25: Meet Carlos

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Chapter 25: Meet Carlos.

”Excuse me Sir, can i see your passport” the voice had said.
The two Plain cops we had seen at the park was standing right behind us.
I raised my eyebrows in a manner that suggested to them that i didn’t know who they were.
One of them flashed his badge closely in my face to remind me that he was a cop.
I brought out my passport and handed it to them.
”Would you follow us sir” one said.

In Igbo Language, i told Ify to go back to Amsterdam immediately.
”Don’t wait for me, just follow the train standing over there and leave. I will call you when i finish with them. If anybody ask you anything about me, tell them that we met two days ago and that you know nothing about me” i had told Ify.

I followed them to a small office outside the station.
They asked me to sit down while they browsed through my documents.
”When did you come here” one of them asked.

”This morning” i said.
I knew that he was referring to when i came to Holland but i decided to make it when i came to Rotherdam.

Can we see your transport ticket Sir” one of them said.
I brought out the daily train ticket i bought in Amsterdam and handed it over to them.
After looking at it, he asked when i came to Holland.
I told them that i came to Amsterdam two days ago. When they asked where my ticket to Holland was, i said that it must be in Amsterdam.

They asked me to stand up, then they searched me thoroughly.
”What were you doing in the park with that man” they asked.
”Nothing, i needed a cigarette and went to him. That was my first time of seeing him” i said.
They asked what i had come to do in Rotherdam.

”My girlfriend said she knew a nice park in Rotherdam and here we are” i said.

After more irrelevant questions, they gave me back my passport and asked me to go.
As soon as i stepped outside, i called Ify. She was still at the train station. She had panicked and missed the train, she was at a coffee shop under the train station.

I asked her if anybody approached her for questions but she said nobody did.
I walked to where she was and pulled her up. She was still nervous.
”I thought they will send you back to Portugal” she said.
According to her, She didn’t know what she would have done if that was the case.
”Keep quiet and lets go. We can’t talk about this here” i said.

We walked up to the station and entered the Amsterdam train.

Apparently, the cops knew Carlos. They might have been monitoring him for sometime. Carlos obviously knew them as well. He had told me that they were Police.
The cops had searched me because they believed that Carlos had given me some drugs.

When we got to Amsterdam, i called Carlos with a different phone.
He didn’t know who it was until i told him. He had said that i gave him a different phone number from the one i used to call.

”Carlos, those police men controlled me at the station. They took my phone and brought it back to me after some minutes. They could have bugged it. That is why I called you with a new phone and simcard” i said.

”You are a smart guy my man. That is good” he said.

”I think they know you, please be careful” i said.

”Of course they know me and i know them” he said and laughed.
He said he will come to Amsterdam the next day and promised to call me.

Ify was still nervous. She had suddenly realised that i could have disappeared just like Chidi. She wasn’t prepared for such event. I had assured her that nothing would happen to me but she knew i was just trying to make her feel alright.

When Carlos called the next day and said he was at the Amsterdam Arena, i took Ify along with me.
I met Carlos opposite the Electronics mall at the Ajax Stadium. We took our chairs to the middle of the wide space and talked. He had asked me to switch off my phones.

He asked how much i would be selling Cocaine for him in Amsterdam. I gave him the common market price. He said he would remove €0.50 for me from each one gram. Instead of €2700/kg, i would be paying €2650.
He said he will send some Drugs to me in a day. After having some drinks, we went into the bar and picked Ify up, then we drove back to our apartment.

Dealing drugs with South Americans worked in two ways. They were never afraid of shooting and killing people who steal their monies. Carlos had warned me thoroughly. He had told me that his boss won’t forgive me if anything happened to his goods. He reminded me how dangerous and risky it was to successfully ship drugs from Colombia to Europe.

When i finished showing him my apartment, he drove back to Rotherdam.

Ify didn’t know much about drugs but she knew that it was a dangerous business. She knew that i was about to get involved with Carlos and that it could only mean one thing; drugs.
She had tried to advice me to forget about the business with Carlos and concentrate more on the articles i wrote for the newspapers.
Unknown to her, the €200 i got monthly from the newspaper wasn’t even enough to pay for one room. If we were to survive in Amsterdam, i was definitely going back to drug business. I had tried to convince her that i would only do the business with Carlos for a month and then i would quit. But i knew that the South Americans were dangerous, once you get involved with them, it would be hard to leave without a bullet.

When Carlos showed up the next day, he came with another young man. They had walked up to my door and pressed the bell. When they entered, the new guy dropped a small bag on my table. He asked me for clean water and cup, I brought them for him.
He dipped his hand inside the bag and brought out two kilos of cocaine and a small gun. He kept them on the table and looked at me.

”This my friend, is two kilos of pure Colombian white. If you sell them fast, you get more and more. This is good business for you. I give you this because i believe you are a good person since you can kneel down for your woman to Make her happy. If you run with my money, you die with the money” he said.

” There is only one way to
avoid criticism: do nothing, say
nothing, and be nothing”

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