28: Kiruna, The Ice City

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Chapter 28: Kiruna, Sweden.

Adla slept with me in the hotel until the next morning when she left. I gave her 50 and wrote my French phone number in a piece of paper for her. What i felt when we were naked in the bathroom wasn’t something i should have only once. One way or the other, we were going to meet again.

As soon as Adla left, I went to the train station and checked the train tickets to Kiruna. I was going to the heim there to find out why Precious did not let anybody know were she was.

Asylum camps were like universities; one learnt good and bad things there depending on the people you met. Precious could have made some friends whom she thought were good for her and could have followed them to anywhere. I was going to ask questions until i find her.

Unfortunately, there were only night direct trains from Stockholm to Kiruna. If i had known, i would have gone for the journey the previous night but then there was Adla who prevented that possibility.

One thing about life was that every single thing we did prevented us from doing another thing. If we were sleeping, it stopped us from being awake; Life was simply that way.
Sometimes,  we did bad things that stopped us from doing the good ones and vice versa.
I didn’t blame myself for allowing Adla to stop me from traveling the previous night since i didn’t know if she stopped bad thing from happening to me. Such things made me believed that there were some higher forces working for or against us at every given time in our lives.

I took a cab to the Arlanda airport and sure, there were flights to Kiruna from Stockholm. The SAS airliner had two flights daily while the FlyNordic had one flight daily.

I bought a ticket with the SAS and waited for an hour before we departed.
It took us an hour and half to get to Kiruna.

At Kiruna, I saw a different World. Kiruna was an ice city, sitting right there in the artic circle. We were in April yet there were heaps of Snow and ice everywhere. The river was frozen and could be passed as an express highway.

As we walked out of the airport, the tourist companies handed fliers to us. A particular one caught my attention. It was about an Ice Hotel.
An Ice hotel, what was it supposed to look like?

“Excuse me, where is the Ice Hotel?” I asked the lady who gave me the flier.
“It is in a nearby town called Jukkasjarvi, not far from here” She said.

I walked outside the airport and took a cab to the town. It took us about 15 minutes to get there.
There were many tourists who just came to see the hotel built with blocks of ice. The windows of the bar were also made of ice glasses. It was a wonder on earth.
According to the history posted on the wall, the hotel functioned between December and April when the temperature would go high and the ice blocks melted.

I sat at the bar and took two shots of Vodka before going out. It was true that i should have checked out other strange things in the town but i was in Kiruna for a reason.

I got to the Taxi stand and asked a man if he knew where the Heim was situated. He asked the kind of heim i was talking about and when i told him, he said he knew.

We drove to the heim and when i found two black people outside, i knew i was at the right place.

I paid off the cab man and he left, then i called the two black people i saw and greeted them.
They didn’t know any word in English language. I tried hard to explain to them with hand signs that i was looking for someone but they couldn’t understand me. It was even more difficult to ask where them Came from; i doubted if they were Africans.

Since i couldn’t get anything out of them, i approached a group of Bhutans smoking ciggarte at a corner.

“Excuse me, English?” I asked.
One of them made a sign signifying that he understood a little English.

“I am looking for a girl, African girl here” i said.

After looking at each other, one of them motioned me to follow him into the heim.
We got to the general kitchen and saw a black middle aged woman cooking. The Bhutanian pointed at her and left.

“Hello, good day Ma” I said with a hopeless hope of wishing that she spoke English.

“Hi, how are you?” She said.
Great, she knew English.

“I am fine, i am looking for a Young girl called Precious. She was transferred here not long ago” I said.

“Oh, The little girl. Is she your sister?” She asked.

“Yes, she is my sister” I said without trying to complicate things.

“Why did you leave her here? This is no place for young people” She said.

What was she talking about?

“Please where is she?” I asked as my heartbeat increased rapidly.
Something was apparently wrong.

“Let us go and check her room” she said as she walked to the corridor leading to different rooms.

There was no response when we knocked on room 11. After the fourth knock, i pushed the door in and it opened.

Precious was sprawled on the bed with her eyes open. There was a small metal plate with butts of smoked cigarette and weed smoking papers inside.

Miss Precious was turning junkie and wasn’t getting any kind of help from anybody.
There were many questions to be answered by her. Questions such as why she didn’t try to locate me when she was posted to Kiruna. Questions such as why she turned from a little precious girl to a junkie with smokes and bottles of Vodka littered all over the place.

Kiruna was such a cold place situated in the ice artic circle but that never meant that the inhabitants should smoke themselves to death.

As Precious and I looked at each other, i doubted she even recognized me. She just stared at me as if i was a stranger in her life.

The first thing i decided there while standing at the entrance door was that Precious was leaving Kiruna with me even if i had to kidnap her.

“Thanks Madam, you can go” I turned and said to the woman standing behind me.

“Please help her, she is dying here” The woman said as she walked back towards the kitchen.

“Hello Precious, have you eaten anything today” I asked as i sat beside her.

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  1. Dejust

    One thing about life was that every single
    thing we did prevented us from doing
    another thing. If we were sleeping, it stopped
    us from being awake; Life was simply that

    u amaze me with ur intuation to get d root of every matter,

    Thank God precious wil not just die in frustration,

    top of the morning to all globalruns member worldwide……

  2. njideoby

    Precious must have been fed up with life. That is surely a sign of frustration.

  3. meexteeriox

    Zubby jst in time to rescue little precious Frm life’s agony.

  4. Joe Dejana

    I felt the same way when I drank a bottle of whiskey yesterday evening….at night my dad thought I was dead because I wasn’t functioning , when I woke up early this morning(hungry like die) he said “some spiritual forces attacked me and he saw it in his dream. And he had to use annointed water from synagogue to revive me”. Then I showed him the bottle of whiskey.

  5. akarolo

    That’s is life. It isn’t every girl that Zuby rescued will turn out to be responsible. There must be one who will at d long run, blame Zuby for rescuing her.

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    She real realy need help turning her self into junk is something else.

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    Either influence or affluence, she was introduced to it. 😎

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    The f*ck u doing precious? Too bad for you but thank ya god ya boss is around and ready to help you once again.

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    Whoever did this 2 little Precious, just know that there is God ooo

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