28: The Virtual Family

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“Sister Eve, when are the visiting days at the Convent, i want to go and see Fatimah” I said as soon as we got out of the Church.


She said it was only on Tuesdays. I asked if I could go there the next Tuesday. She said i could but that she needed to call her hostel Mistress first. I gave her my phone and she made the call. When she finished, she told me that i could go but warned that i was not allowed to take anything to her.

It seemed that they didn’t take things from the outside at the Convent.

Maria and I left the Church and took a cab back home. Inside the cab, she received a call from Aunty Adesuwa who told her that her girl will move to Sweden on Tuesday evening.

Maria asked if it was OK since we were traveling to Vadstena to visit Fatimah.

“It is Ok Maria. We will divide the labour; You wait for the new girl while i go visiting to Vadstena” She said.

“No, i will go with you to see Fatimah, don’t forget that she is my girl. I want her to know that i am not angry with her. You don’t have to be worried. I am not going to start anything in a Catholic Convent; am I?” she said.

After carefully considering what she said, i agreed that she go with me. The whole point of the visit was to take Maria there anyway. I wanted to test her resolve to stay with me. I already knew she couldn’t start anything at the Convent. Vadstena Abbey wasn’t a place she could make noise let alone start anything violent.


“We will go there early in the morning and make sure we return before evening” I said. She hugged me and promised never to disobey me if only i could trust her.

“I will trust you when i will but it will be a gradual process. Don’t forget you owe me a slap in the face” I said and she laughed.

“Its Ok, if slapping me back will make you relax with me, i will gladly present myself for that” She said.


After our conversation, we went together to the kitchen and started cooking Rice and stew. It was the typical Nigerian food for Sundays everywhere in the World. It was a tradition i learnt from when i was a kid in my rural Village.

I concentrated on the white rice while she prepared the stew. We joked as we did our jobs and stole quick kisses every now and then. It was apparent that we were going to start banging sooner or later. It was going to be far better than what we did while i was in Castle Volturno because we were happier in Stockholm Sweden. I was very angry in Italy and making love wasn’t what one does with anger.


It took us an hour to finish our food since we cooked the Meat before going to the Church earlier that morning. Since i was in the kitchen the entire cooking period, i took my by myself with another plate and went to the room; she was going to eat alone for the day.


“If the girl comes on Tuesday, you will go to a hotel and sleep while i stay with her here. I need to try to convince her alone” I joked in the middle of the lunch.

“No, Azubuike it is either you rent a hotel for the new girl alone or three of us sleeps here. You slept with two women on this same bed the first day i came here” She said.

“That is true but we didn’t do anything” I said as i grabbed a chunk of meat From the stew and put in mouth.

“I am sure you didn’t do anything. You only preached them to stay away from the cold streets and do something better with their lives” She joked.

“Shut up and eat, didn’t they teach you that you shouldn’t talk when eating” I said.

“Ok Papa, i won’t talk again” She said.


The rest of the Sunday was like a Sunday; No major activities outside. Most of the utility shops were closed except few restaurants and tobacco kiosks. We went outside and strolled to the train station where we waited for close to twenty minutes before our train arrived. It happened that the transport company usually removed some trains out of work on weekends. It meant that the timetable changed during weekends.

We took the train to a Cinema house near the central station. We arrived in time to get a ticket for a new movie which was yet to be released to the public. We paid Kr90 each and watched the movie which was in English. Maria put her head on my should half of the time in the cinema hall. She was falling in love with me. I could feel that. It was true that i was on alert and it was also true that i didn’t plan for that to happen but i gave it a serious thought. It was the same way it happened between Jennifer and I out there in Apulia Portugal. It was true that Jennifer and I fell out eventually but being a human being, i needed that kind of moments too, we all deserved to feel loved one way or the other. The only reason why i held myself back inside the cinema hall was that i didn’t trust Maria yet for obvious reasons.

Right there at the Cinema house, I decided to lower my guards from 100% to 70%. I was going to maintain the eating together and sleeping on the wall parts though.


“Did you enjoy the movie?” I asked when we got out of the building.

“Yes, i loved it and i wished we could be doing that everyday. I am beginning to love you again and it will be a shame if you fail to realise that. I know you are still scared of me but only the time will tell” She said and smiled at me.

I didn’t say a word in response to what she just said; keeping quiet was the best i could do at that moment. If i let her know that i felt the same way, she could become dangerous for me if she had planned something. I wanted her to continue living on the edge with me. I was going to find out more of her love when the time was right but at that moment, there were businesses to take care of which i believed love could destroy.

Eventually i said, “Do you understand that i took your money and your girls away from you?”.

“I remember that everyday since you ran away with Ngozi. I cried over it and prayed over it too but there were times when i asked myself if what i was doing was right; It was just that i knew how to do nothing else. I tried my hands on drugs but i discovered that it was more dangerous than sex work; Drugs were just a one way ticket to Prison. I just wish things were different from what they are now but i guess there is no need blaming myself for what happened in the past” she said quietly.


“What will you do if i give you all your money back today?” i asked.


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

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  1. babajide

    Is anybody here, i am getting this time factor on point. Ride on Zubby……….

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    Bros you don overtake us oh by commenting first, all the same oga zubby that question was the Bomb i know she has never taught of that to be prepared is better prepare her for the money that is coming so she can have a better life, thanks for saving so many of our sisters from the cold street of europe.

  3. Corpspissed

    @babajide, am coming with full power now- watch out! 😎

    @post, it only get interesting at every post 😎

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    Its funny how human heart softens. She is falling in love with Zubby.

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    Maria will soon relax,just a matter of time.

    De boss Zubby I hail o!!

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    Try to imagine what d scenario will look like wen maria meets fatimah

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    bros zubby…pls dont break her heart ooo……..but watch well first ooo

  8. Chidooh

    Maria’s spirit has given up plans to hurt Zubby in retaliation with what has happened in the past. But, i’m scared and sorry for Maria because Zubby is unpredictably dangerous in his quest for actions in Scandinavia as it concerns rescuing black teenage prostitutes and money from the big mamas involved.

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    I dnt wnt d story 2 end, njoyin every bit of it…. more updates pls

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    if you give her back all her money maybe she will be the one to say “zubby will you marry me??” lol

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    zuby i see your liife with maria as one large chess board. greed can give u some big reward but then it can sink u too. seems u are aware of that but maria isnt.

  12. Eunisam

    if u ask me,i already conceiveably knw what maria’s respond will be.

  13. njide

    I don’t think that this is love,it might be lust since that’s her line of trade.

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    if maria loves money half as much as i do she’ll make up somtin just to get her money back

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    Ozoigbondu really no how to twist their brain. Let wait her responds

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    I have to ask this question,is this write up coming from your memory? Zubby,I must say I’m impressed now and have been impressed for a long long while.

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    Wonder if you’ve juiced this up to keep us going or its the absolute reality?

  18. lastdon1

    Maria sometimes will wonder he kind of human person u are. Ever heard of conqueror? Dat is what Ozoigbondu is

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    That’s my favourite quote there. Aristotle if I’m not wrong. Finding solace is sometimes our problem, I think maria has found hers.

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    Hmmmmmmm;nice write up as always.

    Pls;Zubby I have been trying 2 move to the next page/chapter for somdays now.but I have always been getting an error response like “bandwidth limit reached”.pls help out.

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