I arrived at the Essen Central station at about 4:30 pm. I had changed trains in Magdeburg – Hannover – Braunschweig and Dortmund. The train timetable was printed and given to me when I bought the ticket at the Brandenburg station.

I called Afam when I got to Essen. He directed me to their own HEIM in Essen West. Theirs was far better than ours. Their state Westfalia was the richest state out of the sixteen states that made up Germany. The Westfalia state boasted of (Koln) Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Aachen, Monchenglabach, Bielefeld, Duisburg, Dortmund, Mulheim and even Gelscheinkirchen; the city of Shalke 04 football club. Other cities such as Oberhausen, Fulda and many large cities were also situated in Westfalia. It was obviously the largest state too in terms of human concentration.

When I got to Afam’s HEIM, he took me outside and bought some beer and chicken. I cooked the stew in their kitchen while he molded and smoked marijuana.(we called it weed in Germany).
There was one other guy who shared his room with him. His name was Emeka, a body builder who had dreadlocks.

When we finished eating, we went back to Oberhausen to get my bag from Matthew. I had called him again but his phone was still switched off. When we got to Oberhausen, we entered an Afro shop where a Yoruba man sold African food items. We asked him if he had seen Matthew recently.
We wanted to ask around before going to ring his bell.

The news we got from the man shocked us. Matthew had been arrested over one month ago, precisely in August. He had been a suspect of drug dealing. The police had monitored him for many nights before he was arrested.

My mind flashed back to the day I and Nnenna saw Matthew being dragged out of the car and into his apartment. That was the day I left for Camp.
I was nearly caught in the net too. If I had been in the house when they brought Matthew, nothing would have stopped them from arresting me too.

We left Oberhausen and went back to Essen. I called Nnenna and asked her about Matthew, she said he was arrested in August but she didn’t want to tell me yet. She also said that all those nights when Matthew claimed to have gone to work was actually drug dealings.

* Her tone made it look like she didn’t care. Matthew was a guy who kept her in the house and gave her his keys. Matthew was also planning to take me out before his was arrested. I felt for him but I also knew instantly that such fate may be awaiting me too*

I told Nnenna that I was in Essen, he asked where I was and I told her. She promised to come in the night and pick me up.
About 9 pm, Afam said he was going out to Dortmund. He told me plainly that he was going to ”The Ogboo” {the venue where they sell cocaine to germans).
He asked me to stay in Essen. His reasons was that I needed to first of all, learn how to keep the drugs inside my mouth and how to swallow them if I suspected police presence.

It was a little scary story, so I agreed to stay back in Essen for the time being.

Twenty minutes after Afam had left, Nnenna called and said she was downstairs. I walked down and met her. She was with a white guy inside a car. She asked how I had been and what I intended to do from then on. We chatted for a few minutes before we all got back into the car and drove to her hostel.
She lived in a general students hostel. Although it was a big hostel but she had her own room which was well decorated.

The white guy had dropped us and left. She made salad for me while we talked.

She said she may be pregnant but not for me. I didn’t care since my clear objective at that time was how to make money. I didn’t want anything whatsoever to tie me down..
When I finished chewing the salad like a hungry goat, she sat beside me and lie on my shoulder. Her mouth had found mine and we continued where we stopped two months earlier.

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