29: That is my Money

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Chapter 29: That is my Money.

”Hello baby, i thought you said you were going to Amsterdamse poort, what are you doing here?” i said as soon as Ify stepped into the house.
She was confused initially or atleast she pretended to be.
She had seen Ikenna on the floor with soaked clothes.

Ehis was sitting on the single chair opposite where Robin and I were seated. He had asked to leave but i warned him that he would be shot by the Colombians as soon as he stepped out of the house without me.
Carlos and his mobs had left long ago. I had only decided to act as if they were still outside. The South American mobs never stayed too long in one place.
Unfortunately for Ehis and Ikenna, there were many cars packed in front of almost every building in Bijlmer. It was impossible to know if people were inside any of them or not without checking them out one after the other.

”Ikenna is with our €7200. He and his friend came to our house to steal the money while we were at the concert yesterday night. He said he would call his girlfriend to bring the money here but i didn’t know it was you. Do you have the money with you”?. I said.

Ify looked at Ikenna who nodded.
She brought out the money she came with and left it on the table, then she started crying.

”No no no, not here in my house. You can’t cry here. Just shut up or leave. The Colo people almost killed this man here because of you” Robin said.
He was visibly angry. I didn’t know he was that angry. I have never seen him that way.
Ify had instantly kept quiet and was cleaning her crocodile tears with her left hand.

I picked up the money and started counting it.
It was €5000.
”Where is the €2700 You got from our 100 grams this morning” i asked.
He said it was in his wallet. He brought out the wallet and put the money on the table.
I counted it and it was €3200. I removed a €500 note and threw it at Ify.
”Your boyfriend is giving you this one to go and find a room where you will be staying from now on. We are no longer going to stay in one place. I can help you find a room but i will tell the owner that you have criminal boyfriend” i said.

She wanted to start crying again but remembered how angry Robin was.

”Ok people, it is time to leave. You people are going to leave through the back door. There is a dwarf fence there but you can jump through it. Look left and right and make sure nobody is looking before you jump.
Follow the left side of the road and disappear. If you follow the right side, the Colombians could see you” I said as i opened the door to the back Yard.

I asked Ifeyinwa to stay behind. I wanted her to go back together with me to our apartment. I wanted to talk to her and find out why she did what she did.
It was true that she was regarded as a thief as well but she was my responsibility. Maybe if i had done things differently, she could not have done what she did.
If i had impregnated her, she would never thought about ganging up with people to steal my money. She waited.
I asked Robin to Take the drugs away from his house for the time being. He was still surprised that i had business partners who carried guns around.
I gave him his €2700 and left with Ify.

It was already getting dark when we got to our house. Our front door was closed the way i left it but i simple push opened it. I didn’t know how those silly thieves damaged the key. It didn’t matter anyway because i had made up my mind to look for a new place.

”I don’t want to know why you called people to come and steal our money. I call it our money because i have been paying the house rent alone while you occupied two rooms in the name of safeguarding one small bag for your boyfriend Chidi. I have been buying everything you eat in this house. I have been responsible for your clothes and hair and creams. There is a woman called Ada, who finds houses for people. Call her and ask her to find a room for you. You can also pack your belongings and go to Ikenna” i said.

She sat on the sofa and cried. I didn’t care. I didn’t feel anything for her. The colombians could have wounded or killed me because of her stupidity. It was dangerous to live with her in the same place when she wasn’t even an official girlfriend or wife.
It was after the burglary that i realised the mistake i had been making.

It seemed that i was a difficult person for women. I believed i didn’t give them the love and time they required and demanded. But i was a field soldier who had only one thing in mind.

Ify wasn’t a bad person, i never saw her did anything out of order. She was just a girl trying to survive. I had once given her money to send to her people back in Africa.
Somehow i believed that she needed money to prepare herself for any uncertainty that might befell me, but she could have just asked.
I allowed her to know where i hid my money under the table because i wanted her to be able to have some money to use or pay for lawyer if anything happened to me. But she decided to be faster.

I called Robin to start looking for a new apartment where him and I would occupy as our own. The sole owner of where he lived had gone to Spain for some business and we were lucky that he wasn’t around when the Colombians came. He would have asked Robin to leave.

”I am leaving this place any moment Ify. It is better that you start making plans on how to leave too. I don’t want to abandon you that way. If you need money for food, you can call me but you need to live alone. I don’t trust you anymore and you know why. Carlos wanted to shoot me and even Ikenna today because of his drugs. It was all because of you” i said.

She didn’t say anything. She just sat on the chair and cried. At a stage, she suddenly kept quiet and dried her tears.
I was alerted. I was also curious to know why she had suddenly stopped that way.

I shifted my gaze towards her and kept it there.

”Azubuike, I have something to tell you” she said.

”What is it” i asked.

She cleared her throat and said:

”I am Pregnant”

” Certain things catch your
eye, but pursue only those that
capture the heart.”

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