if Fatimah would agree to follow Maria back, i would help her achieve that and it would mark the end of my struggles. I was almost like a time bomb in my quest to make life better for those girls. There was a time i nearly gave up when I had a little quarrel with Esther in Italy but i was sure that if I had half of that opportunity again in Sweden, i would take it and quit. I needed to start planning on how to return to Nigeria and rest. A large part of the money Jennifer and her husband gave me has already been swallowed by the Sweden operations and as it stood, i was not yet sure i was going to be able to extort money from Aunty Adesuwa and Aunty Joy. The €10, 000 I received in the brown envelope in Berlin and another €15, 000 in my Diamond Bank account was more than enough to give me a good life in Nigeria for 50 months without doing a damn thing. That was right. If I decided to live on N100,000 monthly, I will still be comfortable since I already defeated accomodation. The €25000 was the equivalent of N5,000,000 in Nigeria. That was a lot of money anywhere in Africa. Petrol for the car was cheap then.


We arrived at Vadstena Abbey by 8:45am and filled a form at the gate house. We were told to wait at a small round table in the waiting hall. There was only one visitor who was there before us.

I had told Maria to use a different name to fill her own visitors form since Fatimah could be told the names of the people looking for her.

We waited for about fifteen minutes before she came.

She was on a green gown and a green scarf with a brown fur winter shoe.

She entered the waiting hall from a door inside the compound and found us sitting at the far end of the small hall.

She had seen Maria and stopped in the middle of the hall before i smiled and waved her to come. She hesitated a little bit before continuing her walk towards us.


“How are you my beautiful sister?” I said and asked her to sit down.

Fatimah nodded her head without saying a word. She was holding a white Catholic Rosary beads in one hand.

“Have you learnt how to say the Rosary?” I asked as she sat down opposite us.

“I was doing that when they told me you were looking for me. I wanted you to be visiting but I haven’t spent much time here yet, I wasn’t expecting you yet” she said.


“How are you Fatimah?” it was Maria.

“I am fine Aunty Maria. My name is no more Fatimah” She said and kept quiet.

The emotional atmosphere made me not to outrightly ask what her new name was. I didn’t know she was going to change her name but i guessed that peharps it was the system that demanded for that.

After a few silent moments, Maria summoned enough Courage and asked, “What is your name now?”.

“I am called Marea now. It is the same as Maria but that is how they call and write it here. They asked me to chose a new name the day they registered me and i decided to Chose Maria your name. I did it for you for bringing me to this place because without you, I wouldn’t be here. They told me that it is part of my destiny and that it was the route God wanted me to take in life. They told me to also thank you instead of being angry with you” Fatimah Answered.

I listened as Fatimah boldly talked to us without fear. She had been totally transformed into a new being in the space of a few days. She wasn’t scared of what Maria would do. She wasn’t scared of any deity anymore.

As she talked to us, Maria was dropping tears from her eyes; she was crying and I didn’t even try to stop her because I was also touched to the bones by what Fatimah was telling us.

I gave Maria some white paper tissues to clean her eyes twice. She was totally overwhelmed by what she saw. I on my side was totally overwhelmed too, I wasn’t expecting Fatimah to be as bold as she had become.


When Maria calmed down, she said, “It is Ok Fatimah – Marea. I am not angry with you anymore; I am sorry for everything I did against you. Azubuike has succeeded in making me to understand that what we did wasn’t good. I want you to forgive and pray for me. I was the person who told him to bring me here. I have spent some days with him here in Sweden already and i don’t think i am going back to Italy soon. Please always remember that we are all struggling to make money here in Europe no matter how it comes. I promise you that i won’t bring any other girl to Europe”.

Fatimah stared directly at Maria as she spoke. She didn’t blink or change her facial expression, she was just as cold as a stone. I almost became scared but masters were created not to be scared of anything.


After over 30 minutes of talking, we were told that out time was up. I offered Fatimah €200 which she rejected by shaking her head. “Everything i need now is inside here. Just make sure that you tell my family in Nigeria that i am fine where I am. Tell them that i am praying for them and that they may never see me again” She said, turned back and walked away without looking back.

Maria had started crying again. I held her hand and pulled her up from her chair.

“Let us go home now baby” I said as she stood up slowly and followed me.

“Is she Ok?” The man who opened the hall for us asked as she saw Maria crying.

I didn’t say a word, tears had started forming in my eyes too; Fatimah had just said that her people may never see her again and from the way she said it, she was serious.

