29: Candle In The Wind

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Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

At the Airport, we enquired for the tickets to Heathrow Airport London.

British Airways was the most expensive, despite being the only popular Carrier that flew to the airport straight from Lagos.
The KLM would have to stop over in Amsterdam before going to London. The Air France would also have to go to Paris before going to London and the German Lufthansa would go to Frankfurt or Munich before going to London.

The best choice was the British Airways despite being much more expensive, it was the only one going straight without transit anywhere. However, there was no vacant seat for the next day.
Unfortunately for us, there was a vacant seat that very day we were making enquiries but it looked somehow for me to rush Queen out of Lagos so fast. She needed to buy a few things before going back. She still had a lot of money with her. In fact i haven’t even touched her money. I was hoping to use some of her money to pay for the documents if it became expensive but since the amount was below 50,00, i decided to pay for her.

Air France, Lufthansa and KLM had vacant seats for the following day but we were warned to buy a ticket immediately since someone else could pick it up anytime.

I eventually settled for Lufthansa. I liked German Pilots, they were the best i used in the past, but that wasn’t the major reason why i chose them. I was more afraid that Queen could decide to leave in France and return back to the Streets if we used Air France. Therefore since there was no direct flight the next day, i decided to route her to Munich first.

After buying the Lufthansa ticket, we drove back to the Island and went to Idumota to buy some clothes for her. She knew there were better clothes in the UK but surprisingly, she agreed to buy them in Nigeria, citing the reason as being more expensive in the UK. She knew it was time to start saving money because Zuby was never going to be with her in the United Kingdom.

Before w left Idumota, we changed some of her Euros to British Pounds. Most of the expenses we made were from me but i also spent some of her money.

Back in the Hotel, we packed up and went to the Bar Beach. It was time to go out for the last time. I knew it but as a human being, i believed we could still meet someday in the future; no one could tell though.

At a thatched hut in the Beach, we sat on the ground and started a deep conversation.

Queen wanted to know if i would really come to the United Kingdom.
“I dont really believe you will come for me in the UK” She had said.

There was no need emphasizing too much on that question. I knew within myself that only a miracle would take me to the UK. I preferred Central Europe and their deep Cultures but even at that, i believed i wasn’t going anywhere near Europe again soon.
If i had to travel again, it would be to an Asia Country. The Economy of the East was opening up like fire while that of Europe was stagnant.
Europe had managed to reach their foreseeable Future due
Due to their foreseeable future while Asia, just like Africa, was still there to be taken.

“I dont want to talk too much about this. Everything i have done from the day i found you in Paris to this moment we are sitting here, how many of them did you believe i would really do?. You never trusted that i would go this far, but i never complained. You thought i would abandon you in Amsterdam, in Lagos and in Enugu but look at where we are today. The documents i promised you in a Paris Hotel room has just been procured and paid for. Your ticket back to the UK has just been purchased. Almost all your money is still intact and i am still sitting beside you here in Lagos despite the numerous tasks waiting for me down in Enugu. If i were you, i would be grateful first and then hope that the future becomes better. You are a woman who wanted the best man for herself but sometimes, you just have to let go of the things you care for. If they return, then they really belongs to you. I am not sure when i will come to the UK, but the good news is that i have someone who can easily make me come to the UK. That person is you. If you think that i am abandoning you, that’s your own opinion. If you chose not to go to the UK, our finances will soon go down and then you will find out the other side of Nigeria. Your departure will make things easy for me but remember to live your life when you get there. I will see you off to the airport tomorrow and watch you leave this hell called Nigeria. Like your relatives told you in the past, UK is be better for you” I said.

She was crying while she listened to me and at a stage, she put her head on my shoulder and cried more. It was already late in evening and the cold breeze from the Atlantic hit us occasionally.
It was a perfect scene to fall in Love but unfortunately, we were falling out of love. Life was ironical and sometimes things turn upside down but deep down in my heart, i knew i loved Queen. I was not good at giving flowers to girls or telling them sweet words just to have my way but every woman that ever came too close to me never wanted to go. It was because i told them the truth from the beginning and maintained the nucleus of the truth for almost all the time.

They have come and gone like a candle in the wind;

Maria, From Lekki Beach Lagos to Europe, the most popular of them all, the most dedicated, the most hopeful and the most matured. Live on My Maria because when one door is closed, many more are open.

Jennifer, From Lisbon to Berlin, my first love among them all. The one who triggered the rescue earthquakes. The one who initiated the running from one city to another. I am Happy that she is happy today.

Naomi, my French Sweetheart. The one who thought she had caught the wind by the tail, only to find out that it has always been a mistake to cage a tiger.

Esther and Ngozi, the spoils and prisoners of war. Came and was blown away by the hurricane.

Agnes, the asylum girl. For her, the boss knew that we were heading get nowhere. It was always a matter of time. She came when I was interested in one thing; Geld.

Ify, the abandoned girl. Lucky girl, was sent away to the Ireland to safeguard her and her little kid from the harsh realities of single motherhood in Western Europe.

Lisa, Promise, Fatimah, name them all. The fringe loves who never really understood me.

And then the Queen herself, the last of them.
She was leaving. She was the last European connection.

I knew that as soon as she goes, my link with the European girls would be severed.
It would be time to look home and see what the gods kept for me there. If it was intended for me to be hooked up in Europe, just like many other Nigerian men, i would have married one of them. But it never happened. I resisted the urge to settle down in a foreign land. I was made to stay home.

Goodbye My Queen.


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  1. Ella

    Wow! We meet to part and part to meet. What an emotional episode. I hope u get to meet again someday! I sent you a message on watsapp but it’s yet to deliver. What’s wrong?

  2. sunny

    I almost cry when you are mentioning name of all the girls. Zubby, ur brain is something else. Thank you

  3. horlabiyi

    I’m pretty sure the reason for the password thingy is for him to know those reading the updates without commenting. If you have password and eventually use it and you didn’t comment he’s going to know with the software.

  4. solomon sly

    Zuby am almost in tears when I remembered all the girls u have rescue on the street,I prAy may the good Lord continue to protect and guide u wherever u go IJN. I know u don’t believe in Jesus Christ but since I I believe so shall it be. May almighty God be with u.

  5. ach4u

    Queen finally made it to UK, Boss are different from many of us.You really can help.

  6. Anonymous

    “It was a perfect scene to fall in love but unfortunately we were falling out of love”, that got me wow-ed. One can just relate to it when you imagine a past relationship you wished was turning North but unfortunately going southwards. You are very good with words. Goodbye Queen, its a real candle in the wind.

  7. AAO

    “it was a perfect scene to fall in love but unfortunately we were falling out of love”, that got me wow-ed. One can easily relate to it when you remember a past relationship you wished was turning North but unfortunately going southwards. You are very good with words. Goodbye Queen, its a real candle in the wind.

  8. beeswax

    reading this early this morning really triggered some deep thoughts in me. ride on boss

  9. Amina Williams

    So touching and inspiring!!!!! Well done zubby, nw back to enugu for immediate search of ur brother. The lord be with you all through, you believe or nt.

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