27: The Inevitables

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Chapter 27. The Inevitable.

“Come here and remove my Jacket” That was Adla as soon as we returned to the hotel room.
That was how it usually started. There was still cold in Scandinavia unlike the southern European Countries. We were in April which meant that the more you go North, the more you meet more cold.

I wanted to ask if she couldn’t remove the jacket by herself but that would be unromantic.

“Right away” I said as i walked to her and zipped down the black jacket. It exposed a tight pullover which held two stiff and inviting boobs.
As i put the Jacket on the chair, she followed and held my waist.
That was when i knew i couldn’t get away from that one.
“Adla, is this why you followed me to Stockholm?” I asked as i turned around.

“Not really but it is cold down here. Lets keep ourselves warm on the bed” She replied.

I sat on the edge of the bed and removed my shoes while she sat near me and worked on my own pullover.

“How old are you?” I suddenly asked.
“Old enough to sleep with you” Adla fired back.

“I am serious”
“Does it matter how old i am? You can see i am matured enough. This is not my first time; so you don’t have to worry” She said again.

I was only with my boxers and socks when i was pushed back on the bed. Adla climbed on top of me and started work on every part of my body.
While she fumbled with my manhood, my mind flashed down to Maria in Napoli. I thought that i shouldn’t be on the bed with Adla or any other girl. I had just received news that i was going to be a father and despite the fact that Maria and I were not married, i felt guilty of not being able to discharge Adla at the Upsalla camp.

The sudden kiss on my manhood brought me back from Napoli. The issue of what i should do or not must wait. If i had to apologize to Maria, i would gladly do that.

The frail warm body of the Kenya girl lay on top of me as if i was carrying nothing. Her pointed boobs massaged my chest down to my stomach as she kissed my forehead down to my neck and all the way down to my belly button.

Immediately after kissing the belly button, her mouth would move slowly down to my already stiff manhood which would in turn sent sensational excitement all through my spines.
Although such things had been done on me several times but Adla was a new experience.

When she was done working on arousing all the necessary muscles in my body, i pushed her aside and picked up my wallet. The ever present durex condom was hidden in a small compartment specially designed for it by Rene Lacoste.

“Open this” I said as i threw one condom at her.
She tore it and put it slowly on my manhood.

“Turn your back” I said as i helped turned her around. Her soft black soft buttocks confronted my mind as i saw the hairs covering her cunt.
First things first, i brushed the pubic hairs with my hand and slowly found the moist opening of her cunt. Adla moaned as i dipped one finger, then two into her cunt and began to turn them slowly.
A minute later, she couldn’t bear It any longer as she turned, grabbed my manhood with her right hand and dipped it inside her cunt.
I started moving in slowly but gradually i increased the tempo.
The alcohol in my body prevented the sperm from coming out early as i continued pumping in and out of her.
The walls of her cunt had suddenly dried up and made the movement of my manhood a little more difficult.
It was a new experience as i forced myself in and out with different ecstatic feelings.
Some minutes on the position, i turned her around and lay on my own back; it was time for her to ride me.
Adla slowly climbed me and carefully guided my dick into her open cunt. The moisture on the walls has returned which made the entrance smooth.
She vibrated her hips slowly and as she took me to a different planet of feelings. I simply closed my eyes and squeezed her stiff breast as she bounced up and down on my dick.
It took over twenty five minutes of continuous pumping before the stubborn sperm finally busted itself into the rubber.

We lay side by side on the bed and panted until we recovered enough energy to function as normal human beings again; then i got up and went into the bathroom.

As i pulled out the used rubber to throw into the toilet, the voice said behind me, “Let us bath together”

I mixed the right amount of hot and cold water and led Adla into the bathtub. It took us two minutes to grab ourselves once more.
“Wait” I said as i stepped out of the bath with water all over my body. I walked into the room and picked up another rubber.
I tore it with my teeth on my way to the bathroom and handed it to Adla who professionally slipped it into my wet manhood.
I sat on the edge of the bathtub and motioned Adla to sit with her back turned to me. I held her hips as we guided her wet cunt into my already standing dick.

My manhood slipped into the wet cunt in one easy thrust as i started moving her hips up and down with a lot of energy. Adla also held the edges of the bathtub to help reduce the energy i was using as she bounced up and down on my dick.
We spent over five minutes on that position before i made her step out of the tub and hold the edge while i entered inside her from the back.
With a lot of energy, i hit her clitoris and the walls of her cunt so hard that she cried out in ecstasy. “Aahh aahh!” she shouted as i hit everything my manhood could find.

We both came at the same time as she turned and stood erect; then she hugged and held me for a minute before she recovered and removed the used rubber from my dick.

“Are you satisfied?” I asked that old question.
“Yes, you are great in bed” She said.

“Now tell me why you followed me to Stockholm” I said while i re-opened the taps to continue my bath.

“Nothing, it is like prison inside the camp and i needed some fresh air” She said.
“Precious must be lucky to have you as a boyfriend” Adla said.
“Precious is not my girlfriend and so are you. Now get ready to massage my back, it is paining me” I said and smiled at her.

” Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss
you until we meet again”

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    The sudden kiss on my manhood brought me
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