27: The Last Night Club

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Chapter 27.

When i told Queen that we were leaving for Lagos the following day, i was dead serious. Only that she thought i was joking.

“Tomorrow, why so fast, we haven’t even spent much time together here” that British accent.

“Queen, there is trouble around me, which i wouldn’t want you to be affected with. Someone is missing in my family which you know about. The same people are after me. They will abduct or even shoot me together with anyone found near me. Your life may be in danger. I allowed you to stay here with me because i love you and want to protect you like i promised. We are traveling to Lagos tomorrow morning. Pack and arrange your things, we will be driving” I said.

She frowned her face but i didn’t care. To pacify her, i said, “Get ready though, we are clubbing this night”.

Her face changed from indifference to smiles. I knew she was going to like it. She had asked for it several times but never got it. We were going to the Toscana Villa. I heard there was a club house inside the premises.

We played and chatted until 11pm, then we walked out to Agbani road and picked up a yellow cab. Thanks to the current government, the Enugu State had managed to organize the city in a way that there was light in the major streets at all times. There were also the numbered yellow cabs all over the city.
I had decided not to go with my car since i was traveling with it the next day. It would be bad if anything happened to it while driving home from the club due to alcohol. Secondly, the people who pursued me the other day might have known the car and may decide to punish me for escaping them.

They said it was a ladies’ night, therefore Queen didn’t pay for entrance but i did. I was surprised to see a thousand girls all over the place. It seemed that all the girls from Enugu State University of Science and Technology and the Institute for management Technology were all there at the club. I wondered what was going but then it was non of my business.
We came to have fun and that was what i intended to do.

Queen, after one bottle of beer, had dashed to the dance floor and started dancing like many other people.
I watched as men danced with her and touched her all over the body. I was tempted to go there and drag her away but then what for? She was leaving the next day and we may never meet again. I never believed she was mine due to the things happening between us. It was just not that easy to let her go but the mission at hand was far more important compared to keeping Queen.
The truth was that i would have forced Queen to start University Education in Nigeria. There were tens of good schools all over the place. I would be paying her bills of course and would eventually marry her before she knew what was going on. But that project was likely going to fail since i didn’t have access to my money yet. I was going to struggle to maintain her, therefore it was better that i sent her back to London where she belonged. Free lessons were
All over the place in Western World. Though there were some Degrees that required a whole lot of money to obtain.

“Hello” The feminine voice said beside me. She had come to sit where Queen was sitting.
“Is the seat free?” she asked.

“You can sit” I said.
I had been to many clubs and i knew that it wasn’t advisable to keep seats for people who were dancing, unless of course it was a VIP table.

“I am Meg” She said.

“From Where?” i asked.

“Esut” She said.

“Welcome. Where is Esut?” i asked.

“Do you mean you dont know Esut, are you not from Enugu?” She asked.

“Sorry, i am just drunk” I said.

“Are you alone here?” She asked.

“If you come to drink Whisky, you can take some from my bottle. Stop asking me anything” I said.

“Why are you being rude to me?” She asked.

“Am I obligated to be nice to you Sweetheart?” I asked.

“Never mind” She said as she poured some Jack Daniel into my empty plastic cup and swallowed it at once.

“is this how you drink in Esut?” I asked.

I was intentionally being rude since i knew that i had no chance of taking her home.

“I am a final year student” She said.

“Is that why you are almost naked?” I asked.

“This is the latest bumshot in town. Ask anybody who knows what’s envogue” She said.

I almost laughed but managed to hold myself since my intention was to frustrate her.

“Where are you from?” She asked.

“London” i said.

“No wonder you are being rude. Its because you have money. That’s how rich guys behave. I dont care anyway. Which hotel are you?” she asked.

“Golden Tulip on Bissalla Road” I said.
I knew the hotel was very expensive and i was sure she knew that too.

“Wow, that’s a big Man’s hotel. Can i drink more?” She said.

“Go ahead Meg” I said.

After gulping down the second one, she asked if i would take her home.

Three seconds after asking, Queen emerged from nowhere and announced that she was tired of dancing.

“Meg meet my baby girl, she returned with me. Baby meet my new friend Meg, she is a student somewhere here in the city” i said.

They stretched their hands and greeted each other but right there on Meg’s face, disappointment were written all over the place. It was understandable anyway because she had just been denied a visit to Golden Tulip Hotel and some cash which would have followed her back to wherever she came from.

“Lets go baby” I said as i stood up and grabbed my drink with one hand.
It was time to go. The next day was going to be all driving, though i liked driving when i was a little tipsy. It usually gave me the morale to push the gas pedal to the floor without fear.

A cab took us home and despite that, i still watched if we were being followed.
Danger was lurking everywhere, therefore one could never be security conscious enough.

Tomorrow was going to be spent on the highway which i had not driven in for years. As a Christian, i was supposed to pray and fast but unfortunately, i had forgotten every prayer line i knew as a Catholic.

But i knew i would get there safely.

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