26: Only When You Have A Problem

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Chapter 26.

“You must go there as soon as possible. Emeka Ozuo has a large mirror where your brother and those who took him would appear. You will see all of them there” He said.

Really? Does something like that existed? These people were watching too many Nigerian films which were usually full of impossible scenes. They somehow believed that those scenes happened in real life.

In some of the scenes i watched when i was interested in the movies, i had seen actors such as Pete Edochie invoking one evil spirit or the other from the spirit world to do one harm or the other to someone. I had seen some Prayer warriors rant from morning till night just to uproot some charm that was planted at new building site. I had seen people sent spiritual missiles from one state to Lagos where some rich guy lived with his family, just to kill him and destroy his family out of wickedness. And Above all, i had seen the same mirror Victor talked about. It was in a movie where Someone wanted to use his mother for rituals. He had gone to the native doctor who took him to the mirror house. When they entered, the Native doctor started some incantations and when he was done, he asked the man to mention the person he loved most.

“My mother” the man had said.

Instantly, his mother appeared in the mirror, she was working somewhere in the farm. The surprised man was given a knife to pierce his mother’s heart.
He had protested to the native doctor that he didn’t want his mother dead.

“You must kill your mother now. This is a point of no return” The native doctor had said.

After some more persuasions, the man had struck his mother’s chest with the knife and watched in horror as the woman collapsed in the farm.

Before the man returned to his home, he received a call that his mother had died in the village. He traveled to the village after a week, with flashy cars and all kinds of rich friends. He had suddenly become very rich three days after he allegedly killed his mother.

As he arrived in the village for the burial of his mother, people were murmuring about how he had used his mother for rituals.

After watching the movie, i couldnt help but laughed. It was back in Brandenburg Germany, a girlfriend of mine called Agnes had brought the film for us to watch because she was a diehard Nigerian Movie fan despite coming from Uganda.

As i talked with Victor over going to Urualla to visit Emeka Ozuo in search of my brother, i remembered the movie i watched back then in Germany. It was almost exciting to know that i could be going to the mirror to watch those who kidnapped my brother, how they planned it, how they carried it out and how they escaped. I was going to find them finally. I was going to deal with them finally. How could the bastards not have thought about Emeka Ozuo before touching the tiger’s tail? It was going to be the end of the road for them. I was even going with my own knife so that if the Emeka Ozuo guy refused to give me his own knife to kill them, I would just produce my own and do the job.
Thanks to Mr. Victor he was finally about to solve the problem of Akpakas, the family that lost their son to the kidnappers.

“What days does he work?” I asked Victor.


“What was his price?” I asked. I knew he was going to ask for money. They all worked for money with excuses such as ‘i will buy eagle’s feather, tortoise’s tail, lizard’s intestine, elephant’s eye retina”. They usually mentioned such things they knew you wont be able to find in any market, therefore they asked for money to buy them themselves.

“Thirty Seven Thousand, five hundred” He said.

That wasn’t such big money for what he did if he did it. I would pay a million naira for that job any day and i was sure another million people would pay more than that if they received such service from the Emeka Ozuo guy.
Most Black men were rogues, looking for a small opportunity to defraud others. That was our trademark all over the world.
Was it not us black men that would manufacture fake drugs just to make profits, without regard to its effects on our people.
Was it not us blacks that would welcome and accept bribes from the white imperialists to inject our children with some unknown lab manufactured liquid substances.
We were the most backward race on earth and we were not helping ourselves in anyway. Those who attempted to help us were killed by either us or the imperialists themselves. And those who benefited from their evil programs knowingly or otherwise, would always tell us not to blame the west for our problems.

“No problem Mr. Victor, send me a message on how to get to Urualla, i will go there tomorrow or next” I said.

One thing was clear to me, this Victor of a guy knew Emeka Ozuo or at least had his phone number. He was going to call Emeka Ozuo and tell him that someone was coming to enquire about his missing brother. He would go as far as telling Emeka Ozuo the name of the missing guy and where he was abducted.

My fears was even confirmed when Victor, after sending me a message with the address, asked me the kind of car i would use to go there so that Emeka would know it was me when i come.

“Mercedes C Class” I had said.
It was a lie but since i was already suspecting his involvement in the matter as an agent, i decided to wear my camouflage.

“The Principal of my old school called me in the afternoon” Queen said excitedly, “He said the documents are ready. When are we going to pick it up?”.

I was happy when i heard the news from Queen. She said he had called me earlier in the afternoon but my phone number was unreachable. She was right, i was somewhere in Ezeagu forest looking for a missing brother in a dirty Dibia’s hut where even Google satellites couldnt locate.

“Tomorrow, we are going to Lagos tomorrow” I said.

The truth was that i wanted Queen out of the way. All my life, i had always had better success working alone. I was going to miss the beautiful girl but there were more of them all over the town.

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  1. prugged

    Zuby I suspect mr victor’s involvement in your brothers kidnap. Secondly your brothers wife and her so called barrister are already a suspect judging by the fact of not really giving a nil interest on your brother’s case from the on-set…..dis people are using every possible mince to divert your focus,cus dey know what you are capable of….I DONT KNOW IF AM D ONLY ONE SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING DIFFRENTLY

    • Anonymous

      Information from this article is too little to suspect anyone. Life is more complex, people are just taking advantage of the unfortunate situation to make a fortune for themselves. #Sad.story.of.the.dark.continent

  2. Emezue

    Ur brodas wyf is a prime suspect. I hope she is not from Ihe? Her atitudes disgusts me

  3. ach4u

    Anonymous, you really made sense.Is too early to pinpoint someone as a prime suspect enough Madams behavior is not encouraging.

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