29: Apartment 27.

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The following Monday, Maria told me about her friend in Spain who recently brought four teenagers from Africa. According to her, the lady’s method of business was to use her money to bring the girls to Europe, then sell them at much higher prices to the Madams who can’t bring girls to Europe on their own. It was then that I knew there were many methods they used in doing the Slave trade business.

She insisted that we call and tricked her into sending two of them to Sweden. Her excitement over the whole business was overwhelming.

“Baby i understand you very well but we are going to be doing this one after the other. Situations could occur where we have to start running or hiding with the teenage girls, it would be very difficult for us to do that if they are many. You and your thugs nearly killed me just because I was running with Ngozi; imagine a situation where we have three or four girls without travelling documents running with us. Have patience, you will be surprised how time flies. First of all, let us go to the library and search for available apartments” I said.

We walked to the Library and searched for houses within the area. There were several two bedroom apartments scattered within 2 miles radius of where we lived. I picked up their numbers and took them to William who didn’t go to work that morning; he was on a night shift.

After making three calls, we all drove to the first apartment and inspected it.
It was a newly refurbished apartment in an old building. The agency had recently changed the floor to tiles and put on modern pvc ceilings, new Fridge and Gas cooker. It was eye catching but William insisted that we checked out other ones. He was going to rent the house with his papers; therefore I decided to let him make the decisions. As for me, I only needed an apartment to stay and perform my operations.

We drove to the second apartment which was close to a train Station and inspected it as well. It was a new apartment altogether with new everything. The apartment was on the second floor which was good for me because it meant that i could always use the Lift or the stairs. The price was Sek500 higher than the previous one; we decided to go for that one since everything in it still worked. The price was Kr5400, the equivalent of €600 per month. It was a good price because i paid over €900 for such places in Amsterdam.

We followed the agent to his office and signed the contract; then we paid for the first two months and picked up the keys.

Due to the fact that it was a new place, it didn’t have some basic items yet. It only has a four-sitter gas cooker with oven. A tall double door fridge, electric heaters in all the rooms, window shutters and nothing else.
The first thing we did was to move all our items from the old one-room apartment to the new one, then we returned to the African Market and purchased the other things we needed. We bought Two large Mattresses, a set of used leather sofa (two pieces- one long and one single seater), a flatscreen TV and DVD, one more cooking pot; a larger one. We also bought house cleaning items and detergents for toilet.

By the time it was evening, our apartment has already become well equipped and organised. But when i looked at my money, i didn’t need anybody to tell me that i was going to require money urgently. Maria didn’t help out, she claimed she has no money. I told her not to worry since part of her money was involved in the things we bought; it was true that I took it by force in Italy but since she lived with me in Sweden, the money has to become hers again even if I was the one holding on to it. I wanted her to feel involved too. The plan was to make her lower her revenge intentions if she still harboured any. I believed it would work because i made her understand that everything belonged to both of us and not just me.

In the evening of that Monday, the house woman baked some meatpie and we ate with orange juice. Despite my being on alert, i was sure that i was going to be feeding well. Maria was good at cooking and she loved doing that. It was the same with most of the Benin girls I came across in Europe; they liked to feed their men well, perhaps it was to make them work well in bed. There were good in bed too; It made me wondered if the Calabar girls were even better than them in bed. All we ever heard from mouth to ear was that Calabar girls were the best in bed but I wasn’t sure.

The rest of the day wasn’t exciting but we eagerly waited for the next day. Maria had purchased some Nigerian movies and Music videos at the African Market which she forced me to sit and watch with her. I wasn’t really interested in them but there was nothing else to do and I really needed to continue acting the good boyfriend.

Maria got a call from Aunty Joy that evening; she called and told Maria that her girls will be coming before the coming Friday. She asked about accommodations and feeding; Maria told her that she just found a new apartment where they would stay until they can be able to pay for one-room apartment of their own. They talked more about other things which i wasn’t interested in.

As it stood then, Maria was already involved. It would be difficult for her to go back because even if things didn’t work out as planned, she was going to lose trust with all the people she contacted about sending their girls to Sweden.

A quick count revealed that about three girls could be with us by Friday. I still didn’t know how the asylum and school system in Sweden worked but i knew that the Swedish government encouraged Schooling for foreigners; they were among the Countries with the cheapest tuition fees in the World. A lot of foreigners were all over their Universities doing one course or the other. What was left for me was to make enquiries to determine the age range of immigrants they allowed to go to school after Asylum. Alice was supposed to tell me all about that but she was no longer co-operating with me and it could be dangerous to involve her with our plans; she could call Napoli and destroy the whole thing. Napoli was the hub of the African immigrant prostitutes; Rome; Paris and Milan Followed closely. Then there was Malaga and Valencia too in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal and all over Greece. The Benin Women Conquered Europe through sex trade. That was why I didn’t believe Calabar girls could conquer them.

I decided to go into town to make enquiries on the following Wednesday since there won’t be much free time for me the next day which was Tuesday. We were going to Vadstena Abbey to visit Fatimah and needed to return on time to welcome our first girl at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm.


My phone rang at around 7pm that Monday evening; the call was from Katherine Jacobsen who wanted to know if my crazy wife has left Sweden.

“She is not a crazy wife Katherine and please don’t refer to her as one again. I love her very much and i know she loves me as well” I had said and switched off my phone.
After the call, i didn’t say any word to Maria about the call but she eventually asked who it was.
“One of the white girls you met here” I had said quietly.
“Did she just call me a crazy woman?”

“Maria i told her that i love you and that is it” I said
“What does she want?” She asked again.
Dedicated to the Dead and wounded victims of the recently conducted Nigerian Immigration Programme. Our Country will one day be managed by informed people who anticipate such developments

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”


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  1. henry4lif

    suddenly suddenly one time enemy is now ur wife”’oga zubby@if u noor marry maria this time consider urself gone

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    Nice one. I need an option to change my password asap Zubby. Can’t find any. Reply

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    My brother running with 3 gals will not be easyooooooooo
    let keep watching.

  4. Danyyoung23

    African china says ur worse enemy can be ur best frnd nd it’s true. Maria worse zuby eneny dem in italy is nw oga zuby wife here in swedish

  5. kajiang02

    You still didn’t write Maria’s response to the question asked on the last chapter.

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    success in sweden may be diffecult since it a different stratagy and a totally new way of opration….. jus cant wait to see how the Boss pulls out success for the first opration.

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    will have to investigate who is better on bed between Benin and Calabar girls…

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    There’s one thing I noticed about love/hatredness….. Any body that love’s ll continr loving U, no matter how bad U are, and the person that hates U ll continr hating U no matter how u try to please her…… A warnin sign to couple’s, marry someone that love’s U more than the way U love’s her **LOVE IS THE GREATEST FORCE ON EARTH**

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    na xo….but zubby ,i think you are making maria fall in to trouble, for it seems that maria will land in to trouble with all metwrks in sweden only if you will keep her out of it wen d girls returns

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    Oga zubby, thanks for dedicating this chapter to victims of the recently concluded NIS interview. It’s my prayer that one day this nation would be truly great and the common man won’t have to suffer such consequences. Owo meji fun eniyan kan. Tuale for oga zubby.

  11. Sexy Sapphire

    Wow…….dis is so emotional and motivating. Only if we humans can just believe in destiny and stop blaming ourselves for misfortunes.

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