26: The first visit

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”Who is that?” I asked
The tiny little voice said she was Amaka. Hoping that she was with her brother, I opened up. She was standing there alone.

”What are you doing here” I asked. She moved into the house ignoring my question.
” did you hear what I said” I asked again.

”My mother beat me and I left the house” she said helping her self to a chair.

”If your mother beat you, so what. How does that concern me and how does coming here stop her from beating you again” I said.

She kept quiet and sat there fiddling with a playstation pad.

”I want to learn to play” she said holding up the pad.


”How old are you Chiamaka” I asked. She said she was 17.

A 17 year old in my house was the last thing I wanted at that time. The family had trusted me so much to the extent that they left their business to my care. What would they think if they found out that their only daughter was in my house alone.
I considered calling her father but decided against it. It would be better to wait and watch as it unfolds.

I returned back to the floor where I usualy lay on my back and watch Tv.

She kept staring at me without fear. She would look at me and laugh.

”Do you know Daisy, the girl you saw at our shop the other day, she has a boyfriend” she said suddenly.

”good for her” I said and asked her to keep quiet.

What does Daisy and her boyfriend got to do with me?

”Even Uche my classmate. She has a boyfriend too. Her boyfriend is a trader at Aspamda” she said again.

” I thought I told you to shut up, one more word and you will leave this place. Why not go and find your own boyfriend from where your friends found theirs?” I said with a high voice.

She got angry and started nagging.

”Is it because I come to your house, why are you telling me to shut up like that” she was saying.

Damn! What kind of a jam was that? How did all that started?

She was beautiful but she said she was 17. Her brother had said she was 16. I didn’t know which one to follow but the bottom line was that she was not up to 18. And that meant we were not going to do anything. If she wanted a boyfriend, she should look elsewhere.

”I think you should be going now Amaka. Its getting late and your parents must be looking for you” I said.

She pretended not to have heard me. I stood up, walked to where she sat and dragged her out of the chair. She stood up in front of me and looked directly inside my eyes.
Everything changed. She was apparently looking for boyfriend and love and she believed she had found it. Her eyes was almost ready to drop the tears. I stood there in front of her undecided on what to do. The next thing she did changed everything.

Chiamaka closed in on me and placed a kiss on my lips…..

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