25: The Clean Up Starts

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Chapter 25.

Maria’s things were still there. We knew that it was Aunty Joy and her thugs who broke into the apartment. They came to Sweden with our pictures which was from the apartment.

We dusted the apartment and relaxed there. Maria was scared someone who knew her could alert  Aunty Adesuwa whom we believed already know that she was part of the plan to steal her girl Precious from her.

“I want you to arrange the things you will take to the Island in a week’s time. We will go out in the night to buy foodstuff and the other things you need. After that, you will stay here while i go back to Denmark to get our things there. After shipping the things in Denmark, i will go to Sweden to get the things there as well. If i don’t return before one week, travel to the Island and check on the agent and the house again. If the occupant is still there, return to Castel Volturno and wait for me. You are not to go out during the day, it is true that Aunty Joy and Bonaventure are locked up in Scandinavia but Adesuwa and her own friends are still out there. I understand i derailed your life from what it was but this is not the time to blame me. Do you understand everything i just said?” I asked Maria who has been staring at me while i told her the new plans.
“It is Fine with me, afterall it is my home but i still think that the Island will be too lonely for us” She said.

We waited until 7pm before we took a cab to a nearby town and purchased a bag of rice, carton of tomato paste, meat, fish and other required items.
Back in the apartment, Maria went to the kitchen and started work on what to eat while i made calls.

It was getting to my nerves how much money we were spending on accommodation. There was no need blaming myself because we had gone to Denmark to continue our rescue mission but things turned out differently.
My next plan was simple; i was going to close the apartments in Sweden, Denmark and Castel Volturno.
Since the government were about to start taking care of Rose, it was important that they also gave her accommodation. I was going to ask the cops for that when i returned to Sweden.

I was going to stay in France or perhaps in a small Italian city where i could operate from.
Since the Germans had re-activated my asylum status, i intended to be sneaking into Germany every now and then. That was where my next operation headquarters would be.

After eating the food Maria prepared, i took a bath and went for the bed straight away. I was tired and needed some sleep; Maria understood since she didn’t disturb me until i woke up early the next morning and started preparing for the road again.

As i put on my clothes, i thought about the effects of my decision on Ngozi. She was effectively going to abandon school and i had no idea what she was going to be doing at the Levanzo Island. The people who lived there schooled and worked in the main Island of Sicily which was just a stone throw from Levanzo. Finding work for her won’t be such a problem but Getting a document for the work could be.

Then an idea came suddenly; i could rent a document and use it to secure a small work for her, that was what i would do for a start.
I was also curious as to how the relationship between Ngozi and Maria would turn out. I was sure Maria was never going to send Ngozi to the streets to work for her. I had removed the spirit of fear from Ngozi and i was also sure she would run if she was forced to go back to the street. She had tasted freedom and everything in it.

I left Castel Volturno and took a cab to the Napoli Airport. Traveling with train to the north was going to take the entire day which i didn’t want. I was a little tired since i had been on the road for the immediate past few days.
At the airport, i headed to the Easyjet counter and bought a ticket to Stockholm Arlanda airport. It was time to start the clean up. Many things were going to be affected negatively by my decision but since i was a kid, i had always believed that “when one door is closed, another one is open”.

At the Arlanda, i called Rose and asked where she was.
According to her, she was at the foreign office where she was invited. She didn’t know why they told her to come and she was scared. She needed some encouragement and i assured her that everything was fine.
But the truth was that when the foreign office invited you, it was always either to seize whatever document you have and send you to your country or to give you new document or renew your old one.
I reminded Rose that a Judge told the authorities to give her good legal status and take care of you.
After talking to her, i took a small train to Uppsala and went to the asylum camp.
Since it was time to clean up and shift bases, it was important that i knew the whereabouts of all my girls.

Precious, one of the girls i brought to Sweden had disappeared from the camp and i didn’t know where she was.

I approached the camp entrance gate and knocked. The young man there opened a small window and asked what i came to do.
“I came to visit a friend” I announced in English.

He said that external visitors were never allowed in the camp and that i should leave the premises immediately.
Without being told, i knew that calling the police would be his next action; therefore i left the place and went to the Mall down the road near the police station.

As expected, there were some campers at the mall. I approached a group of three Africans and asked if they knew Precious.
“Yes I knew her. She was transferred to another town two weeks ago” He said.

I asked if he knew the name of the town and non of them did. However they offered to go into the camp and find out.
Before they left, i thanked them for the information and gave them €20 each. The money wasn’t really for the information they already gave out but for the ones they were still going to get for me from the camp.

I walked into a Mcdonald restaurant and waited for them while i eat an over rated burger called Big Mac.

” Never trust anyone who wants what you’ve
got. Friend or no, envy is an overwhelming

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