29: Lets have your digits

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Back in the car, I had asked the big one what her name was. She said it was Aisha. I figured it was Hausa. They looked it anyway but I guess they lived all their lives in Lagos.
One of the younger ones who sat at the back of the car on our way back, had also announced her name as Zainab. I didn’t ask her name but she decided to tell me anyway. From that moment, I knew she was the most interested in me. As a result, I had started devising a plan on how to jump unto her at any slight opportunity.

The opportunity came earlier than expected. While the other two were busy changing their cloths inside, Zainab had been walking past me in the sitting room with her sexy sports pants.
”Can you get me a glass of water please” I asked her in one of her numerous show tour in the sitting room.

She had went inside and returned with a small can of water and a manufactured smile on her face. I had decided to ask her a few questions.
”Are you a student” I asked.
She nodded and said Unilag.

”Do you have a phone number” I asked knowing that I may not get the opportunity again.

She called out her numbers as I wrote them down with my phone.

Barely a minute after saving the phone number, Aisha showed up with her mother. She had changed her cloths and was wearing a flowing red gown.

She introduced me to the mother as a man who had drove them back from the beach. I had stood up to greet the mother who, after responding, asked me to sit down.

She asked Aisha to go get me something to drink. Since I had figured that they must be Muslims, I demanded for malt. She went inside and got it from the fridge.

Whatever they were planning to do, I was ready to witness it.

Aisha was about 23 or thereabout which was considered more than old enough to get married in the muslim World.
She eventually came and sat near me on the same sofa. She pointed to the large image on the wall and said it was her father. According to her, he was killed on a peace mission in Liberia.

She said she was a student at ABU Zaria while her younger Sister Zainab was studying law at The University of Lagos. The youngest one was still at The secondary school. The only son in their family was studying in London.
Their family was pretty organized to my own understanding but of course one can never tell everything by mere looking.

I was comfortable in their house which led to me staying up to an hour and half before announcing my departure. Aisha walked me to my car and gave me her phone number. I took notice of an old 504 peugeot packed in their compound.

I drove back slowly out to the Ahmadu Bello way, past Federal palace hotel on the left and down to CMS.

I got home in the evening after enduring the Hold up at The Liverpool area of Apapa.

As soon as I got home, I called Zainab. She picked the call at The first ring.

”Hello” she said.

”It is me Zuby, the guy from the beach today” I said.

She was very excited. I asked where she was and she answered that she had gone out to meet a friend. She said her friend was there with her and that she had told her about me.
Great! Interesting time never cease to come.

She asked where I lived and I told her. She asked if I could come and pick them up on Sunday to know the place. I gave her an excuse that I would be traveling to Enugu.

I wasn’t ready for the Sharia Love, I needed to make some research on how it worked. I have never dated a core Muslim and I didn’t know how they took dating. I didn’t know if there was a way out if one started the dating. I didn’t know how they even regarded non muslims especially we the Igbos. I wanted to find out all those things before I got myself to a point where it would be difficult to bolt out.

I told Zainab that I would come pick her up as soon as I returned from the east. She agreed.

I was already on a calling mood, therefore I called Liz in Aba with my old number. She was missing me as usual.
I told her that I won’t be traveling soon again. She asked if she could come to Lagos after the semester which was about to end. I told her to wait until I returned to the east.

I called Jennifer. She had entered into hardship. Her money had finished again. Mr Osagie had no job. According to Jennifer, he was feeding from her money and that explained the sudden finish of the money I left her.
”You can always go back to Achim” I had told her and hung up. It was more like a gloat.
It was difficult to forget what I had been through with her but the idea of a man living in my apartment was never going to get any kind of sympathy out of me for Jennifer. I even believed that mr Osagie must be using some of my things.

I called my mother in the East who was bent on saying that some people had bewitched me with the money I gave them in the village. She said she was praying to break the jinx.
I on the other hand knew the mistakes I made with my documents, I had asked for a passport from Nigeria and it had been done in my absence. It was my fault as I should have gone to Madrid to make a passport.
I had also hasten my resident permit process in Portugal due to the fact that I needed to run away from there after getting myself involved with Madam Grace and her prostitution syndicate.

After the calls, I laid down on the rug and slept.

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