27: The Thieves

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Chapter 27: Thieves.

A kilo of Cocaine was €27000. It was true that i had saved some money but it wasn’t up to €27000. Carlos and his mobs expected me to pay them their money.

The biggest problem was that i couldn’t go to the Police to report the burglary. I was living illegaly in Amsterdam. Even if i went to the police, there was no way i was going to tell them that one kilogram of Cocaine was stolen from me. That left me with just Carlos and his mobs.

I waited until 8am before i called Hugo to come. When he came, he saw that my door was broken.

”Hugo, I called you here to see this. I don’t know who broke into my house yesterday and stole my things” i said.

After walking around the house, he called Carlos and reported that i had been robbed. He told Carlos that the thieves took the cocaine and my money.
Carlos didn’t say much, he just promised to come down to Amsterdam and see me.

It was obvious that the thieves knew i was not at home. It also meant that it had a Nigerian connection. Someone who knew me very well had known where i would be that night. As a result, i decided to start underground investigation. The only problem was that Carlos may not give me enough time to act.

The money i hid under the table in my room was also taken. It was about €8000. My room was not scattered. Whoever took the money had gone straight to where it was and took it.
Who could have done that?
Ify knew where the money was, she also knew that Carlos visited me the day before the incident.
Carlos had come to take his money and had given me one kilogram to sell.

The whole fingers pointed to one person; Ify.
It was almost impossible to suspect her but i never really trusted Ify. The way she came into my life wasn’t  so good, she came through the back door.

When she walked into the bathroom to bath, i went to her room, took her phone and walked back to my room.
Then i went through the call logs.
She had called one Ikenna at exactly 21:24, that was the time i was on stage.
I copied down the phone number of Ikenna and browsed through the message inbox.
What i saw there jolted me. It was a message from an unregistered number. It read: ”We don finish”.

I copied the number down as well. By the time i came out of my room to drop her phone back, she was already back in her room.
I dialed Robin’s number from her phone and started talking.
”Guy, some people broke into my apartment. I am calling you from my girl’s phone. I have no airtime in my own phone” i said.
I made sure Ify heard me very well.

”Baby, i borrowed some airtime from your phone to call somebody” i said.
She said it was OK.

After taking her bath, Ify said she was going out to Amsterdamse poort.
”Its Ok, you can go. I need to have some rest” i said.

I quickly went into my room and put on a trouser and pullover. When i came out, i saw Ify walking towards Amsterdamse Poort.
I took the lift downstairs and followed her. She got to a large building opposite the Police Station and pressed a bell.
A few seconds later the door was opened for her.

I left there and took a Snoda down to Robin’s house.
He was eating when i got there, i joined him.

”I think Ify was involved in what happened in our house” i said.
I went on to tell him how i reached that conclusion. No doubt, he felt the same way too but he warned that Ikenna could also be a guy she was dating.
We discussed about how to find out.

Since i already got Ikenna’s number, it was easy to track him down.
I gave his number to Robin. He called him.

”Hey guy, its me. Do you know anybody who have good stuff, i need half Kilo” Robin said.
Naturally he asked Robin who he was.
Robin told him that they exchanged numbers in Amsterdamse poort sometime ago.

Every Nigerian in Amsterdam visited Amsterdamse poort atleast twice a week. That was where everything centered.

Ikenna said he knew someone who had some stuff.
Robin asked where it was and promised to visit them instantly.

Although drug business was not a business you discuss with people you didn’t know very well but every Nigerian, especially the Igbos in Amsterdam shared their numbers among each other. Even if someone called and asked for some stuff, as long as he spoke Igbo Language, it was assumed to be safe to deal with him.

Robin went alone to Ikenna. He met Ify there. Ikenna had made a call for someone to bring the stuff to his place. When the stuff arrived, Robin cooked it as usual and confirmed it to be good. However, he gave excuse that he wanted brown stuff but since the one Ikenna had was good, he bought only 100 grams.

When he returned, i checked the stuff and knew that it was the Colombian stuff from Carlos.

I called Carlos instantly.

”Big C, i think i found the people who stole our stuff” i said.
He told me that he was already on his way to Amsterdam.
I waited or him in Robin’s House.
When he arrived, Carlos was with two other South Americans i had never seen before.
They had entered the apartment and sat down.

”My friend, you told me you found the thieves, did you get my stuff from them” Carlos had said.
The look in his eyes suggested that he was in no mood to play around.

”I think my girlfriend, knew about the deal. I checked her phone and saw that she called one guy last night when we were at a party. I took the guy’s number from her phone and gave to my Cousin here. He called him and got this stuff from him” i said as i handed the 100 gram to him.
He sniffed it and handed it over to another one of his gang.
The new guy checked it and nodded. It was a confirmation that it was from their cartel. One of them went to their car and came back with a brown liquid. They took a small sample of the cocaine and dropped it inside the liquid, it changed from White to blue. They all looked at each other and smiled.

”You are a clever man my friend. Where does this guy live” Carlos asked.
I told them the name of the building where Ikenna lived.

They stood up at once.
We were going to Ikenna.

” Go confidently in the
direction of your dreams. Live
the life you have imagined”

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  1. Jimmy Warlat

    Why would people betray those who have been good to them. Oh Ify, i only you knew who you were dealing with.

  2. Emeka Enudi

    Am feelin sorry 4 Ikenna, Already. Its always safe never to trust women too much



  4. Henry uche

    Ikenna, u just burnt urself. Next time ask ur spy agent what the likely reactions of ur target will be, Milan and Carlos no dey 4gv o.

  5. adaugo

    I pity ify 4 dis tin she has done, y do most gals betary d trust dey hv frm dia love ones.

  6. Numero uuuno

    Hush…..i guessed it almost correctly.
    Zuby isn’t gonna allow carlos kill his kinsmen..or so i tot.
    Ify fuck up sha,na wa o
    Zuby,in addition to being smart,you’re lucky she’s dumb not to have cleared her call and message logs.
    Still following….

  7. Delis

    If Zuby were 2 handle d situation alone, it would be a bit imaginable in reference 2 other past similar situations, but with the help of Big C n his gangs, d actn film remains unimaginable untill d story unfolds.

  8. Jaykizz

    I cannot imagine the sense of betrayal some igbos have on one another…but I think its common an igbo man necer wants his broda to outshine him n dats why they are the way they are. Zuby u are the smartest dude av ever taking note of

  9. titan

    Zubby is so smart…see how he dug up Ify’s snitching…ladies are leeches; so said mike tyson….leave Ify to suffer with no one to take care of her in Bijlmer

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