25: The Hardest Of All Wars

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Chapter 25.

I was still on the way back to the Mirage hotel when my phone started ringing.

Due to what was happening, i answered every call from everybody whether i knew the person or not.
Somehow at the back of my head, i had hoped that the kidnappers would someday contact me if they knew i was in town, which i suspected they did. My logic was that they may try to ask me for extra money before they release my brother. If the call ever happened, then it meant that they were still keeping the guy alive. That would give me a chance to do things differently.
It was almost impossible to plan on how to approach them if they ever called because i also had some doubts that they would call.
I also knew that it would take me just an hour or less to come up with a water tight plan on how to capture them if they called.

The bastards handling the case earlier didn’t go to the GSM network companies while the negotiation was still going on between my brother’s wife and the kidnappers. That was the first thing they should have done after reporting the case to the Police. Since it took some days between ther first call and the time the money was delivered to them, they could have been able to track the kidnappers down. But they didn’t do that.
By the time i returned to Nigeria, the kidnappers had long dismembered their phones and nobody was able to reach them again. The old calls could still be traced to some Network Masts but i doubted if that was relevant anymore. The criminals were most likely to have changed places.

The parallel groups managing the affairs of my elder brother were doing things however they wanted.
Nobody, even the wife contacted me, his immediate younger brother. She had my phone numbers at all times because i used to call her but during the kidnapping negotiation and payment, nobody told me anything.
I called many times during that time but were never told how things were unfolding.
I had once told her that i could return in a few weeks if things didn’t change. And it was when i returned that i found out why she discouraged me not to return.
The last Peugeot 406 Prestige which i bought in Holland five days before the abduction and sent with the name of the same guy who traveled to Enugu the same day he was kidnapped, was hidden from me. I had asked the bastard where he kept the 406 and he said he gave it to my brother’s wife.
When i asked her about the car, her answers where that it was packed somewhere in Onitsha and that i should not use it yet so that people won’t think that i came home to enjoy myself.
Such foolish advice was never good with me but since she didn’t know what i was capable of doing, i decided not to raise dust yet. I was with a 2005/06 Model Sports vehicle which was doing the job for me.

It was clear from day one what she and her allies intended to do but somehow, i felt that it was yet another trial of what i could do in the face of such troubles.
What i could do however, was not the problem. The problem was that I was going to deal with my immediate family and in such wars, it was very important not to take casualties. In such wars, it was usually very important to take all the time in the world before making any decision and in such wars, whatever you did was against your own person. It was very important to promote your own family rather than fighting them. It took a lot of courage to play a fool and between foolishness and patience, i was going to chose one. That was something i didn’t know how to do.
All my past wars were games of wits, timing and tacts. But the only thing that has no solution yet was death. A way was going to create itself and the good news was that the more i stayed in the game the more i studied what to do and how to do them.
A lot of things were going to change in the coming months and each time i thought about it, i smiled because i was a soldier who could easily survive everywhere.

I started life as a street boy, lived a street boy until i returned and intended to live as a street boy until my death irrespective of how anybody wanted me to be.

The strange voice said his name was Victor and that he lived in the same building with us back in Awada Onitsha.
It was him who had called me on my way back to Mirage hotel.

“How are you?” I asked.
I had suddenly learnt to extend greetings because of what i was looking for.
Naturally, i never did too much greetings.
I hated it when someone called me on the phone and rather than going straight to the point, he or she would begin with, “How is business, how is life, how is your mother, how about your wife and children”.
Not that those were bad things but “how are you” was always enough.

“I am fine, how is business?” he asked.

After almost a minutes of exchanging ‘hows’, it was time for him to announce why he called.

“I have been looking for your phone number but your brother’s Wife gave it to me” He started, “There is a man from Urualla in Imo State Called Emeka Ozuo. He returned from India and started a metaphysical center where people go to find solutions to their problems. I have told your brother’s wife about him but he asked me to call you” He said.

“That’s Good” I retorted.

I had managed to accommodate every news from everywhere just because my brother was missing. Some idiots were now my advisers and there was nothing i could do except listen. Most of them were people who never traveled outside their states of origin, yet they all had solutions to every problems. People died in their own places but just because we haven’t confirmed yet that my elder brother was dead, they all had the chance to give me solutions to my problem.
I didn’t really blame them, i pitied them because that was what they knew and it would take a divine intervention or recreation for them to reason differently from what they knew.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” I asked reluctantly.
I already knew what he wanted from me. He wanted me to go there and ask Emeka Ozuo about my brother.

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