We walked to the bus station and took a bus to Linkoping where we boarded a fast train to Stockholm. Inside the train, Maria lay on my laps and slept. She didn’t say a word until we got to Stockholm. I stroked her hair slowly as our train arrived in Stockholm Central where we stopped and took another train to our new apartment.

It was already 1:20pm when we arrived home. Maria had walked straight to the bed and slept instantly; she was weak.


At around 4pm, i woke her up and told her to prepare for the airport. She said she wasn’t going anywhere.

“You can go and pick her up or maybe tell her to return to Italy. I am tired” She said.


I figured she was definitely going to destroy our plans. I needed to come up with a strong convincing lie to put her back on track.

“We will send her to the Convent later if you want” I said.

She looked up at me from the bed and said, “Can you really do that?”.

I nodded and offered her my hand which she grabbed and got out of bed slowly.

I waited as she went to the bathroom to take her bath and prepare for our trip to the Arlanda Airport. The girl we were going to welcome was already in the air.

Maria was definitely going to complicate things if she developed cold feet as she has shown after we returned from Vadstena but being a Master also meant that i have to manage the situation properly.


Dear Fans,

“There is only one thing we can never change in life or death. It is called Destiny. Wherever you find yourself in this life or parrarel alternative; whether in the air, in the water or on the ground, It is part of that thing we can’t change – It is part of Destiny” – Zuby.

This Chapter is dedicated to me for trying to keep up with the demands of my Fans


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  1. Geo

    Hmmm am really overwhelmed.dis chapter clearly depicts that money is not all that matters in dis life rather what we were born to do(destiny)…and life actually starts when one realizes his/hers.thumbs up zubby.

  2. Eunisam

    Tell them that i
    am praying for them and that
    they may never see me again”
    She said, turned back and walked away without looking
    back. reading the above line made my lost apetite for sex this afternoon.

    • SF-oluLESHIE

      Seriously na this place touch me pass. . .the girl is courageous oh

  3. meexteeriox

    Akaraka………Destiny…………Absolutely nothing can change Destiny. Zuby, so on point.

  4. zenty

    You have positively transformed lives. You have done very well indeed.

  5. henry4lif

    hummmm……pls oga zubby do all u could to make sure fatimah still come out ooo to atleast see her parents

  6. Cheliz

    I already knew Maria will be deeply touched when she encounter Maria jnr

  7. Eunisam

    It is conceiveable that zuby dont beleive in the God,seemed he believes in Destiny!

  8. Hi-goat

    Oga zuby I think the “Likes” and “Dislikes” botton makes this forum a lively and chatty website. So pls just fix it back, we need it!8-)

  9. Toonday

    destiny!!!, as I wrote in one of the comments; cannot be changed, it may take a century but will surely come to pass.
    more grease to your elbow…Zuby

  10. DaVinci

    Naw dats emotional….. Pls, Marea shud see her parents oooo. I almost droped a tear masef. God bless u Zubby.

  11. lastdon1

    O mehn zuby, fatimah resolves are always firm. Damn! They may never see her again?

  12. Anonymous

    Wow I can just imagine how Fatimah’s heart must now be cast in stone for Christ. People like her make the best nuns. I was schooled by some of those catholic nuns, mehnnnn they’re awesomely pure n naive.

  13. Anonymous

    Truth be told am sure most of u guys have a crush on Marie/Fatimah still, regardless of her nun status. Fire on Zubs

  14. Anonymous

    Human trafficking is really a serious thing. I just read a news now about a nigerian girl from edo dat was killed in germany. She’s suppose to clock 18 on the 30th of dis month. A victim of sex trade dat was taken to germany under the pretense of gettin a better life.
    Zubby, I respect u for u’re bringing awareness to such things cos u are touching lives indirectly. God bless u

  15. Sunnym

    Honestly this chapter touched me to the marrows and I felt like crying not because of anything but for Fatimah. ” I may not see them again” parent. Its as if Fatimah is dead.

  16. achi4u

    Marea may God bless you to see nigeria and ur people again.
    One love.

  17. Delis

    “Everything i need
    now is inside here. Just
    make sure that you tell
    my family in Nigeria that i
    am fine where I am. Tell
    them that i am praying for
    them and that they may
    never see me again” She
    said, turned back and
    walked away without
    looking back.

    Thats really a BOMB

  18. Anonymous

    i don’t agree with you on the part of destiny. We choose to do whatever we do. The same way you choose to safe the girls from prostitution.

  19. Chitexs

    Α̲̅πϑ this chapter brought out tears from M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ eyes..

  20. solomon sly

    This chapter make me cry bitterly,zuby may God continue to strengthen u in every area of ur life. I really thank u for Fatimah life now marea.

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