27: What are you doing

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I slightly pulled myself away from Amaka and stared at her as if she had committed a grave offence; or may be she had.

”Why did you do that” I shouted at her.
She kept quiet and kept her gaze on the floor.

I wondered what my next line of action would be. I can’t beat her, I can’t call her parents, I can’t just push her out of my house and yet I can’t rescind what she had done. The reality was that she is infatuated with me and the best way at that moment was to teach her why we could not date each other.

As a result, I held her hand and pulled her slowly to a seat. I sat opposite her and began my lecture on why she should concentrate on her studies now.

”Amaka, I know your friends all have boyfriends and I don’t know what they do with them but do you know you can easily get pregnant if you sleep with a man. I know you to be a very brilliant girl and if you get pregnant, your dreams and aspirations will end. You will stop school” I said to her.
She didn’t say anything. She just kept her gaze on the floor and listened.

”I know you like me and right inside your heart, you believe that you love me but that is not true. I regard you as my younger sister and I would do anything to make you happy but you can’t be my girlfriend. It would be difficult for me to love you because I am far older than you” I said again.

”Daisy’s boyfriend is older than her too” she capitalized on that little glitch.

”I don’t know who Daisy is and I don’t know her boyfriend. What I know is that I cannot be your boyfriend. You are just 17 Years according to you and I want a girlfriend who is Atleast 20 years. I like you too and I will wait for you until you are 20 years” I concluded knowing that it was a lie.

She had started crying right there on the seat. I told her that I had a daughter with a Ghanaian lady out of wedlock and that I wouldn’t want that to happen to her.

After my lectures, she remained where she was for so many minutes without saying anything.
It was getting late and I was sure her parents would be looking for her.

”Amaka you should be going now, your parents must be looking everywhere for you” I said.
A knock came to my door as I was about to drag her up from the seat. It was Emeka, her brother.
”Who is that” I answered with out opening the door.
”its me Emeka” came the voice behind the door.
He said he came to check if her sister had come to my house since they have checked all the places she normal goes without seeing her.

I opened the door and allowed her in.
”I knew you are here. I told mom you must have gone to uncle Zuby’s house” Emeka said.

What! What exactly were Emeka talking about? He had already told the mother that Amaka must have gone to my house.
The situation had suddenly escalated and the only remedy was to follow them to their house.

I walked with both of them to their cybercafe where the parents were already waiting for her with so much anger.

As soon as we entered, the Mother started yelling at her. She called her all sorts of names ranging from LovePeddler to prostitute.
I kept quiet knowing she would jump at me at any slight word from my mouth.

She eventually turned to me without any word from me.
”Azubuike even you, even you who I think was decent. How dare you call my daughter to come to your house. She is just 17 years and knows nothing. Will you marry her if you get her pregnant” she shouted for minutes while I kept quiet.

The husband Mr James was different. He didn’t say anything. He just listened to his wife shouting at me. He was surprised at the kind of calmness from me. I didn’t talk. I didn’t even blink an eye. I just stood in the cafe like a tree facing the outside. Any reasonable person there must have noticed that I had a stubborn thick mentality.

After several minutes of yelling and shouting, Mrs James quietened down.

It was Mr James’ turn to run his mouth. ”Azubuike you know how much we trusted you here. We even allowed you to study your computer on any system you chose, we allowed you to browse the internet for free. We didn’t expect this kind of thing from you. We will forgive you and allow you to continue but don’t let such thing happen again” he said.
Mrs Jude took the words again from his mouth.
”He is not working here again. Infact I don’t want him near our house again since he was only here to defile my daughter” she continued rambling until she got tired, then she kept quiet.

There was a man whom they were photocopying his documents. The man had listened to everything they said. His name was Kola, a Yoruba man who lived down the street.

”Mr James, you and our wife have been shouting at this young man without allowing him to say anything. I think you people should hear from him first before sacking him from working here. You know how much he has been doing all the work here in your absence” Mr Kola said.

The whole place remained quiet as they waited for me to say something.

I was already getting angry and I usually say something silly whenever I was in that state of mind. As a result, I just stepped outside and left the place.

My time to talk will come when I am less worked up.

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